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  • Working out twice a day?

    I am a busy college student who has been doing the insanity workout program for three weeks now. I really enjoy the tough workout and would like to continue doing the program once classes start again.

    However, I am a part of dance team which meets 4 times a week for 2 hours late at night (8pm). Typically, it is not intense as we are stretching and learning choreography for the most part.

    Here is my question:

    When should I do insanity(1 hour, very intense) if I am doing dance team (2hours, moderate) to maximize calorie burn for weight loss?

    -In the early mornings (7am)

    -Before eating dinner

    -Before dance

    -Or will working out 2xs not be worth the time i'm investing

    Thanks for taking the time to answer :)

    Please be as through as possible, I'm trying to loose weight (150 5'5 with a goal weight of 135).

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  • How do I go about reading the Bible? Establishing my beliefs?

    Hi, I'm a college junior studying engineering (20 years old). I am a conservative person and consider myself religious However, I did have my first and only kiss at 19 and I don't go to church often but pray. I identify with the Christian faith. I have been raised Catholic but do not agree completely with the entire faith.

    I would like to become more in touch with my faith by reading and of course understanding the Bible to allow myself to establish my beliefs and to become more in tune with myself and God's purpose for me.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer, your help is really appreciated. =]

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  • Where can I find free college textbooks online (older editions are ok)?

    I'm looking for a place (website) where I can access free textbooks. I know that they will mostly be older editions but that is fine.

    Thanks for taking time to answer!

  • Best College for BME Major?

    I am going to be a freshman in college next year and am going to be a Biomedical Engineering major.

    Which of the following has the best program for this major:

    (Schools I have been accepted to)

    -Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    -Boston University

    -University of Rochester

    (Schools I am waiting for decision)

    -Cornell University

    -**Tufts University

    **I know that Tufts' BME program is not yet accredited.

    Thank you to all who take the time to answer my question.

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  • Do homework: Sleep or don't ?

    So this year has been really stressful (senior in hs) and due to several AP courses, I have a lot of homework. (its already MIDNIGHT)

    Luckily, because I am going to participate in a math contest tomorrow I will not go to two classes.

    That said I still have to do:

    a problem set for physics (counts as test grade)

    a physics lab

    spanish homework

    But there is also hw due for wendsday:

    ready a chapter in history (about 100 pgs)

    30 calc problems

    english questions regarding poems read in class

    early action college essay-due sat!!!

    Finish a 500 pg book & write a 3-5 pg reflection on it by nov 6


    Should I pull an all-nighter (i've done one once last year)

    or should I only do what is for tom? Should I try to do all the work tonight and then do college stuff tom and go to bed earlier?


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  • Common Application (College)?

    Is it necessary to post all scores on the common application from SAT, ACT, AP tests etc. or do you go from each test's website to send scores? Also, is it required to put in all test scores (I got a 2 on an AP test :[)?

    Thanks in Advance

  • Question about Sat and Sat II?

    Hi everyone, here is the full question:

    I am currently a junior in high school. In March, I took the SATs for the first time and would like to take them again in June. However, I also need to take the Sat II as it is required for the schools I would like to apply to. I looked at other questions and it says you can not take both tests on the same test date. Does anyone know any alternatives to this? I know that I can test again in the fall but was hoping to do that as a last resort. Thank you for taking the time to read/anwser :)

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  • TI-89 Alphabet..?

    I just bought the TI-89 calculator however I had a question-where is the letter "T"? Is it not useable because it is recognized as a variable?

    Thank you for your time =)

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  • Question concerning project.....?

    hello everyone, i am doing a mini atlas project for my biology class and it says it needs to include a drawing of a vegetation profile, and to outline animal profile. my school text does not have much info on this, and i have looked online and found veg. profiles for all the biomes except the tundra.

    can someone please help me find a veg. profile for the tundra and/or tell me how to outline animal profile

    your help is greatly apprecieated! thanks ;)

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  • there is a boy who is in my geometry class (i'm a sophomore) and i am not sure if he likes me! I like him &

    Well today, we both stayed for final exam review for another class, we have the same teacher different periods. he seems to be droping hints but i don't know if it is little things that i make a big deal out of. today, i went to look over at my friend and he was looking at me and i looked away! and then when the teacher asked something and i got it right i heard him say something about me being perfect. and ppl started leaving bc it was getting late and it ended up just being me him and the teacher. my mom called me bc it was getting late and after i hung up he said that he doesn't get service in the room so i said that if you need to call some u can use my phone and he put his number in my phone. then we left together and talked & he asked where i was going. do you think he likes me or just wants to be good friends? also, this summer me, him and 3 other ppl are attending a 3 day leadership conference, what should i do, i am not the type to tell him straight. sorry it was so long!

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  • High School Summer Programs?

    I am looking for summer programs that I can do in the summer. I am a high school sophomore and have been looking into the harvard summer school program. Please tell me of other great programs and please be sure to include the dates, ages of kids attending, if it counts towards college credit, and your own personal opionion. thanks a bunch!

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  • I feel like an idiot for asking this question but what is the difference between the navy and the marines?

    Please don't be mean! I am just curious because the brother of a friend of mine just went to Iraq and he is in the marines. My friend told me that he gets offended when people say he is in the navy and vice versa (people in the navy get offended if you get them confused with the marines)

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  • How does a bone marrow transplant help someone with brain tumors? will the cancer eventually come back?

    My mom's close friend has a brain tumor and has had a stem cell transfusion, can the cancer come back? when? please state any other important information. serious people only

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