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Army wife of a Combat Medic, formally an Air Force Brat. Lived overseas, and state side.

  • mother in law in delivery room?

    My husband and I are currently expecting our 2nd child. With my first pregnancy it was just my husband in the delivery room, our closest family was 18 hours away since he's active duty army. However, this time around we live a lot closer to family and its starting to take its toll on me :P My mother-in-law really really really wants to be in the delivery room when this child is born. I don't at all feel comfortable about it, and I think I've said no in every way you can think of. On Easter she pulled my hubby to the side and pleaded her case to him again and now I feel like I'm getting double teamed. This past Sunday she brought it up again about how badly she wants to be in the room and I don't know if its the crazy hormones or what but I'm about ready to explode. I feel like no one is listening to me, and just because everyone else in their family makes it a family affair they think I should too. So do I just crank up my ipod and put a blindfold on? or what?

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  • Looking for something formal for a newborn that isn't white?

    My brother is getting married on August 5th and I'm currently pregnant and due July 24th. His wedding is going to be a formal evening wedding. My son is going to be the ring bearer and will be wearing a tux and all my family will be in formal/dressy wear as well. I'm the type of person that likes to get things done in advance and I know with the baby shower, getting ready for our new little man and getting ready for this wedding I need to start looking now. I can't seem to find anything for a newborn to wear that isn't white. The wedding colors are a sage green and brown so I could go that way or just a normal little suit. What I'm trying to find out is if anyone knows any infant stores online that has maybe what i'm looking for. I've looked and most suits start at 3-6 months so that's why I've come here to see if someone out there might know. :)

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  • Might have a traffic ticket, but unsure?

    Last month my husband and I went to downtown Seattle for a birthday dinner. As we were driving home we "think" we got flashed for running a red light. ( I don't know if we did or not) We have TN plates since we are military and haven't heard anything. After looking on the WA DMV website it says tickets would get issued within 14 days of the violation. The ticket would have happened on Feb 17th so its been well over a month. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want my husband to get in trouble especially since he is military and have something come back on us that we aren't 100% on. I've looked around and see no way to check, would we contact TN or WA?

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  • Fun way to tell family we're expecting on Thanksgiving?

    We recently found out that my husband and I are expecting our second child. He was deployed when we found out about our first so I just called family and told them the news. This year he's home, we are stationed close by and all the family is coming together for Thanksgiving. (first time in 15 years all his sibs will be together) What are some creative ways we can tell them? We don't have an ultrasound yet.

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  • Bringing home new, older dog things to do?

    My husband and I had a scottie when we had our first Christmas. (My folks are breeders) He's in the army and we got orders and we couldn't take him with us (we tried, just couldn't do it) So my sister took him. 6 years later we got orders back to our home state and my sister can't take care of him anymore because her new roommate is allergic. So I'm looking for any information to make this kinda smooth. The dog does not remember us, we have a 2 year old now, and we have a dachshund that's 4 years old. Any idea's on how to ease our 2 year old onto him? He fights with other dogs, and he has bit people before. I'm pretty nervous about all this. It was us take him, or he goes to the pound, and my husband really wanted his dog back.

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  • What do you wear to a broadway style musical?

    My husband got us tickets for Wicked, and I'm not sure on what we both need to wear. I'm hearing anything from dressy casual to very formal. Reason I'm asking is we are going the first night of the performance (don't know if that really makes a difference or not) I've been to a few musicals as a child, my folks had me wear nice jeans and a polo. But I'm not sure for this type of evening Performance if that is going to be appropriate. I just want to cover my bases before we go, make sure I have something for my husband and my self to wear so we are running around last minute.

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  • Sex with the family pet in the room?

    My husband and I are having a debate about this. We have a dachshund who sleeps with us at night. He has stairs to get on our bed so we don't have to bother with lifting him. My husband feels weird when we are fooling around and he's right there? I told him I'm sure a lot of people have their pets in their rooms, but he's ready to kick him out the door. So does anyone else have the family pet in the room, or are we the only ones? He thinks we are. :)

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  • Would you resent your spouse if this happened to you?

    My husband is coming home VERY soon from Afghanistan. I've been living in Florida for 12 months so I could go to school at my original school and be closer to family. He's now coming home and I've run into a HUGE problem. The weather. Both routes that I can take, one through AL and one through GA (same travel distance) have a bad front coming in.

    (From Tampa FL to just above Nashville)

    I can't get a hold of him of course-- so I'm so worried he's gonna be upset if we aren't at his homecoming. I don't want him to be upset at me for not already being up there, but I had no idea the weather was going to be this bad. Its a 13 hour drive, in a Honda Fit with a 2 year old. I know its just a lot of emotions because he's finally coming home, but I'm worried I'm gonna start us off on the wrong foot. Would you be upset? Or would you understand? My parents are about ready to take away my keys because they don't want me driving. Based on the weather report I might be about to try to get up to him 2 days after he gets back. I really hope he doesn't get mad at me.

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  • My husband is coming home, and I'm on the fence about being happy about it?

    My husband is active duty Army and he's been deployed for almost 12 months now. We've been married almost 6 years and have a 2 year old. Back in August he had a close call and felt he needed to tell me that he had had an affair back in 05' I was very hurt, and I've gone through every emotion you can think of. I don't know how to feel about him coming home. We both agreed that its not fair to our marriage or our 2 year old son to end things over the phone/internet. I am on the fence, I love him some days and I hate him some days. He wants to work it out, and he swears it was a bad call in judgment 4 years ago. I don't know what to do, I don't want to have sex with him (I believed in True Love Waits and I've only been with him) and he said he will give me all the time I want. I told him I love him, but I'm not in love with him anymore. He said that its going to be his mission in life to have me fall back in love with him. I don't know. Divorce is a bad word in our family, we both come from divorced families. I also firmly believe love is a commitment not a contract which is why he didn't get served while he was deployed. My question is how should I act when he gets home? Should I put it all behind us and try to start fresh, should I have it out with him the first night he's back? Should I wait? What do I do?

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  • Live in Temp housing or get an apartment?

    My husband is coming back from Afghanistan and we are in a little bit of a bind. When I called to move onto post housing we were denied because we already have orders to PCS. So we have to figure out where to live until we leave. I've been living in Florida with our 2 year old because I wanted to be back to college in my home state and be near family. So I will be driving back to Ft. Campbell when he comes home. I have a couple options, and I just looking for an opinion on which would be best. :)

    #1) I move back the first week in march to a hotel that does monthly rates. We live there for 47 days at 40 dollars a day until his 30 day leave. We go back to Florida pick up my parents 5th wheel and live in it from mid May till the time we PCS (probably a little over a month since his report date is July 9th). The totally after taxes is about 2100 dollars. But we wouldn't have to put down deposits. And staying at the camp ground is 199 a week for 6 weeks is 1194

    #2) I move the first week in march into an apartment. The apartment is 550 a month (2b1b) 200 dollar security, 300 pet, 350 electric deposit, 125 water, and internet/cable 50 (we have to have internet since all our banking is online) On average (based on past experience) the average monthly to live would be about 850 a month. So over the course of 4 months about 4100 dollars.

    I'm so stressed, I want to pull my hair out :P I don't know what would be the best choice. Any ideas?

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  • Husband wants to start potty training when he gets home?

    My husband is currently deployed and should be home sometime in March-April. He wants to potty train our son during his 30 day leave. Our son will have just turned 2 in March so I'm sorta nervous. He only says poopy, and has no interest in the toilet other then trying to drown his toys in it. ( i know its gross ugh) I have told him I'd like to wait till I can tell he's wanting to try, but he really wants to do this since he's missed a year. Its hard to tell the poor guy no :) Should I start laying the foundation for him before he gets home, or should I just let him do everything and let him have this?

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  • Pay off our Debt or save it for the move?

    My husband is active duty Army, and currently deployed in Afghanistan. He's due back in the next couple months and we have gotten orders to another post. We have been paying off all our debt so we can have a little breathing room since we are a 1 income family (we have a 21 month old, and i'm a full time student). We have one big bill left (Dell) and my husband wants me to pay it off, and I want to save the money for our move in June. We have to go from Ft. Campbell KY to Ft. Lewis WA. I know with gas, hotel, food, rent, deposits, etc its gonna cost some money. He says we can take out an AER loan when we get to our new post, but I look at it as just adding debt that we wouldn't have had. We do get paid back for our expenses when we get to the post, but I think we should at least hold off until summer to pay it off. I don't know, he's freaking out about the 27.99% interest rate. Do we pay if off or save and see how much we have left after the move?

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  • Looking for a way to donate a toy to military family?

    My husband is currently deployed and for a surprise for our son he ordered him an Elmo Live via toyrus. Well he sent 2 by accident, and I've been trying to get rid of it since we only need the one. I would like to give it to another military family, but I'm not finding any military family site that does toy donations, only money. I don't live near post since I'm going to college in our home state while hes gone so I can't just walk it up to our FRG. Anyone know of a website or organization that caters to military families?

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  • Christmas Decorations for our troops?

    Today my son and I went to a local craft store to buy my husband Christmas decorations to send in a care package this week. My husband is an aid station medic in Afghanistan, and he likes to dress up the aid station with all the different holidays. A lady in line noticed my basket full of decorations and made a comment that I was loading up early. I said I was mailing them to my husband overseas and they woman just went off on me! Saying that I shouldn't send Christmas decorations because they are offensive, not everyone celebrates Christmas, and just got plain nasty with me. My husband is over fighting for our freedom and he can't even have Christmas decorations? All it was was some lights, an snow man looking advent calender, some garlen and a make your own ginger bread house...How is that going to be offensive to our troops?

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  • Best Friends husband is cheating on her, what do I do?

    My husband is currently deployed. My best friend is another army wife who's husband works with mine. My husband sent me an e-mail yesterday about the fact that her husband cheated on her with another soldier (not US) He told me he doesn't know how far anything went because he didn't witness it. He did talk to the husband about it, and said he doesn't love his wife anymore and has mentioned divorce. I'm really torn about what to do. She is working 2 jobs right now to try and get them out of debt before he gets back, she has been going to see our pastor weekly on marriage counseling because she wants it to work (she still doesn't know about this affair) We talk every day and she knows if I'm keeping something from her. How do I approach this, she is a total sweetheart who is married to a jerk.

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  • Thanksgiving ideas for soldiers?

    My husband is currently on his 2nd tour in Afghanistan. Today he called me and asked if I could send some thanksgiving decorations for the tent that he works in (he's an aid station medic). I sent Halloween decorations, and I was planning on sending Christmas but I have no clue what to do about Thanksgiving. I went to Target, couldn't find anything, same with Wal-mart. I never decorate for thanksgiving so I'm kinda clueless on what would be easy and not too expensive to send. My husband is the only married soldier out of the guys he works with so I can't get help with the costs from the other wives in the unit. But what type of decorations would work for thanksgiving? It can't be in the way or too big?

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  • Getting pushed to start potty training?

    My son is currently 19 months old and I think he is developing well for his age. However, my mother-in-law is insisting that I start potty training him. Her reason for this is she claims that my husband was FULLY potty trained at 18 months. She said he only had a couple accidents and never went back to diapers. I asked my husband if this was true, and he said it is and she prides her self for it. Normally I would just say, let me and your son deal with this...but my husband is deployed and I don't like causing fights with his family while he is away. I have expressed that I would like to wait till my husband gets back, but she went out and bought my son a potty seat anyways. She said its not fair to him for me to hold him back, THE KID CANT EVEN SAY POTTY YET!!! I don't know, is it time to start? I didn't get potty trained till I was over 2. Any advice?

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  • Got Order's to Ft. Lewis but can't find the answers I'm looking for?

    My husband called me yesterday and told me that when he went in for reenlistment he got his dream job at his dream post. He's being stationed in the hospital at Ft. Lewis (he's from WA). That's all great but when I'm going to the Army one-stop website for assistance trying to look around the big problem. There are a lot of little cities around and the maps aren't helping me much and where would be a good location for us to look for a place to live. I'm not finding anything on school ratings, commute calculators, I know I'm just stressing. His mother lives right next to the Mccord gate in Lakewood and says we need to live there (i think she just wants to be close to her grand-kid and mama's boy) So I would like to have an idea ahead of time before we get there so I don't have to look for assistance from in-laws. Anyone around Ft. Lewis know around where we should look, not a lot of crime, or ghetto. My husband will be an E-6 when we get there. We're looking to rent a house not an apartment since we have a dog. Thanks everyone!

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  • My Husband had an affair with a man, now what do I do?

    I've been married for 5 years and my husband has had issues early in our married with gay issues. He would look at porn, talk on line to other men. I never accepted any of it, and it really started to weigh on our marriage. We had one very large fight where I almost walked away but he swore to me that he would never do any of it again. Well that was 3 years ago, we had a very sweet little boy and it seemed to be going great. Up until a couple weeks ago I was making us reservations for our vacation and I noticed him looking at porn on his laptop. He said it was something that just slowly came back. I then told him if he didn't tell me everything right then I was going to leave and take his son. That's when he confessed about the affair he had had 3 years ago. When I would go to work he would go over to his "buddies" apartment and fool around. I am so sick right now. I feel trapped because I'm still a year from my certification, and I don't work because I'm a full time student. I don't know what to do, or how to handle this now. My best friend says stay he loves you, and he did agree to counciling but his sister thinks I need to kick her brother to the curb and let her at him with a baseball bat.

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  • Military vs. Ministry?

    My husband and I met at a small christian college. He was studying to be a youth minister at the time and was on the fast track (straight As, full tution). We really wanted to get married but we knew that 2 students with no insurance, no money, wasn't a smart idea. One day we were talking and I just said maybe you should join the military (my dad was retired air force, his dad army). I didn't think honestly he'd just run out and enlist but he did. So 5 years later I'm an army wife going through my 2nd deployment. Now he hates the military and he wants to get out and go back to school to finish up his degree in Theology. My biggests worry is the insurance, our son has medical issues and those bills can be nasty. He says trust in God, he will always provide and meet our needs. I worry about everything, its who I am. I dont really want to be a preachers wife, and have preacher's kids. How do I explain how I feel to him so we can find some common ground?

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