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  • On/off relationship: Scorpio male and Gemini female?

    I met the guy 3 years ago, we were together for 9 months and he was my first bf, and the relationship was turbulent in every sense of the word, he was jealous and possessive, I resisted and wanted to be with my friends more, until I found out he was practically in love with one of my oldest friends. We broke up and had a string of on/off trying to get back together relationships behind our friends' backs, none of which really worked out. He had other few brief relationships since we broke up, I didn't. We tried again just this summer, and broke up because I went to law school and I felt he couldn't handle that, but turned out it was me who couldn't and he was just trying to be patient which I misinterpreted as uncommitted and not passionate. Since that time I literally tried getting rid of him, but we have many mutual friends so contact is inevitable, and he insists on staying in touch because as he claims I'm an important part of his life and he never ceased to love me. Now we got back together AGAIN for the nth time over my school break, in secret again, trying to work things out, and once again it looks to be a bumpy ride. I don't really believe in astrology but after all we've gone through there's nothing for me to lose.

    I went through the basics and found some of the qualities to be true: he is a Scorpio, thus he was always the more passionate one, obsessed with sex, deep, and can get very angry (due to the passion I guess). As a Gemini woman I'm not much of a Gemini in extremes, but I do tend to be fickle and indecisive, and VERY talkative which becomes my undoing when we argue because I end up interrupting him and it drives him nuts.

    Our moon signs are both Virgo. That's all I know about us astronomy-wise.

    What do you guys think?

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  • To all fitness buffs/trainers here, I need help with a personal exercise routine?

    I had a large cyst removed on my right foot/ankle last October 2010, and went through physical therapy for two months to reduce the pain, swelling and improve mobility. Although the PT has been able to manage all three, I still experience them, and mobility is still quite limited. I can't lift my toes or my ankle the way you normally can. My right foot still can't catch the weight of my body, so I can't really run or jump or do anything strenuous. Doc says these might be permanent since they had to remove a bit of muscle during surgery.

    My doctor says I do small amounts of cardio to strengthen my foot, like walking on a treadmill or using the elliptical, but no running. Problem is, I really wanna be more active and lose some weight because I haven't been able to since the surgery. I used to run and swim before but now I don't think my foot can handle it. Any suggestions on an exercise routine that will help me lose weight (important), be fit and active, given my cardio limitations? Thanks!

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  • Opinions on my ex's relationship with his girl best friend?

    I broke up with my ex a couple of months ago, for many reasons, but I still can't help but ponder on a few aspects of our relationship.

    One of our constant sources for fighting back then was his relationship with his girl best friend. They met a year or so before he met me, and they really clicked. Eventually, he developed feelings for her, and just when she started to reciprocate, he disappeared for a while from their friendship (according to him, and I don't know why), and then he met me. In the earlier stages of our relationship, he had a drunken night and told her he loved her through text, he told me this but I let it go since his intentions with me at that time were very sincere.

    And so the guy and I got together, and his best friend was a permanent fixture in our relationship. It's like she was always in the background, and I didn't like how close he was to her knowing how close they had also gotten into being in a relationship. But I trusted him and kept it all to myself. One night, I let him go to her place. Nothing happened, she was crying over some other guy she liked to him. But what really got me angry was when she asked my ex, "If circumstances were different, do you think we'd be together?" I got mad at her when my ex told me she said that, it was insulting that she would plant that idea in his head knowing how much he liked her before me, and we were just starting off in our relationship. It was like she was planting doubt in his head about me. He tried to explain it away but I hated the girl for saying that, and I've hated her ever since.

    In our whole relationship he almost always compared me to her. She would tell me she's smarter and stuff, and when we both achieved the same thing at the same time (getting into the Dean's List, we all went to the same university), her achievement was more "up there" to him than mine, like she "stole my thunder" with him, if you get that. He had anger issues, and I always told him he needed to fix that, and he just said that he'll only get how bad his anger issues are if he gets angry like that with his girl best friend. And I was like WHAT THE F*CK!!! What about me and my issues?? Why is she the measuring stick of this relationship, and not my feelings?

    I also know they tell each other "I love you", and he was a little secretive about that. And since we broke up, they're always, ALWAYS together, as in literally always. They go out to movies, go to her house (just the two of them, nothing happens according to him), stuff like that. If I didn't know them I'd really think they were a couple, but he keeps saying there's nothing, they're just friends, and he told our common friends that as well. But in retrospect, I kind of think his devotion to me was never like how he was devoted to her. I told a friend it was like a "mama's boy" kind of thing, only not with his mom but with his best friend. Now he's kind of dangling getting back together with me, but I told myself that I won't do it unless he gets rid of her, and I know he won't so I guess I'll just have to move on.

    I know it's perfectly possible for a guy and a girl to be best friends and everything's platonic. I have guy friends, I tell them I love them, I go out with them and stuff but we know everything's just platonic. The thing for me that's different with my ex and his best friend is that they ALMOST got together. How is that healthy for our (then) relationship to keep a girl like that around? Am I wrong to judge their relationship like this? Am I just paranoid? I know we're not together anymore but it just bugs me, and I'd like to be at peace.

    Sorry, long post! :(

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  • Death Note in english? (click for details)?

    where can i find them for posterity's sake? not youtube (they're available now but they'll be gone by Monday), not veoh or any site that links to veoh (like, because veoh takes forever to load).

    i would prefer sites that link to megavideo or livevideo, but all i can find in these ones are japanese subs. :/ thanks!!

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  • I'm really thinking about getting an eyebrow piercing?

    i've been considering getting one for quite some time now.

    i'm curious: how long does it take before it heals and i can take it out? can i do it just after a couple of hours after? someone said on Y!Answers that hers took only an hour to close up. although i find that unbelievable... but i also don't think it takes a month, since my ear piercings close up in a week or even less.

    and is it true that your body can reject this piercing? how do you know that it is?


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  • Batman vs. Superman (read details inside)?

    no i'm not asking who you think will win.

    i know that in the comics Batman has already beaten Superman. i wanna know:

    a) how many times has this happened

    b) how did it happen (details!!)

    c) did Superman ever beat Batman

    d) how do you think it will go down in the rumored Batman vs Superman movie

    Batman rocks!!

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  • Avatar fans who are dying to see chapter 14?

    chapter 14 AND 15 of book 3 is finally here!! thank god... apparently it's been leaked.

    enjoy :P

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  • Death Note questions?

    yeah, i have some deep questions for Death Note fans.

    1. do you think it's possible to support the death penalty and yet oppose what Kira is doing?

    2. do you think they should keep the Kira investigations a secret, even after everything is over? do you think it's unfair to those involved that the world will never know what sacrifices had to be made and who had to die just so the world can sleep knowing they won't be knocked off in the next 40 seconds?

    i'm just interested in what everyone thinks. so long, elaborate answers are appreciated.

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  • death note director's cut?

    where where WHERE can i find it, subbed?? and no downloading as much as possible, i want it as a last resort since my computer's already jammed with stuff. i'm DYING to watch it!!! please and thanks!!

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  • Asus eee pc?

    i'm planning to get one and i want the opinions of people who've used them. how good/bad is it? is it possible to expand the memory? give me an elaborate review, i want to be sure before buying it. thanks! :)

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  • where can i find death note director's cut special?

    i've found a couple on veoh but their raw!! where can i find it, hopefully subbed and full and no downloading?

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  • Death Note question?

    does anyone know where i can find episodes 29-37 of death note? i have been searching for days now and still can't find it. please give me a link!!

    and what do you think of death note? who's side are you on, light/kira or L? (i think this is the best anime ever, great story with equally great animation. i'm on L's side, but i love kira too! he's the smartest evil guy ever.)

    **SPOILER** what do you think of L dying? what about his successors, near and melo?

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  • What do you think of countries refusing to ratify the kyoto protocol?

    since it's earth day, why are some countries still stubborn about the protocol (like accept reducing their greenhouse emmissions as the protocol says signatories should do)? it's all about the earth these days, and trying to save it.

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  • are there other gundam seed animations other than the two series?

    like ovas and stuff...and when will the special editions be released? both for seed and seed destiny.

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  • what song is this from gundam seed?

    it's the insert song they played in the episode 'war for two', when they were in the cave and cagalli took the gun from athrun while he was asleep. they also played it in the scene where miriallia tried to stab dearka, not sure what episode that was though.

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  • Gundam SEED-related question?

    If we already had the technology to do so, would you choose to be a Coordinator or remain a Natural? Would you make your kids a Coordinator?

    And let me throw in a morality question: Do you think it's wrong to manipulate genes to create better human beings? Like what Flay Allster said, "Anyone who's had their genes manipulated when they're not sick or anything is against what nature intended." Do you agree with her? Should Coordinators even be given a chance to exist?

    Last: Are Extendeds just damn cruel or is it me? Cause I find it cruel to subject these people to pain or whatever just have them fight and classified as expendable.

    For me, yes to everything, but not to the Flay question. What's so wrong about wanting to be better?

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  • Where can I download the Fullmetal Alchemist series and movie?

    Except you tube. I need the entire series and the movie (especially the movie because I don't think it will be shown here}, not just clips.

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