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  • Severe Tooth Aches’ to Jar Pain Mostly at Night Can’t Sleep.?

    Severe Tooth Aches’ to Jar Pain Mostly at Night Can’t Sleep.

    First Signs: For about 6-8 days I had sever tooth aches’. Self treated the problem with Ibuprofen and a change in diet completely cut out sugar and pain went away. I am about 90% sure it was also during a time we had a cold front move in and the temperature dropped pretty low.

    About 6-7 weeks go by with no pains, no sugar actually think I am loosing weight with the new diet.

    Now the real pain kicks in, about 3-4 days of right side almost all teeth hurt upper and lower jaw, still self treating problem because no insurance.

    Day 5 tooth aches now seem only at night after lying in bed for about an hour, turn into all night problems.

    Day 7 almost no more pain in teeth mostly all in my jaw, temple and the lower back of head above my neck.

    Day 9 I went to the dentist with a free exam and ex-ray. Dentist says no bad cavities and nothing he sees would cause this much pain but would like to pull my wisdom teeth. My wisdom teeth set in almost 3 years ago and haven’t moved since, I can’t imagine wisdom teeth.

    Day 10 Still can’t sleep feels like my jaw is locked up, and it has been very cold during these last 10 days.

    Side notes: I don’t have insurance and kind of living paycheck to paycheck right now so I am limited on resources. I m 27 years old, like I mentioned wisdom teeth have settled in about 3 years ago they seem straight and I am easily able to floss around them. On my top right row of teeth I did have a tooth removed about 5 years ago if you count my wisdom tooth it’s the 4th one from the back. As long as I try to sleep sitting up right with an airplane neck pillow the pain is more like pressure rather than pain but as soon as I drift off and lean my head the pain comes and I am awake again, mostly I am able to control the pain now by standing and walking around.

    Please any help would be great.

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  • Replacing a Crank Shaft Position Sensor on a 90 Subaru legacy?

    I just ran a code check and it came back that the Crank Shaft Position Sensor is bad.

    I dont know if that means the sensor is bad or the Crank Shaft is bad???

    It is on a 1990 Subaru Legacy 2.2L MFI 4cyl

    The car only has 85K miles and the only problem we ever had is recently the car will loose RPMs then turn off.

    I also got the following codes:

    22 Knock Sensor

    33 vehicle speed sensor

    13 Crank angle sensor

    Any Ideas, yep I know this is a loaded full question

    Thank you

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  • What is targeted information worth to you?

    What is targeted information worth to you?

    I am starting a new social marketing program were I am going to be giving away informational brochures, products and sending out weekly newsletters to raise awareness and educate young adults. I am not a non-profit company but I am structuring my organization like one.

    This is what I am going to do: Phase 1: Give away 600K pocket reference guides to 18-30 year old male and female, it will include a call to action to come online register and get free products and to sign up for my newsletter and blog.

    As a business sponsor your message or coupon will be included in all 600K guides, you will be included in all emails and have a banner on my website/blog, their will be some PR behind it and you will be mentioned as a sponsor their as well, you will also get a copy of the contact information from all end users who register so that you may continue marketing to them on your own. This is a 6 months program and will change every 6 months.

    So my question is what would you be willing to pay for this service; and what information would you want collected?

    Clarification added 17 minutes ago:

    The current information I thought about collecting:

    Full Name



    Cell #

    Email Address

    Mailing Address


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  • How to separate data in excel ?

    I have the following data in excel 2007 and need them to be in separate columns. Is it possible with a code? Please help

    MX7E68 / 7-ELEVEN #16192

    2887 COLLEGE AVE.

    BERKELEY,CA 94705-2113 USA

    I need it to be put into the same line but each part of the info broken into its own column

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  • How to separate data in excel 2007 ?

    I have the following lines


    How do I make it so that "San Leandro" "CA" "94578""USA" all show up in their own columns

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  • How do I export info from my outlook?

    I have the following data in my email from over 5,000 people who responded for free samples and I can not find away to grab their addreses and put it on labels without copy and paste please anyone help.

    The info looks like this ( it my info)

    ) (Name: Jason Maxpro) (Gender: Male) (Age: 26) (Marital Status: In a relationship) (Condom use: sometimes) (What's your brand?: Maxpro) (Where do you purchase?: drugstores) (How many do you buy?: 12pack) (Would you try a new brand on packaging?: undecided) (Willing to pay for 12?: 12to15) (Household income?: 50kto100k) (Address: 4057 Clipper Court Fremont, CA 94538) (Promo Code: mpwave1) (Email: (Comments/questions:

    Their are no spaces it shows just as you see it when I export to excel 1 line shows up the same way as it shows above how can I just get the addresses?

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  • help with broken email links?

    I have a website and for the home page their is a place for you to fill out you info and receive a sample of my new product. The link was working I got over 25 request the first day and another 100 or so over the week out of 300 visitors. Now I have over 7,000 visitors and no request for free samples so what happened. People are requesting and the email is not coming to me is their any way to find the missing emails from the last week.

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  • How to create a music video mixtape DVD?

    I want to download or record music videos, i quess they will be in a wide range of file formats (sorry not to technicale) anyways I want a software that will convert the files to a dvd format then I want to burn these onto dvds that can be played in a car, or home dvd player or rojected on the the wall.

    and if possible i would like to edit the dvd also and add effectis like logos over the video and effects between music videos.

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  • Need Internet Software to allow readers to post comments on my articles?

    look at the way say askmen dot com have it the writer tells a story then readers are able to leave a comment what is this calles and were can I get it.

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  • City Advertising Laws and placing Posters?

    I have just stated selling some new products into local stores and want to let end users know the packaging changed and that this new brand is available. My ideas was customizing real estate signs and putting up posters all around the retailers carring my product.

    So is putting up posters on light poles legal and if you don't think it is then how do I get the proper permits from what government office do I get permits from.

    I live in San Jose CA that is were most of my advertising will be over the next couple of months but soon to cover the Bay Area.

    Thank you

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  • Help with payment solutions online?

    I am starting a website that helps raise money for AIDS/HIV and other STD prevention and educational material. Anyways what I am doing with this site is selling a space for people to place a logo on this website and in return we will spend the money on prevention and education.

    So my question is do I need a shopping cart?

    Or what would I use to take care of accepting payment online then after their payment clear I would have to then give them a email address to send in their logo

    I hope this make since if not or if you would like to get involve and donate your 1 on 1 support please email me at and I will reply right away.

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  • Need Software for Fund Raising?

    I was just reading in a blog from 2002 about this company that started a click-a-thon. What they did was got sponsors to pay per click then they wrote about the fundraising mission and emailed it to everyone they newthe receivers then would see a this email click the link then forward the email to everyone in their list and the sponsore would donate something like .005 cents.

    Now my question what is this software and were can I get it our can you build it for me.

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  • Pressure in the radiator after 8 hours?

    I just went to check my oild in a 78 buick regal 3.8 v6 and I squezed the upper radiator hose and it seemed if their was pressure in it still after 8 hours so I popped off the cap and had plenty of pressure it started spilling out everywere what could couse this?

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  • Engine knocks during fast acceleration?

    I have a 78 Buick Regal and this thing has been so good to me but last Friday I almost got home and heard a knocking sound did not pay any attention to then comes Monday and it still knocking during acceleration. for example if the traffic breaks up and I am going 30mph then try to shoot to 65mph their is a rapid knocking from 30mph-45mph then it goes away and again if I am at a red light and I am the first one to go then it knocks up to about 20mph but if I am not the first one to go then their was no nocking. I dont have an rpm gadge so cant tell you that.

    Also is it posible to put in an RPM gadge and do you know the website that I can find out more.

    Thank Yahoo People

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  • Leaking Water Need Help?

    I have a 78 buick regal 3.8 liter V6 and for about 2 months I thought I had a cylinder head problem since I was losing water so I have been keeping water in the over flow tank about 2 gallons per week. anyways talk to a mobile machanic and he said to check the spark plugs, oil and see if their is white spoke out the tail pipe. Well no fluids in the spark plugs my oil needs to be changed but no water or coolent and yes I have white spoke but only while my car is in high ideal then it goes away their is some water that spitting out maybe 2 big table spoons.

    Now I noticed their is water leaking down the front of the engine block I looked everywere and their is no place in that area that would have water leaking. their is a pool above the water pump but I can't find were it's coming from.

    Any ideas

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  • help with copyriting music?

    I know to go to the copyright website and submite all the forms and the price is $45 but does that fee only cove one song or the whole album?

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  • Problems buring dvds with 1click?

    So I get these cheap DVDs from block buster and other rental stores that are used and I wanted to back up the main copy of them since they have been played so many times already I just want them to always work for me.

    So get 1 Click DVD burner and Nero just the free Nero that came with my DVD burner and anyways when I want to copy the DVD to a blank DVD they both say it needs to be decrypted so I do what 1click says and download dvd43 decryption still does not work I tried like 12 DVDs what am I doing wrong.

    Can anyone walk me threw the steps I am a complete idiot when it comes to computers.

    and yes I know it is illegal to back up your own DVDs whatever.

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  • Brake fluide leaking?

    I have brake fluid leaking were the brake fluid reservoir connect to the master cylinder. Their is some break fluid in the reservoir but I have no pressure when pushing on the brakes and the car does not want to stop either.

    So is their a gasket that needs to be replace or am I screwed with a bigger problem.

    Buick Regal 1978 3.8 Liter V6

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  • Need help finding software?

    Okay I try to make this simple.

    I am building a website right now that will have allot of information an things like Health and fitness, nightclubs, dinning, music, movies and so on. What I need is software that can grab this information daily from a bunch of other websites and put it on my website. Their is no way I will be able to staff someone to do this daily for me so that’s not an option I need it to be automatic daily or weekly.

    I am also looking for something that can grab online news articles with keyword searches and put it on my site automatically.

    Thanks allot.

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  • How many calories do you need to burn?

    I am on a mission to lose the weight I am 6’ 5” and weigh in at 275lbs. looking online that’s about 30 pounds in obesity and I am sick of looking like this. So I am on my way to losing the weight wanted to know though a couple of things.

    1. How many calories do I need to burn a day to lose the weight?

    2. Is their a watch or counter that can help monitor how much I actually burned working out?

    3. I don’t have a gym membership and probably because I am to un-confident in going I told myself after I lose 25 pounds then I would get a membership is their any suggestions for things I can get at the store to work out at home. (I have a jump rope, boxing bag, weights BUT NO BENCH, crappie stair stepper and a dog)

    Pleas anything you guys can suggest would be greatly appreciated.

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