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  • 8wk old has horrible cough?

    My 8wk old has a horrible cough, he's been tested for RSV and the flu, both negative.. I've done the humidifier, saline for the drainage and Vicks baby rub on his feet and nothing is helping.. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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  • Any natural remedies for postpartum?

    I asked a similar question a few days ago but not about natural remedies....I'm only 2wks postpartum and my doc wants to wait a little longer before putting me on meds as she says it normall doesn't last more than a month... I can't take it though, at 5pm every night I'm crying and feel hopeless until bed... I do fine all day though.. I have a 2.5yr old and a newborn and I'm a single mom so any idea or suggestions are appreciated!

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  • Internal abscess after csection!?

    I went to the ER this morning and had a CT scan and they found a small internal abscess right above my c section incision (I had a c section 2wks ago)... Anyhow they gave me iv meds and put me on 2 antibiotics, has anyone had this heal it or did they still have to cut and drain it? I see my doc. Tomorrow but just wondering if anyone has experienced this?

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  • Mass above csection incision, hard and hurts?

    I've already talked to the nurse and I'm waiting on my mom to get here to watch my kids.. Has anyone experienced this? There's no pus it's just a hard mass that's hot and has red lines going over it..

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  • Postpartum depression, it's getting pretty bad...?

    I feel like all I do is cry, between a wild 2.5 yr old and newborn that is having all kinds of issues with bottles making him gassy I just feel so depressed, I know it's post partum because I cry about everything.. I found out today that my neighbor has bedbugs and they won't spray a preventative spray in my apt because I have a newborn, I cried.. It's just getting to where I don't know what to do or how to cope, any suggestions?

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  • 9day old puking tried what I know to help, need suggestions! ?

    My newborn has now puked twice today, I tried gripe water but he just puked it up.. Anyone have any other suggestions? And yes I've changed his bottles and they are working great.. I've rubbed his belly and patted his back and I just don't know how to help the little guy!

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  • Does anyone know of bottles that have a slower flow than 1?

    My 8 day old just can't handle the avent slow flow 1 and I know that's as low as they go. My daughter did fine with them but my son chokes a lot from the flow.. Even a bottle recommendation with a slower flow would help...

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  • Suggestions helping 2.5yr old adjust to baby?

    She's been staying with my mom since Tues. as I had a c section... I'm a single parent so having extra help at home isn't there. Luckily the baby is so good and he just eats and sleeps but I'm not sure how to help my daughter adjust to sharing me and things changing, she's very much a routine child.. Any helpful suggestions for myself and her? Thanks!

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  • Cramps not contractions at 37wks?

    This is my second child and I did not have this pain with my first. My stomach is not contracting but I'm having sharp sharp pains in my upper stomach that feel like diarrhea cramps but no diarrhea, it's making me feel like I need to throw up and going into my back... I'm waiting for the nurse to call back but was hoping someone might have some insight?

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  • Sciatic nerve remedies?

    This is my second child, with my first I had very little issues with my sciatic nerve..I woke up this morning and could barely put weight on my right leg because the pain was so horrible. I switch sides while sleeping and have a pregnancy pillow, i've tried luke warm baths and occasionally small amounts of tylenol..Does anyone know of anything else that might help?

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  • I need advice, and positive advice.?

    I have a 2yr old and just found out i'm 5wks pregnant...Yes i'm with the guy but he already has 3 kids from a previous marriage. I'm financially stable with one child, but not sure about 2. I am pro choice but I really want this baby, I just can't imagine abortion when I knew the consequences of unprotected sex...It only happened one time and I didn't think it would result in pregnancy, my stupidity, yes. he is pro choice as well and doesn't really want another child but would support my choice but I don't want him to feel like i'm forcing him into something.

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  • 97 dodge stratus shutting down.?

    I have a 97 dodge stratus that will just turn off when I reverse and at stop lights UNLESS I put it in neutral at a stop light, then it won't. My car has been at the mechanic for 5 days, checked the electrical parts, they have changed the spark plugs, checked the transmission, changed my fuel and steering wheel pump and ran a test on the car and can't find out why it's doing this...The mechanic is a good friend of my dads, so he's not using me for money either..Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

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  • Similac information for those of you having concerns?

    I am seeing ton of questions regarding this... has all the information you need (including a 1-800 number you can call) good luck getting through..It's the powder similac not the liquid so if you don't want to change your formula you can buy the premade liquid bottles (they are at wal-mart, target and your local grocery store)..It's insects pieces in the formula, your kid will be just fine, there's insects pieces in everything you eat that is canned.

    Most WIC agencies are not approving for you to exchange vouchers which means you have to buy your own formula until this is all sorted out AND most places that you bought it at can NOT exchange it until they get a letter from the company giving it an official recall even though they announced it online..I'm not being rude, just covering basics for anymore questions. Good Luck ladies! Oh and Good Start Protect Plus is an excellent formula if you are wanting to change.

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  • New law passed in Oklahoma, what do you think?

    A new law was passed that all abortion clinics must do an ultrasound before the procedure, the clinic must also explain the effects the abortion has on the fetus and the growth of the fetus at the time of the abortion.

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  • So what has Obama done in the last year?

    Here's a site that list ALL the promises he has made and the ones he has ACCOMPLISHED so far..

    Here's a list of what he's done IN A YEAR.

    Signed into law Tax Cuts for all middle income families, and 95% of all Americans - Check

    Signed an Arms control agreement with Russia to dismantle nuclear weapons - Check

    Reauthorized SCHIP to cover all Children - Check

    Saved the entire stock market from collapsing (from a low point of a dow of 6000 within a month of Obama taking office, to close to 11,000 just an year later, basically preventing millions of retirement accounts from getting wiped out) - Check

    Ended the ban on travel for people with HIV - Check

    Stopped the dismissals of homosexual individuals serving in the military by the Pentagon (It's the first step to dismantling DA,DT completely) - Check

    Ended the federal crackdown on Medicinal Marijuana centers in CA - Check

    Passed into law Mortgage Fraud Protections - Check

    Ended the ban on Stem Cell Research - Check

    Passed Student Loan Reform, and Used The Savings to Significantly Increase Financial Aid Loans and Grants - Check

    Engaged in diplomatic dialogue with Middle Eastern countries, instead of using language like "Axis of Evil" that achieves nothing other than to piss them off some more. - Check

    Passed Credit Card Reform (Minimizing Predatory Lending, Making the terms of credit cards clear, eliminating arbitrary rate increases) - Check

    Since the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, have had the new job loss numbers from their peak right as Obama took office, go down steadily month after month, every single month like clockwork to the point that finally, this month is going to have job growth in the six figures (a trend expected to accelerate this whole year) - Check

    Reversed the ban on sending foreign aid to countries with legal abortions (The Mexico City Policy) - Check

    Signed the Expanded Hate Crimes Bill - Check

    Helped stem down employment discrimination by passing the Lilly Ledbetter Act - Check

    Extended Unemployment Benefit, helping millions of Americans stave off bankrupcy until the economy recovers - Check

    Drew down troops in Iraq for a 2011 withdrawl date - Check

    Drew down Gitmo detainees and making prepartations to close it by 2011 - Check

    Increased the forces in Afganistan and brought to justice 500+ major Al Queda senior leaders in the past year (more than the Bush Administration brought in all eight years combined) - Check

    Saved the entire US Auto Industry (GM and Chrysler) from going bankrupt thus preventing dozens of major factories and hundreds of dealerships from closing their doors - Check

    Saved banks from going bankrupt to the point that they're profitable again and have now paid back all of government loans and bailout funds in full and with interest - Check

    Signed into law, new mileage and emissions standard for cars and suvs - Check

    Working on Education Reform and Financial Regulatory Reform so banks can't pull this crap again - The very next thing on his list...

    Here's my SOURCE.

    I think i've covered it...So now that i've given proof and sources CAN we move on?

    Oh wait..I'm sure the Republicans will have some ignorant comment to make about his accomplishments..Please, WHAT DID BUSH DO in his 8 years that was as productive as Obama's first year?


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  • Why are the Republicans throwing such a tantrum over UHC?

    Why don't you all stop crying, suck it up and put your big girl panties on! We don't always get what we want. I didn't vote for Bush or agree with the War in Iraq but instead of being a piss ant I sucked it up and supported my country. By not supporting your President you show lack of unity and class. Canada isn't that far, you can always move or get off Y!A and try and do something ABOUT YOUR ISSUES! Or READ THE BILL..Every question or statement i've seen is completely off the wall and it's apparent that you are all complaining without reading or know anything about the bill.

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  • Belly button question for newborn...?

    Her whole cord didn't fall off so her doc. used this thing to dry it up and told me to continue with alcohol 2xs a day, this was on Tues. I just changed her and earlier it looked fine, now it looks like it's bruied around her belly button, it's just weird and making me nervous, does anyone know if this is normal???

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  • I need help on newborns breathing patterns!?

    I know I might be overreacting but i'm really concerned..We got to the pediatrician on the 18th...Anyhow she's 8 days old and has a weird breathing pattern..It will be VERY rapid, like 60 breaths per min. then slow down to normal, then go back up..Online it says this is a sign of TTN and needs to be treated but i'm wondering if i'm just overreacting and if it's normal for newborns to have a odd breathing pattern?? Please help and thanks in advance!

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  • Red blood after check up, more than spotting!?

    I'll be 40wks tomorrow and went to my check up today..She checked my cervix, i'm dilated to a 2 and scheduled for me to be induced on Thurs. Here's my worry...I've had spotting after having my cervix checked but this time it was red blood like when you're on your period and it wasn't really spotting, it was like a heavy flow, it filled up a pany liner...Is this just from my check up? Should I call my doc?

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  • 36wk check up.....Now nothing?

    My best friend and I are both about the same amount along in our pregnancies. I get checked every week. She got checked at 36wks and wasn't dilated at all and is now 38wks, i'm 38wks2days. Anyhow the doc. hasn't checked her since week 36, she has seen her but not checked her..Is this odd or normal?

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