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  • MS to change color of text?

    I do not mean with the font color option. I want to change text in a cell which displays concantated results of other cells.

    In other words, to make the statement in cell B4:

    You have picked Red as your color!

    the following cells contain:

    A1 contains text:You have picked

    B1 = a cell containing result of data validation list with Red Blue Green as options

    C1 contains text: as your color!

    In cell B4 I have the following formula:

    =concantate(A1," ",B1," ",C1)

    I want the text of the color selected--i.e. "red" "blue" or "green" showing up as selected color and rest of text of statement showing up as sheet's normal text color. I cannot simply leave cells A1:C1 together, adjust size of B1, and let it create it's statement since "red" has only 3 characters and "green" [obviously] has 5 and causes it to disappear since there's stuff in C1. Also, no going into VBA programming allowed. I want a simple solution or to be told Excel just isn't capable of doing that. If I try to use conditional formatting on cell, it turns whole statement selected color and I do not want that.

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  • In XHTML, how to display on the page itself, an item selected from a dorp down list?

    I asked this question before and got an answer that was pretty much WRONG! I know how to create the list. I can get it to work where user selects item from list. What I need is the webpage itself---NOT BY POPPNG UP AN ALERT BOX--to then display what item was selected from the list. The last time I asked this question someone gave a link to an example which, surprise surprise, displayed the item in an alert box. What is the predisposition of programmers to alert boxes? I, personally, HATE things popping up when viewing a web page.

    Simple example: this not in actual html code obviously

    (On the page) Please choose your favorite color: [list containing blue, red, yellow, green]<button "Choose">

    (lower on the page, after user selects and item and hits the "Choose" button, the page then says:)

    Your favorite color is [selectedcolor]!!

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  • How to display on the page, with no popup alert box, values from a drop down list in html?

    First, yes, I am brand new to html. I have picked up several books and visited various websites.I am trying to build a page that calculates materials needed to assemble items. I have made a spreadsheet to do this, but realized not everyone has MS Excel. So, I thought I would try and learn how to make an .html document for everyone to use in a browser.

    Here is the problem.


    drop down list 1 has the following items: thing, object, stuff

    drop down list 2 has the following Types/Class of Items: I,II,and III.

    I have easily created two drop down lists--one for items and the other for Type. I then, without using a frickin alert box which is what EVERY book and site I have visited uses as an example of output, want to have a line under the selection saying

    "In order to build Object II, you will need:" and it will fill in a table table or chart--I haven't decided yet--below showing the required materials.

    What code or tag or whatever in xhtml will display that line on the page?

    Again all examples using javascript embedded in the xhtml that I have seen use the "alert(results here)" when the value is created using the onselect tag/code. And I do not want a pop up box, I want it displayed on the page.

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  • Vote: Do you support the current Health Care Reform Bill? Yes or No.?

    Guidelines. I am NOT looking for opinions. I do NOT want your reasons or links to sites showing your facts and ideas. The only valid answers to this questions will be one word, either "yes" or "no". Now, while I fully realise we do not live in a democracy, we live in a representative republic, I want to ATTEMPT a democratic process. I want to give the populace a vote, something our government will not do. I am not going to state my answer either or my opinion. That is IRRELEVANT in this instance. Get it people? Any clueless slugs who cannot simply type only "yes" or "no" will have their answer reported as not meeting the answer guidelines as spam. Spam is information not pertaining to the question. I am only asking for your vote, not your opinion or background information/material. Should you feel the uncontrollable urge to provide your opinion, visit the website of your elected official in the House and Senate and give it to them. It's their job to listen to you--an example of the aforementioned representative republic thing.

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  • How do I watch DVDs the "right" way?

    Which DVD format."widescreen" or "Full screen", do I buy to see on my widescreen TV and/or widescreen monitor exactly what I saw on the screen in the movie theater. The ones that say "has been formatted to fit your screen" are missing the sides of what was on the movie screen and the "widescreen" formats give me black area at top and bottom--i.e. letterbox. I want the movie to fill my TV screen completely and see everything that was filmed. Which DVD type do I buy and what settings do I use on my TV/monitor? If there isn't one then I will simply begin burning DVDs I rent from Netflix instead of shelling out money for something that is going to disappoint. Is there such a format that will do what I want?

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  • How do I make sure I NEVER go to

    No matter if I hit my "home" button or type in manually I instead go to this crap. What is this garbage anyway? Do I simply need to make Google my homepage now?

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  • Is there anywhere to buy an affordable pre-built system?

    I have priced all the items I want between newegg and tigerdirect. Just for curiosity's sake I went to several places that sell complete systems and for the same items put together they want at least $500 more. What gives, are the techs doing the assembling that well paid...I mean $500 more for a max 30 minute build? Can anyone suggest other online stores where I can get a built system? [No, gateway and dell don't count, they're even more expensive.]

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  • What is the Daylight "Savings" Time people keep referring to?

    I learned about Daylight "Saving" Time that our country put into practice around WWI, but everyone keeps blabbing about this savings stuff.

    5 AnswersAstronomy & Space1 decade ago
  • Connecting Windows Vista laptop to wired network...?

    Buddy has a Vista laptop that connects no problem to our work's wireless network. The problem we have is we cannot get it to connect by plugging in a CAT5 cable. How do you turn off the wireless and go wired. He needs more speed and our wireless network pretty much sucks. I know towers and XP, not Vista and not laptops.

    1 AnswerComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know if there will be any actual live coverage of the Olympics?

    Or, will it all be taped and re-broadcast and the good bits edited out? The opening ceremonies already are over and NBC is putting them on tonight. What gives? I wanted to see them live.

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  • Yahoo Music/Launchcast?

    So, we rate songs, artists and albums we like. Yes, I know it's free, but there are all those adds for trying the pay version. Why, then, do they keep playing songs that are "Recommended by Yahoo Music" when I have rated those genres as "Never Play Again"? I mean if you're trying to get me to try a product, don't show me examples of it I don't like. I thought the whole rating system helped it recommend and thus play songs I actually want to hear. If the sales pitch demo is that frequently wrong, how bad will the pay-for product be?

    How does that marketing technique even make sense?

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  • What specs for a new monitor?

    Years ago, in the days of CRT monitors, one looked at specs such as AG [aperture grill] or dot-pitch and actual or viewable screensize. I am going to be getting a new monitor now and what specs do i look for? Not looking for monitor brand-model number recommendations. I want to know what specs so I can compare for myself.

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  • What happens during a phase change?

    Okay, you have a molecule of H20, two atoms with one electron and one proton each, H and H, and one atom of eight protons and eight electrons, the O. When you add heat energy, why does it turn from ice to water to water vapor or steam, what physically happens to those subatomic parts to cause a phase change to happen? Do the electrons orbit differently or something causing a change in its properties/characteristics. Is it something to do with the energy affecting the molecular bonds? I mean it's still a molecule of water no matter what state. Why can we see a chunk of ice, a pool of water, and a cloud of steam, but not the molecules as water vapor in the air? I realise I probably have not phrased this eloquently enough to convey the real meaning of what I am looking for, so I hope you all can get the gist.

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  • Computer joke:?

    110001101 010111000111 00011111000101010100 0011100101 1000111010101 011100011 11100010 1110 00101010101.

    Even if you're not, your computer is laughing.

    Second computer joke:

    How many software engineers does it take to change a light bulb? None, it's a hardware problem.

    Both old, but I still find them funny.

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  • Who is the most powerful Wizard/Warlock/Sorcerer of all the realms, lands, worlds?

    Asked in Books, but figured I'd get better exposure in this category:

    D&D Dragonlance: Raistlin

    D&D Forgotten Realms: Elminster

    MIddle Earth's Gandalf

    King Arthur's Merlin

    Harry Potter: Harry, Dumbledore, Voldemort

    The Sword of Truth: Richard;

    Rift War series: Pug aka Milamber

    or your choice of

    Which fictional character can control and wield the most powerful magic?

    Note: people like David Copperfield, Harry Blackstone Jr, and Doug Henning don't count...wrong type of "magicians" :P

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  • Who's the best?

    Who is the most powerful wizard in literary history:

    Merlin, Raistlin, Drizzt [well, okay he was more of a fighter than wizard, but didn't Drows have some magical abilities?], Elminster, Pug aka Milamber, Gandalf, Harry Potter, Voldemort, Dumbledore or who?

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  • Just what type of helicopter was Blue Thunder in movie of same name?

    Parts look like a Cobra, while some aspects remind me of the Apache. But, I don't think either has a tail rotor inside the body structure of the tail--like the Comanche prototype, do they? Or, was the whole thing just thrown together on a Bell Jet Ranger frame and made to look cool?

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  • Cleaning surface rust?

    I have two hydraulic pistons on my parents' fifth wheel trailer. They're used to move the extension-side of the camper in and out. The rods on each have a slight layer of surface rust. Also, the guide rails the side slides on are covered with rust. Should I use rust cure, then sand, then oil, or sand, then rust cure or what? Any assist would be great. I am normally found inside a computer [i.e. no clue what I am really doing with metals/mechanics], and my dad's too old to crawl under the trailer so I have to get it done for them.

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  • What is the song at the end credits of the movie F/X?

    F/X - 1986 movie starring Bryan Brown and Brian Dennehy.

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  • Logic problem?

    There are two rooms connected by one door. In Room 1, there are three light switches. In Room 2 there are three light bulbs. The problem: to figure out which switch goes to which bulb.

    The catch: when you open the door, all the power is disconnected and the bulbs go out. How do you figure out which switch goes to which bulb? They are incandecent bulbs.

    You cannot enter the room with the light bulbs and close the door, you may only go in with door left open.

    [It personally took me two weeks to figure this out and when I did it was definitely a "Doh!!!" moment.]

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