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  • my pc won't start.. ?

    i have built a gaming pc,

    the specs are

    - 4gb ram

    - core to quad (Q6600)

    - graphics card (XFX 9800GTX+)

    - motherboard (gigabyte ep45 - ds3)

    - 500Watts PSU..

    It worked fine i even managed to install windows vista 32-bit os on it, but i shut down the pc and tried opening it and the lights come on for less then a second and goes off again..

    (i have took out the CPU power cable and tried turning it on, and it works, the fans come on with lights, but obviously wouldn't show anything on monitor..)

    i have changed the CPU cable but i still get the same result.. it dosent start up...

    what could it be??

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  • graphics card and P.S.U. help ?

    im currently building my own gaming pc..

    so i got a PSU that is 500W i am planning to put quad core processor (Q9300) on board sound card n rest...

    so my question is if i get a 9800GTX+ would 500W PSU be enough?

    or should i consider buying a bigger PSU ??

    thanks for your help

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  • xbox question?

    was wondering if i can go on the internet with xbox 1.. not 360!! and play other people.. on games..

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  • office 2007 question!?

    some time ago 1 of my friends told me that they had downloaded vista basic.. and microsoft done somthing to the computer and now the computer wont start up.. so my question is if i download Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Edition.. would micrsoft notice and do something to the computer.. can you tell me the worst microsft can do to my computer?

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  • help with AMD?

    i am planing on buying a new desk top computer.. and when looking around i found a computer with .... AMD Athlon 64 x2 processor.. more info here.. >> <<..

    so i was wondering if you can help me out by tellin me what AMD Athlon 64 x2 processor means and if the computer is good..

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  • help on new desk top?

    i am having a look on desk top pcs at comet.. the most says they dont have VGA conectivity.. so what i can connect the computer to the monitor to..

    i am planing on buying this computer >> <<..

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  • motherboard help?

    i am planing on buying a new motherboard but i am not sure what type of motherboard i need, i got Dell Dimention 2350.. well more info on the following link >>

    i need info on every thing.. what type i need.. and other things that i need to consider!!

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  • pci graphics card?

    after finding out that my pc uses PCI mother board i wanted to buy a good graphics card to boost my game play... any way my question is what type of graphics card do i need to make game play better which is PCI.. i no i am limited... i google'd PCI graphics card but after asking people they told me it wont be any better graphics... the ones i found were these... can you please tell me which one is best for good games like GTA San Andreas or similar games like that..

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  • graphic card questions...?

    im thinking to buy a graphic card but im not sure what type i need

    AGP, PCI, PCI Express.

    whats the best way to find out and how.

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  • talk talk questions.?

    after reading some reviews from other talk talk users. i have actually regreted ordering my phone and broadband service(talk international 3).. (i didnt recive my package yet) since i will be getting free broadband service cant i cancel my broadband and only use the phone package service and get a broadband service from a different broadband provider?

    thanks for any help

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  • Wireless network?

    Well my question is about setting up my Printer up so i can print from my laptop wirelessly... my laptop is wireless enabled.

    and i am connected to internet from my wireless router. my PC dose not have wireless since it a lil bit old. so i am using a Enthenet cable which is connected to my wireless router. so i was wondering if i could hook my laptop up so i could print without any wires. (dirrectly connected to the PC not laptop) what do i need and how is it done. thnks

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  • back problems plz help!!?

    my nan finds it hard to get out of bed. it started after she got pains on her back she had this problem for sometimes now... and shes relly finding it hard to get out of bed.

    what can she/we do to help her get out of bed more easily?

    thanks for any advice...

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  • memory card help?

    my PRO DUO memory card on my laptop ıs stuck ın the lıttle space and cant remove ıt ı dont know how to remove ıt please help


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  • if you was going?

    on to a 5 in a half jurney with a plane what would you take on you so that the security couldnt say nothing?

    and please tell me if the thing im thinking to take are ok! my walkman phone which could be put into a flight mode. drink. mags. and camera..

    are these thing suitable for taking on to a plane and using whilst in the air or would i have to pack it im my suit case and wait till i get to my destenation?

    thankyou for all your help and advice!!

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  • Sony Ericsson W850i?

    does the TrackID feature cost me? on a 3G pay monthly network?


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  • sony ericsson w850i?

    isit possible to get other themes to sony ericsson w850i if so were can i do it from and how can i put the theme on to the phone?

    thank you

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  • bad memory!! embarrassing?

    i have a very bad memory... what can i do about it... i try wrighting the things that are said to me then i forget it... its very bad and embarrassing thanks

    5 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • wireless problem?

    for the last few days i have been noticing that my wireless router is acting a bit different(in a bad way). it keeps on disconecting me then 2-3 mintues later it connects me to the internet again. why is this and what can i do about this problem!.

    6 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • Desk top pc help?

    When i put my headphones in my PC (win. XP). no sound comes. nothing is muted in the volume control. same with my speakers. nothing comes out.. only time something comes out is when im about to shut the PC down (good bye sound)or starting it up again.. (welcome sound) i would be thankfull for any good sugestions..

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  • i need some help!?

    When every I try to burn CD's an error message comes up talking about the CD is in a wrong format, then thires a list saying which formats are accepted i.e. CDR, CDRW so on.. and ejects the CD out, the main thing is im using the correct cd format (CD W) and i am using sonic record now. it came free when i got my laptop!

    Thanks for any advice and tips :)

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