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I've spent my entire career in newspaper publishing, advertising, sales & marketing management and commercial printing. As a retired owner/publisher of my own community newspaper, I have rather sharp views on political, governmental and commercial issues. My motto: "The larger any organization, corporation or government gets, the less manageable it becomes - and the fewer people benefit from it." Other then almost ten years with Gannett Co. where I was involved in the start-up of USA TODAY in the Washington, DC area, I've spent my entire life in Fort Wayne/New Haven, Indiana (USA). In 1996, my little community newspaper was the only paper in the country to endorse H. Ross Perot for President, which got me a 10-minute phone interview on C-SPAN's "Sunday Journal" and an opportunity to meet Mr. Perot. Personally, I believe he is one of the greatest Americans I've ever met. I believe he would have wiped out all the corruption, waste and inefficiency in our whorish, crippled government.

  • Are You Kidding Me....?

    "Americans would be fined up to $3800 for failing to buy health insurance under a new plan that circulated in Congress on Tuesday..." according to YaHoo! News.

    Are you kidding me? Isn't it about time the greedy, profit-mongering insurance companies get out of the business of government. This is an obscene, immoral, unethical and downright reprehensible abuse of power and influence on the part of the insurance industry, which would virtually hold a gun to every American's head, forcing them to buy health insurance, and guaranteeing them trillions of dollars in profits. Can anyone see anything 'honorable' about this outrageous proposal?

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  • Can you believe Bush/Cheney did this?

    In his new book, Tom Ridge admits that he was pressured to raise the Homeland Security 'terror alerts' prior to the '04 election. Doesn't this - once more - show us how corrupt and evil the Bush/Cheney administration really was? -RKO-

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  • Was I Being a Little Hypocritical?

    My young nephew was in town over the weekend, and after he went back home I e-mailed him, 'chastising' him for not living up to his full potential. Ever since he was 10 or 11 years old, I thought he had such opportunities ahead of him. I remembered when he used to talk about going to Arizona to live in Biosphere II. I challenged him to do something more productive with his life than becoming a "beer-guzzling chain smoker."

    I told him how I would like to have "just one more big hit" in MY life, be it a new business venture, a new relationship, a new project, or just about anything new and fresh in my life. I advised him not to 'get into a rut', to live his life to the fullest of his obvious abilities. Over the years, he has observed my rather 'colorful' life, and is aware of my many successes and failures.

    He e-mailed me tonight, saying that he believed it was a little hypocritical of me to criticize HIM when he doesn't see me doing anything terribly useful with my life during my early retirement. That 'stung' a little bit, because I didn't think I was being critical of him; I believed I was offering constructive advice. I would very much like to help him follow his dreams, but I'm not sure what kind of approach to take now.

    I have so much faith in this 20-year-old young man. I know he's had a troubled life for the past 7-8 years with a number of traumatic issues as a result of a truly dysfunctional family. But I'm afraid I've created a chasm between us now, perhaps when he is at a pinnacle in his life that could take him down the path to success - or into a downward spiral.

    Was I being a little hypocritical? Having raised no children of my own, I'm not too good at this kind of thing; but I'd really like to help this young man. When he was younger, he looked up to me. I'm afraid I might have tarnished our bond. Any advice? Thanks! -RKO-

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  • CNN is reporting that Jackson's death might be ruled a homicide?

    I don't have cable, and don't get CNN. But our local 11 o'clock newscast reports that CNN is saying Michael Jackson's death might be ruled a homicide. Has anybody else ehard anything about this 'breaking news'?? -RKO-

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  • Did anyone just watch "Earth 2100" on ABC?

    And why wasn't this broadcast on all three major networks in prime time? This is a story that the world needs to hear!!

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  • Can You Believe what Harry Reid Just Said?

    I just caught a 'snippet' of a segment on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric where they featured the new Capitol Visitors' Center.

    Harry Reid had the audacity to say somethinng to the effect that members of Congress would no longer have to "smell sweaty tourists" as they toured the nation's Capitol!

    Mr. Reid: we "sweaty tourists" OWN that building, and YOU are our servants! For you to say such a despicable thing is outrageous and the american people deserve an apology for your calloused remarks.

    Perhaps it's time members of Congress worked up a little 'sweat' of their own working for the American citizenry instead of cuddling up with big business, lobbyists and special interest elitists who don't know the meaning of hard work and sweat running off one's brow.

    I'm an Obama supporter, and pretty much lean toward Democratic politicians for the most part. But your comment was crude, vulgar, uncalled for, rude, insulting and demeaning. It only goes to prove how arrogant, calloused, full of themselves and totally disrespectul our so-called 'honorable' elected officials really are. You should be ashamed of yourself! You've just showed your true colors, you contemptible cretin!! The only reason this got posted on Yahoo! was because I couldn't access cbsnews, but I find the stench of your insolence to be a helluva lot more offensive than the "smell" of a few "sweaty tourists"!!! May you rot in Hell, where it's so hot you might even start sweating!!

    Ron Oetting

    P.O. Box 1

    New Haven, IN 46774-0001

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  • What do you think was the most embarrassing moment of the Beijing Olympics?

    Personally, I thought the most embarrassing moment came during the Opening Ceremonies when U.S. President George W. Bush was slumped in his chair, obviously bored with the whole thing, and demonstrating a complete lack of respect for his Chinese hosts, and - once again - humiliating the United States of America. Like the spoiled rich kid that he is, Bush proved that he has no 'class', little integrity and crude, abominable manners.

    Thank goodness Bush wasn't there for the spectacular pageantry and beauty of the closing ceremonies. He would have only shamed the American people all over again.

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  • Should I see an eye doctor?

    I woke up this morning with a "bump" under the top eyelid of my left eye. It's annoying - kind of like a pimple. It is painful if I touch it, and bothers me to blink. It almost feels like if I could 'squeeze' it or 'pop' it, it might go away. Is this something to worry about? Should I see an eye doctor? I'm a 64-year-old male. -RKO- 07/21/08

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  • Does the government have nothing better to do?

    In February, according to "AARP Bulletin", the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau 'ordered microbrewery owner Vaune Dillman to cease using's bottle cap slogan: 'Try Legal Weed'. His company, Mt. Shasta Brewing Company, is located in Weed, California. Also imprinted on the beer bottle caps is the slogan, "A Friend in Weed...Is a Friend Indeed". The 62-year-old entrepreneur's appeal of the ATTTB's ruling has been denied. A spokesman for the ATTTB said, "Labels must be truthful and accurate and not misleading....[B]ased on those considerations, we...don't find that bottle cap to be acceptable."

    Does our government have nothing better to do with its time or our taxpayer dollars than harrass small business owners over such trivial matters?

    This is just one more example of how bloated and useless 'big government' has become, and how far government tentacles reach into the lives of private citizens.

    This is an outrage! It must stop. -RKO-

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  • Why does McCain favor a $5000 tax credit?

    John McCain favors a $5000 tax credit so that individuals who don't have health insurance at their jobs can buy health insurance.

    WHY do the insurance companies have to be involved in our health care solutions? Only because the giant insurance lobby forces politicians to address the issue in that manner so they can reap more obscene profits?

    I'd recommend that anyone who can afford to buy health insurance, or who is insured through an employer, continue to pay for health insurance. Then the insurance companies, doctors' offices and hospitals contribute a portion of their egregious profits to a health care fund for all those who cannot afford to buy insurance, or have no coverage through their employers. The poor, the destitute, the under-employed, and the unemployed should be able to walk into any hospital or doctor's office in the nation and get free medical care without insurance paperwork or complexity. If we can afford to spend TRILLIONS on a stupid war, we can get free healthcare

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  • Justice Scalia defends Bush vs. Gore?

    Then he adds, "Get over it!" Might he remember that we are a free country and we have every right to disagree, even with decisions made by the Supreme Court? Scalia and his fellow members of the Supreme Court are mere mortal men...they are only human beings, just like the rest of us.

    His arrogance, hubris and sloth is showing for all the world to see. Scalia and his group of justices should take into effect that their decisions affect every citizen in this country; he deserves to be a little more respectful as to how many people feel about what they might perceive to be reckless and/or incorrect decisions. -RKO- 04/24/08

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  • Why is insurance a necessary element of a universal health care system?

    We seem to be blinded by the insurance companies' lobbyists. Most universal health care systems require that even the poorest among us buy health insurance. Why?

    If this country can spend trillions of dollars on an immoral 'war', it can afford to spend a few hundred billions of health care for every American.

    For those who have the resources or desire to buy their own medical insurance and have their own private doctors, let them do it.

    For those low-incomed legal citizens of the U.S.A., let them be allowed to walk into any hospital, show their Social Security card, and receive whatever medical treatment they need - at no cost, and without laborious paperwork.

    Hospitals should not be "for-profit" - they should be ready and able to serve the health care needs of every legal U.S. citizen, whether they have private insurance or not. -RKO- 04/21/08

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  • Who approves of the Bear-Stearns bail-out?

    The Federal Reserve bailed out Bear-Stearns today. Why is corporate welfare acceptable, but social welfare programs are frowned upon by most conservatives? -RKO-

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  • Is this for real...or is it a scam?

    I received an e-mail advising me that my YaHoo! account will be deactivated if I don't send my e-mail address, username and password immediately. It's supposedly all part of the "all new YaHoo!", but it's written very unprofessionally, almost like those scam letters you get from Nigeria. Is this for real - or is it a scam?? -RKO-

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  • Why do police bother arresting a 75-year old woman for not pulling forward at the McDonald's drive-thru??

    This smacks of a police state and police brutality. Th grandmother was arrested, handcuffed and taken to jail because she refused to pull forward in the drive-thru lane; she thought she'd been told that her food would be delivered at the window where she was parked. How idiotic and cruel is this? Police need to re-examin their priorties!

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  • Tire remnants all over my do I clean them off?

    Early yesterday morning, while traveling on the I-469 at 65 mph, a tire "blew" and virtually was stripped from my Ford Taurus like someone was peeling an orange. Pieces of the tire flew everywhere, damaging the underside of the car and also marring the rear quarter panel with 'remnants' of rubber all over the car's body. How can I remove this without damaging the paint?

    The motor club tow truck driver, my mechanic, and a local tire dealer all told me (independently) that Ford intentionally put cheap Continental tires on the '02 Taurus models, and that the tires have a history of exploding. The car only has 42,000 miles on it, and - until this damage - was in perfect condition. Will rubbing compound take the black marks off? Or should I take it to a professional body shop or auto detailer? Thanks in advance for any worthwhile advice!

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  • Isn't it strange how we view our circumstances?

    I find it strange that those of us who have enjoyed financial success always attribute it to hard work, perserverance, and our own personal dedication that caused our good fortune.

    Yet, if we experience any kind of financial failure, loss or setback, we generally attribute it to "bad luck".

    Still, when we see others who are 'down on their luck' (i.e., financial losers, alcoholics, drug abusers, street bums, homeless, poor, sick, or hungry) we generally attribute their circumstances to their lack of ambition, dedication, or any kind of work ethic.

    Then when one of those 'losers' lands a good job, comes in to some money, or becomes 'successful', most of us will say, "Hell, he just got lucky!"

    Isn't it strange how we view our circumstances - and how we see others' circumstances as different than our own?

    Why are we so afraid to admit that while we were working hard, perservering, and dedicating ourselves to the task at hand, that 'luck' might have also played a part in our 'success'?

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  • has anyone ever got 2 dwi's in ft. wayne, in??

    I've gotten two dwi's and am now in the AADP program.

    how do people cope with this?

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  • Does the animal identification system affect you? You bet it does!?

    The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) might appear to only an 'agriculture' problem that is of little interest or consequence to urban dwellers. But, this insane proposal - which compels all owners of farm animals to register each animal with the U.S. government - is a dirty, underhanded trick by big corporations (like Tyson, Purdue and Cargills) to put independent farmers out of business. If you don't believe this affects YOU, think again.

    If this law passes, it will be virtually impossible for you to buy beef, chicken, lamb or pork from anything but a large conglomerate food processor who uses chemicals and adds additives to its meat products. Don't let this happen to YOUR diet! YOU will pay higher prices for contaminated meat if YOU don't help prevent NAIS from being passed into federal law! Go to any of these sites for more information:

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