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  • Which do you think I should apply to--Brown or Columbia?

    They seem to be totally opposite (considering their curriculums), but i seem to be stuck between the two. They're both amazing schools, and i was hoping to get feedback and what you guys think are some pro's and con's of both schools.

    I'm completely undecided on my major, but i lean toward the humanities, rather than math and sciences. I LOVE the idea of an open curriculum since i have a lot of diverse interests and I want to test out different things. However, i can also see the benefits of a core curriculum, by giving me a good foundation for testing out new classes. I've also heard that the core is impossibly difficult though.

    Also...what are your thoughts on applying ED to either of these schools? I've heard that applying ED (especially to columbia) increases your chance of getting in? does the same hold true for brown? (I know that isn't the POINT of ED haha. But still...)

    Thanks so much for your time!!

    (i know i can apply to both, but i'd just like to get your feedback)

  • Can anyone explain what caused my weird dizziness spell?

    Today I was getting a haircut, and was asked to stand up so she could do some layering more easily since my hair is very long. I stood for maybe about 5 minutes and I started to feel very uncomfortable--I felt lightheaded and dizzy, I started sweating, I felt nauseous, and basically like I was about to pass out. All the sound in the room seemed really far away and distant. I excused myself to use the restroom and sat down on the toilet for about 2 minutes and then felt perfectly normal. But when I went back to standing, it happened twice more. After sitting down I was perfectly fine. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I ate and drank normal amounts today. I just got over a cold, but am not on any sort of medication and this cold wasn't particularly serious. Can anyone explain this?

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  • Help with macbook mail?

    I want to use the Mail application on my macbook with my yahoo email account. i finally got it to work but now when i click get mail, i have to input my password again. i KNOW i'm definitely putting in the right password but it says that its still rejecting my password. What do i do?

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  • Does anyone know of any art classes that...?

    I'm interested in a possible focus on interior design or architecture when I enter college. But I'm hoping to gain some experience and take some classes that focus on the skills you need in those fields. I'm leaning more toward interior design and if anybody knows any art schools or programs for high school students near the LA area I would really appreciate it.

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  • I'm keep getting a weird clicking in my hip--should i be worried?

    This weird pop/click sensation just started up on Sunday morning. It's only on the left side of my hip and it happens when i walk on it. It doesn't really hurt, but it feels weird and gets extremely annoying. I do take regular ballet classes which require the turnout of the hips but i doubt thats the cause as this clicking just started. I took a run on Saturday afternoon which I havent done in...uhh...forever. I have a feeling this might be the cause since I woke up on sunday with both the clicking and extreme soreness. Will this go away? Should I be worried? Should I get it checked out by a doctor? Is it normal to have this clicking after a run if I havent run in a while?

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  • Should I wear it all the time?

    I recently bought an Always Pendant from Catherine Michiels. It's a bronze charm on a washed silk ribbon. The care sheet that comes with the bracelet says to wear it all the time--like i could wear it in the shower and the ocean and that the silk will get a great patina over time. However, I'm worried about the bronze. Will it turn green? And if so, how long will it take to start turning. And how does silk develop a patina? It's a blue washed silk ribbon, so what will it look like later?

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  • I have a question about scarab bracelets?

    I recently bought a scarab bracelet at an antique shop and i've been curious about the carvings. the top rounded portion has the image of a scarab beetle on it, but the flat bottom side has various symbols carved into it and i was wondering if anyone could help me decipher the symbols.

    one symbol looks like a starburst, another like an hourglass, another is a zig zag line, and there are two more but i can't describe them well. one is sort of like a weird x thing and another is almost like the symbol for pi but not curved and one of the prongs extends up past the horizontal line. the scarabs are all different stones set in gold clasps.

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  • I think i might be getting sick?

    I woke up this morning and my throat hurts. It's not the normal kind of pain though, where the tissue inside hurts. It only hurts when I swallow. It's not a sharp pain or anything, just a dull ache deep in my throat when I swallow that's a little uncomfortable. Oddly, it doesn't really hurt when I eat just when I swallow saliva. What should I do? I usually gargle with salt water, but this doesnt feel the same as a normal sore throat. It doesnt feel as if salt water would even reach this part of my throat.

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  • I'm having some trouble with crest whitestrips?

    A few days ago when i used them, these white spots appeared on the gum between my two front teeth. they sort of hurt and my gum was red around it. I took off the strips and washed off my teeth and the white spots disappeared in a matter of minutes. I had brushed my teeth maybe an hour or two before? i know you''re not supposed to wear them after brushing your teeth but i figured one or two hours was a long time. I'm trying them again right now and there doesnt seem to be any problem. should i keep using them? and what do you think caused the white spots? did i brush my teeth too close to when i used the strips?

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  • I'm going to the beach today but my periods ending?

    Todays like the last day of my period i'm like barely bleeding but I'm planning to go to the beach tonight from like 6 to 9. i think i might go in the water a little. should i wear a tampon? because im not really bleeding so that might not be a good idea. or should i wear a really thin liner and just dont get wet up there and just wade in until my legs.

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  • Summer abroad programs?

    Are there any summer programs like "earthwatch". short, volunteer programs? Earthwatch has programs such as going to help measure coral reef growth and other ecological-based volunteer programs. The programs i'm looking for are for high school students. any info would be appreciated!

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  • How do I improve my singing?

    I take voice lessons but i always seem to have something in my throat which affects my singing. How do I keep my throat clear of stuff like mucous..I know not to have dairy products but what else?

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  • I think I might be getting sick. Help?

    I'm leaving tomorrow on a flight for my spring break vacation. There's no way i can cancel this trip. The flight is 13 hours long and the trip is one week. However, my throat started getting sore and my nose is starting to run. Any advice? How to get better faster/prevent getting worse/ tips for relieving symptoms while on the plane and one the trip. Thanks!

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  • i really like ballet?

    I really enjoy ballet and i'm fourteen. i want to someday go on pointe but i know i have to work really hard. My dance studio only offers one teen ballet class every week for an hour which i think isnt enough. what can i do to get more practice?

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  • I'm very confused.?

    I have a friend and she has msn and whenever she signs in her computer says good evening, tara. (outloud) or whatever time of day it is. i have msn too but why does mine not do that?

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  • i need help with back to school clothing shopping!?

    I need some places to go to buy some cute but not too expensive clothing for back to school shopping. i like stuff like wet seal, forever 21, and abercrombie. i love planet funk for jeans and stuff but its a bit expensive. what are some stores?

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  • how did this dream happen?

    I was telling my mom about this hair gain shampoo, but i didn't remember what it was called. Then, last night I had a dream i was at the supermarket and I saw the shampoo on the shelf and it's label was rogaine, which was the shampoo i couldn't remember the day before. How did I know it in the dream if i didnt know it before?

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  • I have an URGENT PROBLEM!?

    I have two dogs, one Maltese and one King Charles Spaniel. The Spaniel is constantly ripping up his dog can I get him to stop this habit? Also, what beds are chew-proof. The beds still have to be warm and confortable because, although the spaniel doesnt care where he sleeps, my Maltese is very picky about beds.

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  • Help please!?

    I have a singing performance on Friday of this week, but I caught a cold and now my voice is rsapy and I can't hit any high notes. Are there any ways to make my voice better quickly?

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