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Want to know about me? Ask. Filling out one of these things always makes me feel like I am signing up for a dating site or something.

  • When you get a lot of answers....?

    Do you read them all before selecting a best answer?

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  • Have you ever heard of this children's book?

    I am beginning to think I have lost my mind. There was a book I read when I was a was called "Monkey Town, Pig City". I almost positive that was the title. The main character was a little girl with very long hair. Her parents had told her when she was very little that if she never told a lie, they would never cut her hair. The premise of the story is that she has a club, called Monkey Town, but due to the lies of a jealous classmate...a rival club is formed called, Pig City. The story continues with their antics towards each other. It is quite funny at times...but the heart of the story is quite serious. It meant a lot to me as a child. It was the first time I truly realised how cruel children can be, and how words and deeds that may seem so insignifigant to one person can be devastating to another. It taught me a sensitivity to the people around me. I have children now and would love to share it with them. But I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does it sound familiar to you?

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  • Any other fans of Basshunter, out there?

    I came across the Basshunter video for Dota...just cruising through google videos. Anyone else heard of him and what do you think? Do you have a favorite song? Where I live...I seem to be the only one out of the people I have mentioned him to who have heard of him.

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  • Do you know when kyle xy is coming back on?

    My family got hooked on the new show Kyle Xy, does anyone know when the new season is due to start? For some reason we were thinking it was this month. I tried looking it up but found nadda...then I got lazy and decided to just ask here. Anyway...thanks in advance.:)

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  • Not a lot to work with, but please give it a try?

    I lost all my music files at one point due to the sasser worm...stupid me hadn't saved any to disc. I have managed to replace most of them. There is one that I can't remember the name or much of the lyrics. It was a dance song...came out around the same time as Melanie C's I turn to you...and that song Castles in the sky. was a woman singing...and it's about how she knows he has something to say....something on his mind...there is a line in the song almost just like that if memory serves. Then the chorus is something like...don't worry...I'll be here...or something along the lines of that...that she isn't going anywhere.. I am sorry this is so vague. It is driving me nuts that I can't find it. You may not be able to help with so little to go on...but thanks for taking a look and trying !

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  • Hey guys...what's your opinion?

    what can a woman do that is guaranteed to get a guys attention? Positive attention that is.

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  • I can't find a site with a picture of traditional Dutch or Danish attire.Know one? Or have search suggestion

    My daughter is working on a project for school. And for it she needs to make a doll in the traditonal dress of one of her ancestors. She would like to do Holland or Denmark. For the life of me I can't seem to find a picture anywhere. Can you suggest a site? Or perhaps suggest a way to word my search? I am coming up zip so far. I have never had so much trouble finding what I needed online. HELP PLEASE!

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  • I am trying to remember the name a store that sells new DVD's and Cd's.This question is mainly for Ct people.

    I feel so so stupid, it is a like a big chain store. But I am drawing a blank as to the name. It is in a shopping plaza down the road from the Crystal Mall in Waterford, Ct. I can't remember the name of the plaza either. I live in Rhode Island, and have only been there once since all the new stores went up. I know I am not giving you a lot of information to work with . Sorry for being so vague. If I could remember more I could probably have found it myself online. Thanks for any responses I receive.

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  • how do I upload a wav. file onto the web ?

    I want to add a voice message to my profile and the help said I need to upload my wav. file onto the web..then copy and paste the url. Sorry if this seems a silly question.

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