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  • obligation to army is really 8 years even though u only sign up for 4....?

    ok, u know when u enlist in the army for 4 years and you serve the 4 years well ur obligation to your country is the 8 years right. and i guess u can get called to active duty in time of need. well, how do they select the soldiers they are calling back? my fiance already did his 4 years and so he could still get called if they need him. the thing is that his friend that was in his old unit just got called back and he's been out for a couple years already. do they just do like a random selection, or do they call back by former unit or what? does anyone know?

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  • grapevine weather?

    does anyone know how to check the weather for the grapevine in california for tomorrow night?

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  • wood pellet electric fireplace?

    i have an electric wood pellet burning fireplace. its cold i want to use it and i dont know how. can someone help me? dont have insructions and too late to call landlord. please help me.

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  • prolapsed uterus?

    does anyone know the different stages of prolapsed uterus and how long it takes to progress from one stage to the next?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • if you had to go to iraq?

    to be cross examined in a case involving your husband in an article 32 hearing would you go or would u rather go to jail for contempt of court? even if you didnt like him and u had critical information about him proving he is a monster and always has been.

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  • how do i send a video (mpeg file) over the internet that is 111MB?

    my msn and yahoo messengers wont let me cuz its too big. i cant email it through hotmail, yahoo, or my internet provider email. I'm not very computer smart so I cant figure out how to send it.

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