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  • Dress Code Violation - Or Labor Board Issue?

    I have to lift boxes sometimes which are 30lbs at my day job. Otherwise, I have a job in an office where I push papers & print reports all day.

    I had some back issues recently. My doctor recommended I wear a back brace for lifting heavy objects.

    My manager said wearing a back brace is against dress code. They told me I had to get a note from my doctor.

    After getting a note from a doctor about the back brace, they are still saying it is against dress code, and if I wear it I will be fired for not following the dress code.

    I already got sent home from work for wearing it once, so the next time I get fired. However, it hurts to lift boxes sometimes without my back brace.

    Can I be fired for not following the dress code? Or is this something I can take to the Labor Board?

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  • Favorite Regular Guest On Alex Jones?

    Who is your favorite regular guest on Alex Jones? This is someone that is on regularly 4 or more times a year.

    My favorite is Bob Chapman. The International Forecaster. He knows a lot about every subject, and speaks with great wisdom.

    Of course, #1A is Ron Paul

    Gerald Celente is pretty funny.

    I wish KRS - One would come on more. that dude is BRILLIANT!

    This is my fave show lately:

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  • OSHA & Shoes Off In An Office?

    Hello. I have been trying to find a link that I no longer have favorited (new computer).

    I am a manager of a small office. Had a debate this week about if a person at their desk or taking a 5 step walk to a printer without their shoes on is legal or against the law.

    There was a link debunking this myth. I need to have this paperwork handy. Even if you are not a shoes off person at your office desk, I simply want the proof that the Feds will not show up with a SWAT team because someone's high heels hurt.

    If anyone can help, much appreciated!

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Why Do People Keep Saying Driving Barefoot Is Illegal When There Is Proof It Is Not Against The Law?

    I am curious as to why people still give the false rumor that it is illegal to drive without shoes on?

    Tons of proof is there on the internet. It's been on all the "Urban Myth" shows.

    Here is even one website breaking it down:

    So, with all this proof, can we finally not be worried that this is illegal yet?

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  • If Your Flip Flop Breaks, Why Walk With Only One On?

    I was at a music festival yesterday. My gf & I noticed 3 separate people that broke a flip flop, lost one, whatever...and instead of kicking the other one off, they walk with ONE on. We ended up sitting in some grassy area in front of one of these girls. Someone asked her what happened to her shoe. Why draw attention to yourself in a park wearing one flip flop and one bare foot? Plenty of people are walking around the grassy park area barefoot anyway.

    We saw a couple of random broken flip flops throughout the day and found it pretty funny. Maybe more people walking with one shoe instead of just going barefoot.

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  • How To Change My Email Address On My YahooGroup?

    Hello. I am a moderator of a YahooGroup. I changed a my email address a few months ago.

    The group shows I made the change, but the emails are not coming in to the new email box. Also, if I send an email from this new email address, it says "Unable to deliver message".

    Is there a way to talk to someone in Yahoo? Or is there someone that can understand what I'm talking about & offer a solution? Is the only solution to remove my name from the group & reinstall myself in the group with my new address?

    4 AnswersYahoo Groups1 decade ago
  • Website for Deceased Football Players Dying During Playing Days?

    I am trying to find a website showing a listing of all football players that deceased during their playing days. I know of quite a few, but trying to find a complete list.

    Some I know of are JV Cain, Joe Delaney, Korey Stringer, Fred Lane, etc. Want to find a site to find a complete list.

    1 AnswerFootball (American)1 decade ago
  • I Have Proof My Wife Cheated On Me. Do I Show Her?

    My wife has been cheating on me for the past two months. I have some proof printed out that shows she was with a whole slew of guys.Various pictures, emails, etc.

    Do I show her all this stuff now? Should I take it to marriage counseling with me tomorrow? Or do I hold it for the divorce court?

    81 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • USA Universal Health Care Vs. RFIDS?

    The Movie "Sicko" is going to raise a LOT of questions and debate about health care.

    One thought is that Universal Health Care may come at a price: Accepting a microchip (RIFD) implanted in your arm.

    Do you think this is a realistic thought? If so, would you get "chipped up" for free health care?

    Even if you say "No" now, you never know when you get hit by a car, fall down stairs, get mugged, etc.

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Can A Job Fire You Based On What State You're From?

    A job cannot fire someone due to race,creed, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

    However, can a job fire you because he hates people from where you were born?

    Example: I'm originally from NY. If my manager found out I am from New York, and he HATES New Yorkers, can he fire me for that? Is this legal?

    4 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago
  • Who Wore Number 8 For the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team?

    My wife got me a St Louis Cardinals shirt with a number 8 on the back. I don't have any clue who wore 8 for them. Any help?

    No one currently wears number 8 that I am aware of.

    5 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • Why Are Blue Jeans Against Dress Codes?

    What is it about blue jeans that make them hated so much in the corporate world? How are they unprofessional?

    I can understand banning the ripped jeans. However, a pair of regular blue jeans can be worn with a sport jacket and black t shirt. Or with a dress shirt.

    If they are somehow unprofessional, why is it they are allowed on Casual Friday - and work productivity doesn't go by the wayside?

    3 AnswersOther - Society & Culture1 decade ago