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I love to read, paint and watch mysteries on rainy days and nights. I love our 6 cat babies and the disabled folks I work with. Love being a vegan!

  • Most feral cat/stray critter friendly cities in Washington State?

    We want to move to Washington State in 3-5 years. We now manage a feral cat colony in San Antonio, Texas in our's more like a sanctuary, really. We spoil, care for,and have neutered/spayed and vaccinated all of our ferals in the colony. When we leave in 3-5 years we are going to rent our home to some Buddhist monks who love and cherish animals like we do so the colony will be safe and nurtured.

    When we move to Washington State we want to live in a feral cat/stray critter friendly city/town. We were hoping to move to Port Angeles or Sequim but the manufactured home communities we have been looking at seem to not like animals. (We want to find a nice, cozy home for 50K or less with a small yard and this type of community would SEEM like just the thing.)

    Where can we move to? The Seattle feral cat association tells us to look on their webpage but I can't find helpful information for cities/towns outside of Seattle (Seattle is a bit pricey for us to live in.) Thanks so much, all of you!

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  • Looking for obituary and cemetery where my precious grandmother is buried.?

    My precious grandmother, Lina Maria Heine Ruediger, died on August 12, 1967 in Berlin (Staaken) Germany. I worshipped the ground this woman walked on. Lately I have had many dreams (three or more times per week) of this beautiful, saintly lady. For years I have had dreams about her but now they are increasing in frequency. In the dreams I am ALMOST to the house/room where I will find her, but I never get there to actually SEE her. Other dreams have had me seeing her body just after she has real life I wasn't even at her funeral.

    I also "see" her spirit often right before me but when I ask a question, she disappears.

    I want to find out what these dreams mean. I also want to find where she has been buried and her obituary. I speak fluent German but I can't find German websites that will help me. The and others like it are too expensive. I would rather put money spent for these websites into a trip see SEE her gravesite.

    Thanks a bunch!!!

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  • Why are intelligent, educated persons scary to prospective employers?

    I have a Master's degree in Education and a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Psychology. I achieved a 3.7 GPA with the Master's and a 3.6 GPA with the Bachelor's. I'm no dummy, in plainer English.

    All I'm looking for in San Antonio, Texas (where we live) now is part-time work that will pay me $12-$15 an hour...acceptable for my education but not a lot. This will supplement my consulting work. We want to pay off our mortgage, rent out our home and move to Washington state. The Veteran's representative at the worksource office here has suggested that I leave OFF the Master's degree on my resume so the prospective employers won't be SCARED of me. I have gone through this before here in San Antonio, Texas. You apply for work that you are well-qualified for and send a stellar resume...and you NEVER hear from the HR people...I'm talking State of Texas jobs and other "movers and shakers" around here.

    Do HR Depts. in Seattle, Bremerton and Olympia, Washington do this, too?

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  • Can anyone help us handle nosy, busy-body senior citizen relatives?

    Mico and Moni are married first cousins of my late mother who came here 18 months ago from Finland. They are wonderful people who helped me emotionally when I was going through bad times in my younger years. They now live close by in the country. We both visit them every two weeks and help them if they need with chores, etc. They both have a lot of money but we don't WANT any of it when they pass away one day and we have let them know.

    When we go visiting, both insist on asking probing questions about our bank accounts, our health insurance, our jobs and just about everything we want to keep personal. We are both intensely private people and like to keep visits light and positive. I now am working as a freelancer and I often have a week or two off at a time. We love this arrangement and I have MORE money than at the full time ex-job.

    I haven't told them that I work freelance nor that I'm a Buddhist. How do we tell them to mind their own business but that we still love them?

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  • Which are the most liberal-friendly cities in the Pacific Northwest?

    Bill, our cat children and I want to move to the Pac-Northwest (Oregon or Washington State) in 5 years when we pay off our home. We are looking for a nice city that is tolerant of Universalists, Buddhists, animal lovers, old hippies and ecology-philes. We would also love to find a place that has a bit more of the four seasons...not hot all year and humid like San Antonio, Texas where we live now but also not rainy 300 days out of 365. Thanks for all of your input. Blessings to all of you!

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  • I'd love to start my own business. I want to work alone or with only disabled folks or animals. Any ideas?

    I have tried Corporate America and many, many office jobs. I have Asperger's Syndrome and have problems relating to the average person face-to-face but I love helping anonymously like on the Yahoo Answers column. Somehow working face-to-face with the disabled and/or animals is something I can do easily and peacefully. I would even consider cleaning other people's houses or sitting at home on the Net in my undies. I have a Master's in Education and a Bachelor's in Psychology of Organizations. Thanks so much for all of your input. Blessings to all of you!

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  • I love transparent shoes without heels; casuals like Birkenstocks. Where can I find completely clear shoes?

    I would like these shoes without heels or tiny 1/2 inch heels...I want casual shoes...none of these stripper shoes or dressy ones. I would love to find some clear/transparent clogs, slides, mules, Dr. Scholl's or even penny loafers, boots, or other casuals. I would love for them to be completely clear!

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  • At what temperature Kelvin or Fahrenheit does time travel backwards?

    I know time travel is possible, it's only that at this point the powers that be are keeping this technology/phenomena classified and "hush hush". Maybe some wonderful scientific team will make this possible if enough of us start our questions and make our wants known

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