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  • What kind of tiny microscopic black/red bug/parasite, etc lives in Mexico?

    A friend of mine went to Mexico about 3 months ago. He unknowingly came back with some kind of bug, a very tiny, need a magnifying glass to see kind of bug. He finally found one today and said it is black and red. He has had pest control out a couple of times to treat but is still getting bit and feels the bugs crawling on him. The pest control guy said it was not bed bugs. Any idea what this mystery bug/parasite could be? He's at his whits end trying to get rid of these.

    Cozumel5 years ago
  • Best Distro of Linux for an P4 PC?

    I have an OLD Emachines W2060 that I want to give someone. Being that it is older and only has about 512MB of Ram, a 20GB Hard drive, etc., we all know Win XP is too bloated and won't run well.

    I've been looking at some Linux Distros and have tried Puppy (Lucid), Xubuntu, Lubuntu, and Slax. Puppy ran great but I had some issues with the graphics after installing Java and some other programs. Slax was kinda slow.

    I need something that is user friendly because I can't constantly be available to fix problems (like in Puppy) and reliable.

    I'm also looking for something that has Flash and some type of basic Java plug in. Looking for some ideas.


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  • How do I create a a table of letters and numbers with the rand function in excel?

    I'm trying to create a chart like the one show in the link below with excel (older version). How do I do it?

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  • Magistrate hearing ended abruptly and w/o decision...what do you think?

    Today my husband and I attended a hearing before the magistrate in the town where we formerly lived. We moved out of our former place @ the end of January. Landlady was terrible and did not do things she promised. Apartment has no occupancy permit which we did not find out until after we moved in. She states we didn't pay her but we submitted proof we did. The landlady didn't say much nor have much documentation. My husband got to explain about some work he did and the not knowing about the no occupancy permit and a couple of other things.. As my husband was talking she (the magistrate) was looking @ the receipts/cancelled checks we gave her to look at. All of the sudden she (the magistrate) asks my husband what is our current address. He gives it to her and she said she would send us her decision. That was it. I find it pretty odd and we don't know what to think. Any ideas anyone?

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  • Lack of heat in home - Is my landlady responsible?

    We live in a residence with 2 apartments, we live in the 2nd apartment, the 2nd & 3rd floors. The 1st floor is vacant and has been most of the time we lived here. Last year we had no heat at all. When we moved in the landlady promised us she was getting a new furnace because the old furnace did not work properly anymore. She did not do that and we had no heat all winter. She at one point suggested we use the old furnace, even after she said it did not work.

    We went out and purchased 3 electric heaters and 1 big kerosene heater. She never reimbursed us for these heaters.

    Her response to my request to be reimbursed was this: (copied & pasted from an email)

    "Also I am not responsible for your electic heaters... I had to use electric heaters at my own home...I paid for them. I am not responsible for the purchase of electric heaters.

    I thought the landlady/landlord was responsible for providing heat. She did get a furnace this year and my husband installed it only for the sake of getting the heat on as it was already chilly outside.

    Currently we have no heat on our 3rd floor except for the heaters that I purchased. Our electric bills our hundred of dollars a month in addition to the gas bill and we can't afford it.

    I plan on showing her the answers to this question.

    What should I do next?

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  • Is there a 3 day right of recission for signing a rental lease?

    Just wanted to know if this applies like it does for when you purchase a car. Thanks!

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • Can a father stop the mother from moving out of state with their child?

    My husband and I have a friend who has a 5 y/o daughter. He see's her just about every weekend. He picks her up and drop's her off at her home. He pays child support. Nothing is through the courts it is all verbal between them.

    His ex-wife just informed him the other day that she plans to move with the child to California...they live in PA. She seems to be on the fast track and would live to move within the next couple of months. She plans on moving along with her boyfriend and they will stay with an aunt of the boyfriend. They have no jobs secured out there. They just want to move to California.

    He is devastated. They told him they thought he would want to move to California but he has a job here and can't afford to just pick up and start over.

    Does he have any rights? Can he get custody of his daughter?

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  • Should I pay rent or not pay rent or move out w/o paying rent in 2-3 months?

    Last year in August 2008 my family and I moved into a house, living on the 2nd and 3rd floors. We knew it needed work and verbally negotiated with the landlady to do repairs in exchange for cheaper rent. We pay $550 a month for 5 bedrooms. We can use 3 of the bedrooms.

    We drywalled and painted the kitchen walls and ceiling, installed a hot water heater 2 days after we moved in, drywalled a bedroom upstairs and since then part of the ceiling has caved in because of water leaking through the roof. A small part of our dining room ceiling has caved in also. Both of these ceilings caving in happened just days ago.

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  • My tv shut off by itself and won't turn back on? Any ideas or should I just trash it?

    Hi everyone, I have a model RCA 32V434T Television that I bought back in July of 2007. Back in October, one of the kids was playing a video game and the tv just shut off by itself.

    It will not turn back on.

    I've unplugged it and have tried pressing different series of buttons while pressing the power button to turn the tv back on but no dice.

    When you press the power button, the power button will blink off and on for a few seconds and then stay solid but that's it. No noises or anything appears to be "on" inside the tv.

    Is this something I should get fixed or is it a waste of time and money. The tv cost about $300.

    I also would just like to know even if it is not worth fixing, what exactly is the problem with the tv. Thanks for advice.

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  • Swimming pond water is blue, is that ok?

    My friend just got a pond out on his property the other day. He was getting some land and dirt cleared/dug out and came across an old mine that was filled with water. Well he decided to make a HUGE swimming hole/pond.

    It looks fantastic and the water is a very blue color, sort of between a light and medium blue color. When swimming the water gets brown from the dirt but goes back to the blue when it's still.

    Is that water safe to swim in. My fiance' said he thought when water is that color it was unsafe to swim in. Is that true and also what causes the water to be that color?

    Thanks for any answers, we are just really curious.

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  • What is wrong, what do these symptoms mean?

    I have been feeling not well over the last 4-6 weeks. Thinking back it started with a shock/jolt like pain in my left calf. The next day it felt like there was something in there and it was achy. I've since felt it off and on and when I walk a lot it get's tight sometimes. Sometimes I feel it very slightly in my right leg.

    About a week later I started having trouble breathing, like I couldn't take a deep breath. That's been intermittent over the past month. When I quit smoking the breathing got much easier. I only did smoke 2-6 cig's per day. I stupidly started up again a couple of times and the breathing problem came back. I'm now not smoking at all.

    I also have lots of pain in my body. It's thoughout and always in different spots. Yesterday it was in my neck, right shoulder, and a little in my back. Today it's my whole left side of my body is numb and my back hurts more but it is off an on. The pain is in a different spot everyday.

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  • Shortness of breath for 1 week now - please read - Why?

    Last Saturday morning I was breathing fine. I went to wake my daughter and when I opened her bedroom door it was like a switch was flipped and all of the sudden I had difficulty breathing, a shortness of breath.

    It feels like my lung doesn't fill normally with air, like needing a good deep yawning or like my breathing muscles are too tense and can't let me take a really deep satisfying breath. It's improved off and on since then but is still there and driving me nuts.

    I went to the ER and they did bloodwork, found no clots, or anemia (a usual problem I have) and a chest x-ray and said it was clear. I went to the docs and he has me scheduled for a breathing test and an upper endoscopy.

    When I'm laying in bed completely relaxed or with my fiancee' I don't have problems once I am fully relaxed and can seem to mostly breath fine. I also breath mostly fine if I am really involved in doing something I enjoy and get "lost in the moment" . This makes me think it is anxiety.

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  • Pain in left shoulder, arm, neck, 4 days now????

    It started on Wednesday but has subsided at times to the point of being barely non-existent on Thursday. I woke up Friday and it was back. When I take a really hot shower, that seems to give me a lot of relief at least for a little while.

    Last night it was through the right side of my body as well and even in my lower back.

    I've been through a huge amount of stress lately (still am) and just feel like crying a lot (I'm not). My heart rate is normal also.

    Any ideas.... I am calling the doctor today. Thanks

    17 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • Questionable real estate deal and agent? Please let me know what you think.?

    My fiance' and I were sent a listing for a house for 20K, well we go out to look at it a couple of weeks ago and when we get there, another family is looking at it and that they are in the process of buying the home.

    Our agent gets there and he has no idea what's going on with the other family. He contacts the agent (at a different real estate company) estate company and leaves numerous messages, none of which are returned. The listing still shows as active in his system. Hence, he starts the paperwork and we fill it out and state we would finance the home.

    So then the "other agent" calls back and says there is already a bid on the home, we fax over a slightly higher bid stating over the phone to our agent we will pay cash. It's noted on the bid that we can do either cash or bank financing. The "other agent" calls and said he will not submit the bid until we show proof on having the money.

    We decide since the bid has not been submitted and so many calls not returned, etc

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  • Need advice on getting laptop returned to me - Pls read?

    Back in February I had a friend call and his PC's were not working. I took both of them and left him a router which he said he would pay for and also told him he could borrow my daughter's laptop because I knew it would be a while before I would have time to even sit down to look at his computers.

    Well It took me months to sit down to even look at them. I had a surprise pregnancy which let's just say really took it's toll on me. I'm finally due to give birth any day now.

    I did fix his pc's.

    I've been trying to get a hold of him and have only been successful one time and that is when I called his work # from a blocked line. He told me he would call me the next day but he didn't.

    I have left NUMEROUS messages and I am pretty distressed now. He will not call me back.

    What do I do? He has a good job and can certainly afford to buy his own laptop. This is my 12 year olds laptop and it's almost 2 years old.

    What should be my next step?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Why does a Flourescent light bulb not work in a hallway fixture but a regular bulb works fine?

    When trying to use a flourescent light bulb in my hallway and bathroom ceiling fixtures, they will not work. I've tried 2 different bulbs each with 2 different brands. However regular light bulbs work fine.

    Does anyone know the answer and also is there a way to get these flourescent bulbs to work in these 2 fixtures of mine since they're the lights that seem to get left on the most?


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  • Does anyone know what kinds of toys children in the 1700's played with?

    My daughter and I were having a discussion about this and are both curious as to what kind of toys they played with and also what kind of games they played.

    2 AnswersToys1 decade ago
  • Microsoft Money password question?

    My boss was previously using MS Money (2002 I think) at work and the guy who had the password and kept track of everything doesn't work at the company anymore.

    My boss cannot remember the password and tried a password recovery software which did not work because of the password length.

    Any ideas on what he can do to get into the file without knowing the password?

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  • Does cocaine increase metabolism?

    I have a neighbor who I believe is a moderate to heavy cocaine user. She has lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. I guess this is probably because cocaine makes you not hungry. I know the body's metabolism decreases when you take in a lot less food then normal. However, that does't seem to be the case with her. So, does cocaine increase your metabolism or keep it from being decreased?

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  • Our Boxer dog has increased in size dramatically...Any ideas why?

    My boss's dog who is a boxer was stolen a lilttle over 2 months ago was finally returned to my boss last night. When she "disappeared" she weighed about 36 pounds. She was abnormally small and very cut and defined all over. She's a llittle over 1-1/2 yrs old. The vet thought she was perfect.

    Now she weighs about 15-20 pounds heavier and overall her frame seems bigger. She does not seem anywhere near as cut and defined as she was before. She is very solid. This is definitely his dog as we can recognize her by her markings and tempermant/personality.

    We are just wondering how she could have gained so much weight so fast. We were shocked when we saw how much her appearance changed. We think she was overfed and didn't get any excercise being that she was stolen and hid.

    We are just wondering how she could change so dramatically so fast. Has anyone ever seen this happen to their boxer dog?

    Thanks for answering.

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