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  • What is the difference between the words Licence and License?

    And why do we have the two words... do they mean different things or are the used for seperate things?

    I have been typing up some Clauses from Contracts at works and have come across both spellings.... Please explain....

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  • What would you do?

    I am a receptionist for a corporat office and it is lunch time here. So most of the staff are at lunch or in meetings... I went to the bathroom about 10minutes ago (which meant i had to ask another girl to watch the phone.) but now i need to pee again.. I dont want to bother her again but i am seriously busting.. I drank way too much water!!!

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  • What do you think?

    I am getting a Tattoo on the 11th September and am really excited about it!!! I have been wanting one for a long time... It is going to be next to my hip bone so no one will be able to see it unless i show it to them... It will be a Star or a few stars....

    What do you think of tattoos that arn't out in the open?

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  • Do you think I will push myself too much?

    I am curently working as a full time temp doing reception/admin rolls but i need extra money quick. So i am considering taking on a casual jobs and working Thursday nights and Weekends... so this means i will be working 7 days a week alot of the time... I also do Salsa some Monday nights, Trivia on Tuesday nights and Dance on Wednesday nights... do you think i am over doing it or is it good to be involved in a lot of things?

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  • Please help. I need to see Grey's Anatomy episode 23...?

    I missed Grey's Anatomy episode 23... accidently taped only 22.. i am desperate to watch it. Please tell me where i might be able to watch it for free online... im in Australia so some websites wont work!! PLEASE HELP!!

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  • Why can't I shake this feeling?

    I feel so depressed today. I have massive anxiety and feel like crying.. i have no will to do anything... But why?!? I hate feeling like this...

    I do have a reason for this... I have started to like a male friend of mine and he has recently become very close friends with my Best friend.. and i feel jealous of they're closeness.. i don't understand why he isn't that close to me.. i like him but am also ok with being just friends... and knowing that i am jealous has made me depressed because i have no right to be jealous...

    I just really need to vent this! I hate myself for feeling jealous and i can't stop thinking about it...

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  • There is a reason it is called a JOKE!!!! Dont ya think?

    Why is it that the second some one.. no no wait.. A WOMEN posts a "JOKE" about men, some men in here react by saying the person is a sexist???!!!!!

    I don't get it?!? There are hundreds of jokes about dumb blondes (all women) and about women but you'll find most of us laughing along... just go to the link and see how some of the guys reacted! Im not saying all men, i just find it funny how some take it so seriously!! ITS A JOKE GUYS!! GEEEEEESS LAUGH A LITTLE!! hahahahaha;_ylt=AthPd...

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  • I had night mares last night. What did you dream about?

    I had nightmares about ghosts last night! They were pretty scarey!

    Did you have nice dreams last night?!

    Whats the scariest dream you have had?

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  • You know how moths fly towards light. Well....?

    .... during the day do they fly towards the sun??

    And yes i know they are nocturnel but what if there are insomniac moths out there???!

    This question was brought to me by my sister in law and it got me thinking! LOL

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  • One liner jokes... Who else agrees they beat them all!?

    Hey guys!

    DOes any one know any funny/stupid/waste of space one liner jokes?!

    For example:

    What is brown and sticky?

    A stick!!! hahaha

    What do you call a penguin in the desert?

    LOST!!!!!! hehehe!


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  • This is really funny!!! what do you think??

    An old-timer in Scotland sits down at the bar. The bartender notices the guy looks depressed and asks him why.

    “See that fence over there? I built it myself,” the old man says. “But do they call me McGregor the Fence Builder? No.

    “And those trees,” the man continues. “I planted ’em myself. Still, no one calls me McGregor the Tree Planter.”

    Then the old man becomes silent and looks into his beer for a moment. Finally, he looks up at the bartender.

    “But you hump one goat…”

    ANy one else have some good jokes??

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  • Ye know what tiday is?

    Tiday is Talk likea Pirate day!!

    Does ye know any Piraty jokes??!

    Argh me maties have fun tiday!!!

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  • How can people just ignore each other!!?

    I was pretty shocked by this!

    Near where i work there is a river and there are stair cases on either side that lead down to park areas and then there is a walk bridge about 50 metres down. One of the stair cases was blocked off for maitenance so this meant that people walking from the bridge to the stair would reach them and then have to turn around.

    Now this is an annoying situation by its self. BUT i was sitting having on the other side. I saw a person walking towards the stairs. They noticed they were closed when they reached them and turned around. This person passed 2 people on they're way back. Both times the person didnt mention that the stairs were closed!!! This happened about 20 different time!! I am shocked that not 1 person passed on the message that it was closed!! I know i would!!

    Is anyone else annoyed by this or would they just ignore the people?

    Also has any one else got any examples of how people just dont care any more. I am pretty disapointed by society!

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  • This is the best joke i have ever heard!! Too bad people are making it crap!?

    3 men get ship wrecked on an island & are soon found by a pack a cannibals. They are brought to the head cannibal.

    Head cannibal: If you want your freedom you must go off into the jungle and bring back 10 of a fruit.

    So the three men set off on they're separate tracks.

    The first man returns with 10 apples.

    Head Cannibal: good! now shove each of those apple up your bum without any emotion. If you show emotion we will eat you!

    So the man starts 1..2.. ARR he screams & he is killed.

    The second man arrives with 10 berries.

    Head Cannibal: good! now shove each of those berries up your bum without any emotion... if you show emotion we will eat you!

    So he starts, thinking this should be easy 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8.. HAHAHA!! he got to 8 and burst out laughing. He was killed immediately.

    The first man and second man meet in heaven.

    First man: Why the hell did you laugh? You were almost there?

    Seccond man: I couldn't help it i saw the third guy coming with pinapples!!!

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  • What happened to the spell check option on Yahoo! Answers?

    For the last few days there has been no spell check option showing whenever i answer a question?! Is this happening to every one?!?! Or is it just me?

    I am sooo lazy that i couldn't be bothered checking my speeling my self! I NEED SPELL CHECK!! LOL

    OH HANG ON A TIC... its gone from asking too... but it was there the other day when i asked a question?!? i just noticed that!! Is it there for you?!?

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  • If a guy is always cheating on his girlfriend then why is he with her in the first place??

    A friend of mine, that i went on a few dates with and then found out he has a girlfriend, is always cheating on his girlfriend. He has been with her for about 2-3 years and they recently moved in together.

    We are still friends so i know about all his cheating and continous chasing after other girls. I just don't understand it! I haven't asked him straight out but it just confuses me! He is also always messaging me and calling me, nothing has happened between us because of his girlfriend and he knows i wont do anything but he still chases after me!

    Why is he with her if he doesn't want to be...??

    Can any one shine some light on why he would still be with her...

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  • Drug curiosity... how long does Ecstasy stay in the blood system?

    Just wondering if a person took 1 ecstacy tablet how long would it be tracable in they're blood?

    I heard once that it can be taced but 6 months using hair. Is this true.

    Please no preachers on doing "E" i am not a user just curious on how long it stays in the system.

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  • How come no one has answered my pistachio nut question?!? TSK TSK TSK!!?

    Hi all..... I posted a rather silly but i thought comical question in regards to Pistachio nuts... go see...;_ylt=AjBgy...

    Well i am shocked that no one has answered... i know it is rather stupid but i thought it wouldnt be that bad that no one would answer!!!!

    Please go see it and leave your opinion.... even if it is that i am completely bonkers!! CHEERS!!!!!!

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  • Why do the closed pistachio nuts always end up at the bottom of the pack?

    This always happens to me... it is bitterly disapointing because i am eating more and more, thinking "Yes, still have plently left." and then i realise..... the last 10 in the pack are all closed....

    Any one else reccon it would be a much happier pistachio eating world out there if all the closed ones were at the top??

    That way we get over the disapointment by eating all the open ones!!!


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  • Does any one get dizzy after having a cigarette?

    I have been smoking now for a few years and some times when i do i feel dizzy (kind of like im tipsy) I am curious as to why this is? and if it happens to any one else?!?

    Please do not lecture me on the harms of smoking... i do not smoke alot and i know the dangers... and am in the prosses of quiting...


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