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  • Breastfeeding and still bleeding 4 weeks after delivery?

    Hi all this is my fourth child. I am pumping since she won't latch on but anyways my question is I had her 4 weeks ago friday and I am still bleeding. Some days it seems to stop but then the next it gets heavier. Not as heavy as a period but heavier and brighter. Is this normal? thanks for all answers.

    15 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Dryer started smoking?

    Our portable dryer just started smoking does anyone know what could cause this? the tub still goes around, but just smoking really bad.

    It's a Kenmore model # 110.89722990 type is DCMP-ELE-1206012-CV12

    1 AnswerCleaning & Laundry1 decade ago
  • Female versions of Shawn?

    Hi i am looking for some female versions of Shawn. My husbands name is Shawn and we're having our fourth girl lol so i was wanting to honor his name since we won't be having anymore after this. Can you all help with some female versions of Shawn, and please not Shawna or Shawnda for some reason i do not like those names lol. No rude answers please and Thank you to everyone that answers!

    9 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • Can you tell if it's a Boy or Girl?

    I can't tell by the ultrasound pic if it's a boy or girl, the Dr. Says it's a girl but i can't really see it. I have 3 girl's already and their scan's were alot clearer then the ones i have had.

    So can you tell if it's a boy or girl?

    11 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • What do you all think of these names?

    We are expecting in January. Supposed to be another little girl. We have two names we really like so it's hard to choose now lol. So tell me what you think.

    Michaella-Aalexis Lynn

    Michaella-Lynn Rose

    hyphenated or not?

    13 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • Baby measuring a week behind?

    I was just at the hospital on Monday because they thought my water broke, I am 29 weeks tomorrow but when they did the Ultrasound at the hospital it said the baby was measuring 27wks 1 day. Has anyone ever had that happen? Or know why the baby is measuring small?

    8 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Unique spelling for Michaela?

    My husband and i are having another little girl and are wanting Unique spellings for Michaela. It's to go along with Aalexis Lynn. Thanks!

    27 AnswersBaby Names1 decade ago
  • First round of clomid and so sick?

    I just took the last pill of clomid for the first round. i have been dizzy or lightheaded but at night my stomach is all in knots and today its just unbearable. the dizziness and nausea is just horrible. has anyone experienced this? is this normal? and/or should i call my dr. i have an app. on monday for an u/s but i just dont feel good. please help.

    4 AnswersTrying to Conceive1 decade ago
  • Ideas for space costume!?

    My 8 yr old daughter is supposed to dress up in a space theme for school for halloween i havnt found an actual costume yet so plz i need your input on at home ideas that we could do for her. I would greatly appreciate any input!

    5 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know the best way to get my 6 mth old to start sitting up?

    She is 6 almost 7 mths old and when i try to get her to sit up she bows her back and refuses to sit up. It's starting to worry me cuse she is almost 7 mths old.

    7 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know the best way to keep fingernails from breaking off?

    I always have my fingernails break off and it's driving me nuts.

    1 AnswerOther - Beauty & Style1 decade ago