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  • On Everybody loves Raymond, How does the series end?

    What happened to who?

    10 AnswersDrama1 decade ago
  • On the T.V. show House...?

    I have heard that House has or had a wife, and that she refused treatment for his leg hurt in a motorcycle accident. What happened to her, and did she refuse treatment and his leg was bummed as a result?


    9 AnswersDrama1 decade ago
  • On the T.V. show House...?

    How did he hurt his leg,,,why does he walk with a cane???

    7 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Does McDonald's fry their french fries and their chicken nuggets in the same fryer?

    We were wondering what oil they use and if their frys and chicken products were fried in the same baskets or oil.


    22 AnswersFast Food1 decade ago
  • getting out of upside down car payment...?

    O.K. long story short. Daughter is getting a divorce.

    Need to get husbands name off car.

    Car worth $10.000 and owe $17.000

    Should she trade it in and have the balance put on her new car?

    Or should she let him have the car and get something new?

    What would be the good and or bad of each?


    6 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • Myspace photo upload.?

    Every time I try and up load a photo to Myspace, my computer freezes up and it says that my "3dx driver " is not working properly. What does this mean and what can I do to fix it???


    1 AnswerMySpace1 decade ago
  • How do I transfer my files and settings from my old computer to a new one?

    We are thinking about getting a new computer, I think a Dell. We want to transfer all the files and the settings just like we have them. How does one go about dong this. I know that it is possible but I am ignorant to the process. Can anyone help???

    4 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • Good bird house plans site?

    Hey there, Does anyone know of any good sites that have bird house plans on them. The ones I have found are not too good.

    I am looking for plans for birds that live in the southern U.S.


    Garden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Crochet question....?

    What does it mean when the directions say to keep the right side of your work facing you. Does it mean that you are to go back from left to right? How is that possible?


    5 AnswersHobbies & Crafts1 decade ago
  • The right side of your work???

    What does it mean when the instructions say to keep the right side of your work facing you? Does it mean that you are to crochet left handed once you get to the end of your row and go back the other way?


    2 AnswersHobbies & Crafts1 decade ago
  • W-2 and 1099 forms?

    Can an employer give a employee a W-2 and a 1099 in the same year and if they do what are examples of who could file these documents and how?

    Is this legal for a company to do?

    3 AnswersOther - Taxes1 decade ago
  • If you take an oxygen atom away, what would happen?

    Water is made up of H2O. One part Hydrogen and 2 parts Oxygen? What would you have if one of these elements were taken away? Say you took one oxygen atom away and had only one hydrogen and one oxygen atom. How would that affect the makeup of water? I guess that if you took the hydrogen atom away, and had only 2 oxygen atoms, there would be only oxygen? Help!

    8 AnswersPhysics1 decade ago
  • Snapper rear engine mower?

    My transmission is very weak. The mower barely can pull up the smallest of hills. Can it be adjusted somehow? I can only get it to move in 4th and 5th gear, and even then, I have to push with my foot sometimes to get it to start moving!

    Is there anything I can do besides buy a new mower?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • On the "Andy Griffith Show?

    How did the series end? Specifically, did he ever marry Helen Crump? If not, why not?

    3 AnswersComedy1 decade ago
  • Why do some people wear thier pants below thier wasit?

    You know, like with the hip hop crowd and such. How did this get started and does it mean something like "I'm a Gansta"?

    Does it mean something else?

    I mean what is the deal?

    20 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups1 decade ago
  • Anyone have allergies fron living on a gravel (dirt) road?

    We live on a gravel road, and every time someone comes down it our house gets dusted out. Has anyone had bad allergies from this?

    4 AnswersAllergies1 decade ago
  • How do you change a 1.6 gpf toilet to be a 2.5 gpf toilet?

    We have a water saver toilet and the water level is too low for our liking. We live in the country and have our own water. What can we do to make more water stay in the bowl to flush away the doopy? I mean really, when you doopy half of it is above the water line. This does not make for a pleasant constitutional!

    Has anyone adjusted theirs?

    7 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago
  • How do you make your browser page smaller?

    When I access my e-mail or something else frm teh web, I have to scroll down and over. Its a paint in the butt. Where do I go on my computer to make the window fit the size of the screen so I dont have to scroll over and down?


    1 AnswerInternet1 decade ago
  • Our puppy seems sick?

    We just got a 4 month old retreaver from the pound and they gave her a parvo shot and distemper. We are fostering the dog till we decide if we want to keep her. She is very sweet but will not eat. She has diahreha. She has been housebroken already and it is obvious that she is used to being inside a home.

    If she has already had her shots, is there a chance of overdose and how soon may we see improvement?


    7 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Why the cigarette upside down in the pack?

    What does it mean to you if there is an upside down cig in a pack.

    What if it is your pack?

    10 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago