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  • Cancellation of Las Vegas & October Road?

    Are you serious? How can you leave both shows just hang with unanswered questions??? A baby on the way in Las Vegas, the wedding on October Road!?!!?!?! I am so freakin bummed!!! Anyone else feeling a little bit cranky about this???

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  • DVR Help????

    I have DirecTV with the regular reciever and have had it for almost a year. My friend just gave me two receivers with DVR capabilities on them because she is moving and doesn't want DirecTV at her new place. If I switch my current receiver and card out for the new reveiver and still use my card, can I record things tonight? Do I need to pay an extra fee to DirecTV to record things? Yes, I do have a phone line ready and available to use. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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  • Beverly Hills 90210....????

    Ok, so my friend and I have this debate going.

    It is about whether or not Brandon & Andrea actually ever slept together.

    I remember 2 episodes in which the topic of them hooking up came up.

    One was where they were going to hook up at the Peach Pit after it had closed but Andrea decided not to go through with it.

    The Other was the night of Senior Prom. Brenda's date got them a room but Brenda laughed him off, so Brandon & Andrea went up to check it out. She started joking around that they should make good use of the room, but that was all I saw or all I remember.

    I say they never hooked up and she says they did.

    There is dinner at Olive Garden riding on this, so any help would be appreciated!!!!!

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  • Do You Ever Wonder....???

    So you answer a question that was posted.

    Do you ever wonder if the person who posted it or one of the other people who answer it could be the person in the next cubicle, the office down the hall, your next door neigbor, the mailman......????

    How many people know one of us persoanlly??? I have told a friend about answers, but we never really know who we are interacting with and it just makes me wonder how many people we might actually know on here at any given time and we just don't know it.

    Your thoughts?????

    Ahhh.....the question of an insomniac who sometimes comes up with some of the strangest

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  • Changing businees name????

    If a business changes its name partway through the year, will their Tax ID # change or stay the same?

    I worked for a place where this occured and they said that I will get 2 different w-2's due to the name change.

    Will they have different tax id #'s on the w-2's??? I have all that I need to do my taxes, but really don't wnat to have to wait if the number doesn't change. Does anyone know???

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  • New VH1 show????

    Ok, it has something to do with old 80's-90's boy band members coming together to make up 1 "older" boy band. I think a NKOTB, a N'Sync & a Color Me Badd guy is in it.

    Has anyone else heard of this?

    I have looked on their website but can't seem to find it any info on it.

    Your help is appreciated. I am trying to find the details for a friend of mine who is now a reformed former band groupie......I think she will get a kick out of it.

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  • The Bridge to Teribithia???

    Did anyone else read this book in school?

    I went to the movies this weekend and there was a preview for it as a movie and it looked AWESOME!!! It comes out in late summer of 2007, I think.

    I was excited to see the Chronicles of Narnia and now I am looking forward to this movie.

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  • Movie Quote????

    Complete this movie quote.

    Fist person to guess what I am thinking will get the 10 points.

    It is a hard one, so good luck.

    "I Feel........"

    Like I said, it could be difficult.

    Good Luck!!!

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  • Last Night's Grey's?????

    I missed it---stuck in traffic---what was the episode about?

    I have heard it was the season premiere all over again, that it was a really onld one and also that it wasn't on. The ABC website is showing the episode from last week.

    I am kind of confused, here!!

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  • QUINN for HEISMAN!!!???

    I'm sorry, but just because you are the QB for the #1 ranked team doesn't automatically mean you should get the Heisman.

    Wasn't there some stuff brought to light about Smith last year???

    Like accepting gifts and also not being elligible to play???

    Check out the article below and you will see why Brady should walk away with that trophy.

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  • Did you see this for next season?????

    DirecTV to take fans inside the race car......

    check out the link below and tell me what you think.

    All I have to say is H*LL Freakin Yeah, I'd pay the extra $99 for this!!!! Can you imagine??? How many NASCAR fans want to experience this and dream of being in the car??? With my new plasma HD and surround sound, it's going to be a long wait 'til Daytona!!!

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  • SEMA Show????

    Has anyone ever been to the SEMA Show in Vegas? I am treating myself to Veags for my 30th b-day and I am kicking around a few different times to go. I have always loved cars and thought that it might be cool to experience. Any advice or things I should know about the show???

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  • What is a Good, Sweet wine???

    My Sis & I have taken it upon ourselves to prepare the Turkey Day dinner this year. We both love to cook and are looking for a good, sweet wine to enjoy while we prepare the dinner.

    Any good suggestions???

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  • Nancy Grace Guest???

    Can you believe that Melinda Duckett's family is suing the show & Nancy? Check out the link below and tell me what you think.

    Yes, I agree that she can be a little harsh at times, but for this family to insinuate that she had something to do with this girl committing sucide is WAY over the top. If she didn't want the father to have Trenton, then I would agree with the authorities that she concocted this whole plan and after appearing on the show she figured the only way out of this was to kill herself, that way the boy would never be found and she wouldn't have to deal with it anymore.

    I saw the show that she was on and even though it was harsh at times, that is how Nancy Grace is. She is an in your face person who isn't afraid to push the issue.

    I guess this whole thing is just a way for the family to place blame on someone for the selfish actions of Melinda and benefit from an extremely horrible ordeal. I can only hope that this little boy is alive and found soon.

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  • Deployed, Stateside or Vet????

    Either way, I just want to wish all of our Troops a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. My brother and a few close friends are deployed right now and it is another Holiday season where we pray for their, as well as many others, safe returns. Thank you for what you do.

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  • The Christmas Story????

    What is your favorite part?

    Have you seen the commercial???

    How many times do you watch it during the holiday season??

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  • Thoughts on NBC?????

    They are done televising races at the end of the season.

    Your thoughts?

    Good, bad, ugly or indifferent????

    Personally, I think the way it is televised is NBC's fault, not the commentators. Too many commercials, not breaking in to crashes and cautions....

    I have enjoyed watching them on TNT & at least BP & the others will still be there--not people who have no idea what they are talking about.

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  • G & R cancelled a show why???

    Because they couldn't drink on stage and they said it would affect the performance, so they cancelled it..

    Um, if you have to be trashed to give your fans a "so-called" standard performance, don't ya think you should give it up?

    I loved G & R back in the day, but now Axl is just a washed up has been.

    If I had a ticket to the show, I don't know what I would be more mad about--the cancellation or the fact that they have to be smashed to perform.

    Nice, guys. Real classy.

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  • Applying for a position.....????

    I am currently accepting applications today where I work. The ad ran for 2 days.

    Why, if you are replying to the ad, would you not come prepared with a pen???

    I can not believe the number of people who do not have one.

    Not to mention---the ad states all applicants must provide proof of GED/Diploma, have a valid DL and a clean background check. I get people who can't provide proof of that. They will also lie on the app. and say that they do not have a police record and then when I run it, it spits out pages and pages.

    To me, if you can't come prepared and follow simple directions, that puts you at the bottom of the pile. If you lie, I will not even consider your app.

    I guess my question is for those who have experienced the same situation. Is it common? Does it bug you as much as it bugs me?

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  • VH1's Top 100 Songs of the 80's.....?

    I saw it this past weekend and it was a pretty awesome countdown. I was looking around online to see if they will actually release that as a box set, but I can't find it. It was probably the best 80's compilation that I have ever seen. Talk about some

    Any one else seen it???? What did you think???

    8 AnswersTelevision1 decade ago