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I am a stay at home mom to a girl, a boy, and identical girl twins. I am a Chrsitian, and believer, but always learning. Feel free to email me. Im mostly in the Religion and Spirituality boards, and Parenting. I am also NEWLY MARRIED to the love of my life!!

  • Agnostics, Atheists, Non-Believers...........?

    I don't want to debate anything, I was just wondering who you think Jesus was. A work of "Bible Fiction" and/or Myth, or a real person glorified to Savior status?

    Just curious as to your own thoughts on the matter. Not debating anything. Thanks!!

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  • Miscarriage at 5 weeks pregnant?

    Went to the Doctor, three days after bleeding began. :( They ran a Pregnancy Test that came back negative.

    So, does that mean I am officially not pregnant? They said no follow up was necessary because it was so early, and unless I develop pain of fever not to worry. How long can I expect to bleed, and also how long before I should expect a return to normal menstration?


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  • Pregnancy and Insurance?

    I am pregnant, 4`weeks. My husbands company offers insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I have not signed up for insurance under his plan yet. Going to have him check in out tomorrow.

    Can I be excluded because of my new pregnancy? I looked up HIPPA and saw that for group policies pregnancy can not be considered a pre-existing condition, so they can not deny you coverage on that alone, by federal law. Is that accurate?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Concurrent Sentences....?

    My husbands co-worker, just got sentenced on carrying a concealed weapon, and DUI, 2th offense.

    He recieved 18 months on the DUI, 1 year suspended, 6 months county jail time. He recieved 18 months of the gun charge, non suspended, to be served concurrent with the first.

    His buddy seems to think he only does the 6 months, we are trying to tell him he does the max of 18 months. Whose right?

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  • Looking for opinions...another baby?

    Okay Ladies. I am trying to make a desicion, and I would love some opinions from people. (My desicion will not be based on these opinions, dont worry) But I would LOVE the input.

    I have 4 kids, a 10 year old, a 6 year old, and 4 year old twins. They are from a previous marriage. AWESOME kids.

    I am married now to the love of my life, awesome guy, wonderful to the kids. He has none of his own. When we got together, he was fine just being Dad to mine.

    As he has gotten older, he has begun wishing for one with me. Has never said he wants one of his own, he considers mine to be ours, but rather says he'd love to have a baby with me.

    I am almost 30, He is 32. thought I was done with kids. We are financially stable, and I am healthy, as is he.

    Am I too old? Too much on my plate? He is okay with whatever my answer may be, so baby or no?

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  • Where to look up a judges case record?

    I am trying to find a record on a particular District Judge in my hometown. Does anyone know if there is a web site, where I could enter his info, and see the cases he presided over?

    I am interested, because he has been in the news alot in my hometown, and the news is reporting he is one of the toughest judges on DWI and drug possession, yet just last week he let a two time meth dealer go home, with un-supervised probation.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. In New Mexico by the way.

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  • I am totally confused.......?

    My best friends husband was sentenced to an 18 month sentence, 9 months in our local County Jail, 9 months suspended. We are in New Mexico. She and I have searched most of the day for info on whether or not he has to do the full 9 months in County, OR if he qualifies for the "good time" credits.

    He is a non-violent offender, and is participating in the work release program, and has had no problems so far.

    Can anyone help me with finding out if the sentence is the full 9 months, or if "good time" applies? Thanks in advance!

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  • I am totally confused...?

    My best friends husband was sentenced to an 18 month sentence, 9 months in our local County Jail, 9 months suspended. We are in New Mexico. She and I have searched most of the day for info on whether or not he has to do the full 9 months in County, OR if he qualifies for the "good time" credits.

    He is a non-violent offender, and is participating in the work release program, and has had no problems so far.

    Can anyone help me with finding out if the sentence is the full 9 months, or if "good time" applies? Thanks in advance!

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  • An act of faith, or just plain silly?

    Is this an act of faith to be commended, or are they just being silly? Do you respect them for standing up for what they believe, in a way that harms noone else, or should they just get over it?

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  • Okay, why do you wear a cross?

    I dont, but I would if I owned one. I have yet to replace the one I lost a few months ago.

    So, with all the questions about it latley, lets clear the air, why DO you wear a cross, and do you think it is strange in anyway, being that it is a symbol of the implement that lead to Christs death?

    My simple answer to my own question is:

    For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.1 Corinthians 1:18 (NIV)

    Makes me want to run out and buy a new one!

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  • The noose/syringe/cross thing.....?

    Can we, for the very sake of argument, just humor the atheists who keep asking the question........."If Jesus died in ____ way, would you wear a ______(insert object of death here) around your neck?"

    Yes, okay, I would wear a silver syringe, or a plastic electric chair, or a ribbon noose okay?

    Is anyone feeling this question is getting just as old and worn out as the whole monkey/evolution/wheres our tails thing??

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  • Question about Marriage....?

    Mostly for Christians, but open to anyone of course.

    The Apostle Paul teaches it is better to not marry, but permited if you cant contain your lust. In 1 Corinthians 7, he also teaches that when you marry, your "focus" is on your spouse, not so much on God.

    My question (after a discussion with a friend of mine) is, following Pauls advice, are you "less" of a Christian, or could you be viewed as such, if you marry? Is it true in your Christian life, for those of you that are married, that you are less focused on God than you would be if you stayed single?

    (Personally, Marriage has never diminished my faith. Just curious about other views)

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  • How much coincidence is too much...?

    It seems often to me, people attribute the things in their lives as either ,coincidence or proof of God.

    So, question is, on a given night, lets say in a matter of 3 hours, there appears to be coincidence after coincidence, at the very least 9 things that fall into place in those few hours, and the end result is a close brush with death.

    Do you that believe merely in coincidence, think at some point its just too much of it, maybe its more than coincidence?

    (Yes, theres a story behind this question.)

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  • What are the restrictions on convicted felons?

    I know they can not vote, or own a gun, but what other restrictions are there? Also, can they be in possession of a gun, and what is considered "possession"?

    Background, a friend of mine just recieved a guilty verdict on a felony charged. Ive asked a few questions about this particular person if you want to know a little more. Anyway, when released from jail, if he moves back home, his girlfriend owns a gun she keeps for protection. Can he live there, or will she have to get rid of her gun? It is registered to her, it is in her name, she purchased it years ago.

    Thanks in advance, from me and her.

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  • Confused...Work Release Program?

    A friend of mine was found guilty today of a 4th degree felony. The judged ordered that he be allowed to work, and only spend his nights and weekends in the local jail, for no more than 9 months. He gave him until Friday to work it out.

    Does that mean he will kee his current job, or will he get one of the pulling weeds type jobs?

    In New Mexico by the way.

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  • Do you have faith in the judicial system?

    A friend of mine, has had a recent and minor run in with the system. But through ALL of it, out local District Attorney has dropped the ball, almost missing filing dates, getting the details wrong, having to correct his paperwork, and the judge complained that my friend should be punished not for his crime, but for what he COULD do in the future.

    I'm starting to wonder, if they have done so poorly on such a simple case, if they could handle a really hard one!

    Just curious, how many have faith in the whole judicial process, and laws? I dont see much fairness when a theif can sometimes send more time in jail than a murderer!

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  • Okay, SO confused.......?

    I know alot of you here frequent the board, and have a general idea of regular posters. Ive looked at both these profiles, and cant tell wich one, if either of them are genuine. Whos the real one, whose the clone.....????;_ylt=Aj5vwKOcE...;_ylt=Aj5vwKOcE...

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  • Is Brow Beatin really the right way......?

    To win someone over?

    Lets PRETEND for a minute I despise Atheists and Homosexuals, becuase I think they are full of sin. By telling them they are evil, bound for Hell, but God loves em, am I going to win them over?

    OR, is it better to say, Well, I may not agree......and then continue to know them, and love them anyway, and let God deal with the rest?

    How often does rudness, and condemnation actually win someone over, when it comes to religion?

    (I said PRTEND because I do not feel that way, check my previous Q&A)

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  • Bible Criticizers......?

    Im curious. I keep hearing people say the Bible was a book written by men, to control the masses, or possibly just a story book. Now Bible Believers tend to believe it was written by MANY different men, over the course of hundreds of years. So my question is.....

    If you believe the Bible is only a story, then how do you believe it came about? Was it started by one guy, and other people just kept adding to it, or was it one guy just making the whole thing up, maybe his friends helped? And how old is it? Was it written when they made up Christ, or started before?

    Im just curious, I know what Bible believers think, Im wondering how Bible Critics think it went.

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  • Is it a true assertion..........?

    That belief in God, is no different than belief in aliens, for those who claim to see them, belief in Big Foot, for those who claimed to have witnessed it, belief in Loch Ness, for those who claim to have pictured it?

    What I mean to say is, Aliens, Big Foot, LochNess, are not provable as of yet, except to those who believe, so God, is not provable except to those who believe?

    So how can any intelligent Atheist assert their BELIEF there is no God is factual? If you dont believe in God, its fine, but how is it you can tell ANY of us this is something you KNOW to be true, when you can readily admit, you can not know everything?

    I believe in God, I have no PROOF to share, so logicaly I can not KNOW he exists, no more than you can KNOW he does not.

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