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  • My LG TROMM front load washing machine stinks...?

    We've been having it for about 7 months and everytime we wash clothes it stinks. We leave the door open on it and that helps a little bit. I've been told to use vinegar and I've also looked on here and a couple of other people seem to be having the same problem and some suggested vinegar. I'm not clear on exatly what I should do with the vinegar though.

    So I have a couple of questions. Where exactly do I put the vinegar? In with the clothes, in the bleach dispenser, with the detergent, or in the fabric softener tray? Do I put the vinegar in with my clothes or do I just run it in a load of water every so often? And how much vinegar am I supposed to use?

    Like sometimes we will put clothes washing in the morning before leaving for work and we'll get home at like 5 and we have to rewash the clothes beause they stink so bad. We are just wasting so much water and detergent. The damn things were exensive enough. lol. But I would appreciate all the help. Thanks!

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  • I need help with a ryhme for a treasure hunt?

    I am sending my hubby on a Christmas treasure hunt for his Christmas gift. I just need one more clue. Can somebody help me with a rhyming clue to tell him to find either, the computer, the chalkboard, the iron, or the fireplace. Either one of these will really help. Thanks in advance!

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  • Christmas gift hunt for hubby, need some cute rhymes?

    I am trying to make a treasure hunt for my husbands Christmas present. I got a couple useful rhymes from existing questions but I still need some more. I need a little rhyme thing to tell him to go find the mailbox, the shed, the bathroom mirror, the washing machine or dryer, anything else would be fine too. The final clue is going to be in the shed because I want him to think that is where his gift is but it's not going to be. I actually need it to say something like grab your keys and let's go (the gift, which is a big stainless steel gas grill, will be at my parents house, which is where we will be spending the day at). I could sure use the help. Thanks!

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  • Going to Miami...?

    My husband and I are planning a trip to South Beach in June. We are starting to look for places to stay and there are just so many to choose from, we need help. We definitely want to be in all the action, like on or near Ocean Dr. and we don't want to spend more than $200/night. Can you guys help? And we also want to know where the best night clubs are and which ones to avoid? Oh yeah and of course the food. Which restuarants should we try? Price doesn't matter. Anything else you may want to add feel free to. Any little bit of info will help. Thanks!

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  • Can I put a tv show that I bought off of itunes onto my psp?

    I want to put the last episode of Grey's Anatomy onto my psp. I bought the episode on itunes, I just need to know what to do next. I just got the psp so I don't know much about it. Any info would help. Thanks!

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  • Getting married in 4 days...any last minute advice?

    Anything that you think I should know please tell me. I am not nervous...yet! I know I will be Saturday. I hate being the center of attention and that is what makes me nervous. At my bridal shower I was shaking the whole time. lol! How did you calm your nerves down on your wedding day?

    But anything that you think I should know tell me. It can be about anything. I don't care. Thank you so much!

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  • I'm going to Jamaica and need to know if I need a voltage converter?

    I am going on my honeymoon and I need to know if I need to bring a volatge converter. I want to bring my hair straightener and a couple of different wall chargers for like my camera and ipod. We are staying at the Sandals resort in Ocho Rios. Anyone ever been? Can you help me? Thanks!

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  • What should I get my fiance for his wedding gift?

    Ok I am getting married next month and I need a little bit of help with wedding gift. We have been dating for almost 4 years so I have pretty much given him everything that he has ever said he wanted. For our one year anniversary I gave him a Harley Davidson plated zippo with his initials engraved onto it and he lost it so I found another one a couple of months ago and have been hiding it. Well he ended up bfinding one too and buying it and was going to go get it engraved so i had to give it to him because I didn't want him to waste the money. So that was my first option. Well then I wanted to give him a gift certificate to go skydiving but with the wedding and having to already take almost 2 weeks off of work for that and the honeymoon I decided that I am going to give him that next year on our anniversary. So does anybody have any ideas of what I could do? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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  • Does anybody know where I can buy this favor at or know how I could make it?

    I just found this on but it doesn't say how to do it or where you can get it at. I was wondering if anybody had a clue and could help me? Thanks!

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  • Any ideas for "something borrowed" for my wedding day?

    My "something old" is my grandmothers wedding ring.

    My "something new" is my dress.

    My "something blue" is a blue monogram on my panties.

    I need "something borrowed". I already have all my jewelry and my petticoat and shoes. And I don't want 1 item to count as 2. Like I don't want my grandmothers ring to be my "something old" and "something borrowed". Plus it's mine, I'm not borrowing it. My mother gave it to me for my wedding day. Anything ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • I need help describing my dress for the paper?

    I am going to be putting my bridal announcement in the paper and need some help. I need to describe my dress and I am not really that sure what I should say. Here is a picture of the dress if anybody can help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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  • How big of a no no is it to print addresses instead of handwriting them?

    I know that proper way is to handwrite the addresses but I honestly do not have the time to handwrite 175 invitations. My handwriting isn't even that good and it gets sloppier the longer I write. I also don't write in cursive and haven't since like 5th grade. My invitations are going out in the mail in 2 weeks and I was thinking about just printing the addresses on them. I think that it would look better and more sophisticated. And our return addresses are already printed on the back. My sister said that she would write them but she also writes in print and I really don't think she's reliable. She was a week late with my bridal shower invites. So I just want to know what everybody else did. Did you handwrite all of yours, did you run them through a printer, or did you buy clear labels? And if you have something stupid to say please don't waste my time? Thanks!

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  • How should we word a correction card or should we just leave it as it is?

    My fiance and I ordered our wedding invitations the way we thought it should be done according to all of the examples we saw on the website we ordered them from.

    Basically it says Mr. and Mrs. Roy Breaux request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Heather Renee Breaux to Cole Garret LeBlanc and it goes on to say the date and time and all that. We forgot to write son of after the grooms name and my parents and sister and her husband all said we should order like 75 or so more to send to his family. My fiance doesn't care but I don't want his parents to think that I intentionally left out their name. But to order 75 more invitations it will be a little over $300 and to order correction cards it will be only $170 and everybody would get one even my family. So we don't know if we should leave it as it is and just don't worry about it, buy 75 more just to send to his family, or buy correction enclosures apologizing for the mistake. We want an outside opinion.

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  • How should we word the bridal shower invitations?

    My sister needs to know how she should word my bridal shower invitations. I wanted to have a tea party at first because I wanted everybody to wear sundresses and hats and stuff. Well then I thought tea was a little weird for a party at 2:00 in May. So I told them that I want pink lemonade slushes instead and have like a whole summer thing party. The problem is that we still want to try to get everybody to wear cute summer dresses with big hats. So we were wondering how should we word the invitation to let people know that we want that. Something cute and original would be absolutely great. Thanks to everybody in advance.

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  • Wedding party gifts...?

    I am getting married in June and need some suggestions.

    We are giving our groomsmen baskets full of goodies. Like a flask, bottle of alcohol, magazine, lotto tickets, snacks, beer and a koozie. Any more suggestions? Also I need suggestions for bridesmaid gifts like with the same concept. I already got them jewelry and any other ideas would be helpful. I also need junior groomsmen gifts. I got my junior bridesmaids beach bags with personalized beach towels, flip-flops, sunglasses and some suntan lotion. I got my flower girl a purse and I am going to fill it up with girly stuff like lip gloss and nail polish. I also got all the girls engraved pocket mirrors. So basically I need ideas for bridesmaids, junior groomsmen, and ringbearer. Anything at all would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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  • Engagement picture help?

    We're taking our engagement pictures next Saturday and we don't really know what to wear. We know the basics. Like compliment each other and don't wear two extremely different patterns. But I really want to see some actual engagement pictures. I've looked at a bunch of photographers websites but none of them show engagement pictures. Just bridal and weddings. So I was wondering if anybody could give me some websites or send me some samples of their engagement pictures to help me out and give me an idea. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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  • Guest list help?

    I am working on finalizing my guest list and I was wondering how do you address a divorced woman who has not remarried. I have two on my list and I'm not sure what to write. One of them has kept their married name and the other has kept their maiden name. I don't know if that really makes a difference. So do I address them as a Mrs. or a Ms. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • How many wedding favors should I order?

    I am getting married in June and I am sending out 150 invitations. How many favor boxes should I buy?

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  • Bridesmaid dress help?

    I am getting married on June 23rd and I have to get my girls to order their dresses ASAP but I am having a hard time picking something out. My colors are pink and brown. I really want the dresses to be pink but I want something modern and not so traditional. I don't want anybody to look different either.

    This is my dress

    And this is one of the dresses that I am considering for my bridesmaids

    It incorporates both of my colors and its classy and modern and it compliments my dress so well. But now my predicament is the fact that my groomsmen will be in black tuxedos. They will be wearing light pink vests and ties also. I am having a hard time deciding if the brown on the dress will clash with the black tuxedos. I know that brown and black do not go together so I don't know what to do. So tell me what you think of the two colors against each other?

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  • I am having a really hard time picking my bridesmaid dresses...?

    Ok I am getting married in June and my colors are pink and brown. I want to find a dress that is a light pink color and tealength. NOTHING else will do.

    I really really like this dress but I think that the color pink may be too dark. I also know that the computer doesn't show an accurate sample due to the lights and all that. I still just think it may be too dark.

    I also like this dress but I don't know if I really want it to be my bridesmaid dresses.

    I also like this one too (in Cosmopolitan) but I'm just not loving it either as my bridesmaid dress.

    So basically I want opinions and by showing all of them to you I was hoping that maybe somebody could even find one that you think I might like for me. I also want something that my girls will be able to wear again. Thanks!

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