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  • Why is the "sign out" option gone on the top right of the Yahoo page?

    I sign in to Yahoo (had this since 2002), the Yahoo page that has the news, etc.. At the top right is "My Yahoo">>"Sign In" and when one would sign in that automatically would go to "sign out" and it no longer does that, and next to that is the word>>"mail". I used to have my avatar up there also and it's a box with a gray and white blank person now. I used to mouse over the word "mail" at top right and a little drop down box would show me my e-mails. That does not work either. This all started a few weeks back when Yahoo was doing things in the background. To sign out now I have to be on my e-mail page where it has my "name">>an envelope with the word "mail" >> and then the little "cog wheel" for settings/account info. When I mouse over the word "mail" on this page the little drop down box works with my e-mails presented on it. All these things used to work on that main Yahoo page and they do NOT anymore.

    The other thing that started was when I log into Yahoo I put my ID and password, hit enter, a red warning comes up saying something may be wrong with the ID or password. I hit enter again and I am logged in fine. Always am hitting "enter/or sign in" twice after I put my ID and password. I always have to be on my e-mail page or some other Yahoo page to get the "sign out" option that used to be on the main Yahoo page. So Yahoo, what the heck did you do now??, because I am NOT the only client with the same issue. Honestly, this site is getting to be a mess.

    Does anyone out there in YahooLand have any answers? Yahoo has no Customer Service anymore. They leave us to fend for ourselves with there changes and they tell us nothing.

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  • Messenger option gone on Yahoo mail page?

    The option to sign into Yahoo Messenger on the Yahoo e-mail page has disappeared. Now what is going on? Nothing but issues with Yahoo all week. Are they tweaking in the background again? All kinds of things malfunctioning and I never have any problems.

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  • Yahoo Games keeps asking to verify password?

    I played Literati earlier today and now when I try to get in to Literati it keeps going to "Please verify your password" page and it has my Yahoo ID already there. I put my password in and it goes right back to the same "verify" again. Note: I am logged-in to Yahoo, no issues anywhere within Yahoo other than trying to get into Literati. I've already done everything suggested and that I already knew I should do. Whats going on here. Have never had this happen since 2006.

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  • New Yahoo Mail, send an e-mail from the "save to draft"?

    I finally switched to that "New Yahoo Mail". I compose a new message, it saves it to draft shortly after I have started typing my new message. I have no issues with that. My issue is that when I am done with the new e-mail and ready to send it I can't just hit "send" like I used to in "Mail Classic". The "send" button is gray, I mouse over the "send" button and it says to hold "Ctrl+Enter" to send the e-mail. Why on earth do I have to do this when it goes to "save to draft" now? I should be able to just hit the darn "send" option button like I did in "Mail Classic". Is there an option anywhere in the "New Yahoo Mail" (hate it by the way) to stop this behavior of this "send" button that stays gray? While I am on the subject of this horrible "New Yahoo Mail", I used to be able to just hit the letter of the first name of the person I was sending it to, to bring up the e-addresses and now you have to go to the right of the "TO" and click on the "+" to get to the darn addresses. Is there an option to change that the way it used to be? Nothing but work just to do an e-mail now with Yahoo, is pathetic what they've done. Thanks for anything anyone can suggest. I absolutely hate this new mail.

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  • Yahoo Literati Server, is it down?

    My Java is fine, I can get to the lounge, it is now saying "error logging into server" where before it was saying "attempting to connect to server". I played fine this morning. I am not behind a fiewall, I do not have any stale page, I can only assume the server is down. The number of players in all the lounges hasn't changed at all in over an hour and thats strange. Anyone else having issues trying to play Literati? (or any other Yahoo games?)

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  • What is wrong with Yahoo games today? April 28, 2012?

    It will not connect to the server when I try to play Literati. Anyone else having an issue?

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  • Switching back to Classic Mail, thats a mess.?

    Below is what some people on here are telling others to do and it does go back to Mail Classic, but when you compose a new e-mail there are no fonts, smile's, font opts and the automatic e-mail address fill in doesn't work either. You will notice the compose page is very blank with opts to pick from and when you go to send the e-mail the page will just stay there. The e-mail will go, but the page won't like it used to. I copied and pasted what is below from another post about going back to Mail Classic.

    Go Here,

    Where it shows ~~~What if I don’t want to upgrade to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail?

    We strongly encourage you to upgrade so that you can experience all of the exciting new benefits that Yahoo! Mail has to offer. However, if you do not want to upgrade, please click here to use Yahoo! Mail Classic. ~~~~Click the link where it says Click Here

    1 day ago

    Yahoo doesn't want us to go back......most of us liked Mail Classic and there wasn't anything wrong with it. Good luck

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  • Is anyone having a problem with getting to Yahoo games?

    I click on Yahoo Games, click on continue, a notice comes up saying the web page crashed and it cannot continue to the web page. I go back to the Yahoo Homepage with no problem. Anyone else having this issue? I have IE9. Never had this happen before.

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  • Anyone else getting this?

    I have IE 9 already and switched to the new Yahoo Mail and I keep getting this page (below) when I got to my Yahoo Mail:

    You're almost there...

    The newest version of Yahoo! Mail works best on modern browsers. While you can still access basic email functionality like reading and sending email, to access other features like Yahoo! Messenger, photo slideshows, and the reply bar, you'll need to upgrade your browser.

    Upgrading is free and it only takes a few moments:


    Internet Explorer (for Windows)


    Not ready to upgrade? Continue anyway

    Copyright © 2011 Yahoo Inc. All rights reserved.

    Copyright/IP Policy - Terms of Service - Privacy Policy

    I've contacted Yahoo Customer Care and they "pass the buck" and tell me to contact my ISP. My ISP tells me (another "pass the buck"?) it's a page Yahoo put there and it's Yahoo's issue. I can't get rid of this nuisance page when I want to go to my mail. Yahoo Marketing told me to hit the "unsubscribe" opt and there is none. Anyway have any suggestions?


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  • credit card write-offs?

    This question is for someone, please, that has knowledge of these legal things.

    A person becomes unemployed, pays their obligations to the best of there ability and then the unemployment and 401K runs dry and they can't pay anymore. Credit card banks put on credit reports "account written off", "account closed by grantor". Credit card banks send the debts to collection lawyers, accounts land in small claims court, judges grant monthly payments and allow for "no post judgement interest" on these judgements against the person taken to court (this is a good thing). The person faithfully pays the monthly payments, pays off the debts. possible judge liens get removed when the debt is paid off.

    Question 1.

    How does one get these banks to put on credit reports that the person paid the debt in full and paid as agreed on the judgement payments? The only things reduced on the court judgements would have been the late fee's and over-limit fee's that the judge would not go along with. The judgements would have been for an actual balance due without added fee's and no post judgement interest.

    Question 2.

    Are these banks allowed to claim your bill as a loss when they put on your credit reports "account written off" when, in fact, you paid the bill in full without the interest? I have been considering contacting the Attorney General, really pursuing this to the max, if these banks are able to claim these "write-offs" as losses when the bill was, in fact, paid in full.

    Is there anyone out there with knowledge enough to answer this?


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  • Yahoo navigation issues..........?

    Whats going on with Yahoo today, Friday Nov. 19th, 2010? I'm in Connecticut. It's like Yahoo is updating something in the background and the navigation is terrible. Getting into my e-mail was a nightmare and I finally got to it thru Yahoo Messenger. It was displaying a white page the normal way. Anyone else having Yahoo navigation and e-mail issues?

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  • Can a credit card collection agency garnish a bank account if I have no income? See detailed question below.?

    I am unemployed, no more unemployment benefits either. I had credit card bills in my name only, my spouse was not on these accounts. Can a credit card collection agency freeze or garnish a joint checking account when the only income going into it is my spouses?, if a court judgement was levied against me only? I am paying my bills with his income, (4 are court judgements) at the moment, but I have no personal income at all. His income is Social Security and his Pension each month. I cannot collect SS for another 11 months. I am just curious if these people can do this on a joint checking account when none of the income comes from me.

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  • is yahoo having connection problems?

    When navigating Yahoo today, June 30th, 2010, I am getting kicked off. Called my ISP and it isn't my PC or my connection to internet. Anyone else having a problem?

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  • How does everyone feel about Yahoo making us have that new Homepage come Nov. 11th?

    Personally, Yahoo allows us to build our own "My Yahoo" and I don't see why we can't opt to keep the "Classic Yahoo". I hate that new "Homepage", I always go back to "Classic" everytime Yahoo slips that new page up on me. I don't see anything great about that new page at all. Whats your opinion?

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  • ASKING YAHOO: Is Literati down? Why couldn't Yahoo put a notice up advising the game is down? Courtesy.?

    Went into several rooms on Yahoo Literati and can't get into any of the rooms. I'm in Connecticut and it's not working. Anyone having the same issues with Literati?

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  • Unable to get into my Yahoo Mail?

    I live in Connecticut, it's July 2nd, 2008, I can navigate the web, but cannot get into my Yahoo Mail. I CAN get into my address book, etc, but cannot get to my mail!!!! The problem started about 1:30pm here, have called ATT/Yahoo 3 times and you don't want to know all the crap they were telling me to do!! I see by the questions concerning the mail that I am not alone. By the way, ATT has a recorded message concerning an error 553 SENDING MAIL, but nothing about being able to get into ones mail!!! Any suggestions? I am hoping it fixes itself soon. Oh, I can't get into my hotmail either, but can navigate there also.

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