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hi, im a mother of three boys. yeah i know my three sons haha i haven't heard that one before. lol. j/k . im 24 and my sons are four three and six months old. they are a handful but worth every min. my over all advise for everyone is to take life by the horns. let your kids be kids and never hold them back. love learn and never stop trying. peace

  • Does this sound like he wants to cheat on me?

    I wasn't home and my husband got drunk, looked up porn on the cpu and ended up facebook chatting with two girls. The girls are on his friends list but he has never messaged them before and they are very attractive. Thank God they did not respond to him, but now I am totally worried that he wants to cheat on me. We have been together for nearly ten years, we just bought our first home and have three children. I love this man, we have made a life together. I am not so worried about the porn. Not my thing, But if he wants to watch it I guess its ok. But what worries me is that he watched it and then tried talking to girls online. Girls he knows in real life. Does this sound like he wants to cheat?

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  • we just saw a black snake with one orange stripe what kind is it?

    we live in south florida and i want to say its a coral snake but im not sure it was so small.

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  • Help my 5 year old won't listen!!!?

    He will not clean his room. I have made it so eary for him. he has three toy boxes in his room and all he has to do is put the toys in the box. I just can't make him do it. I have taken things away and i have refused to allow him dessert till he gets it done but still no luck. someone please help me. i really hate fighting with him. but im at the end of my rope here. help!!!!

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  • help with hot water heater. how do i fix it?

    the water won't get hot? how do i fix that it was working and then it stopped. the water won't get warm just cold? how do i fix it? thanks

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  • to all stay at home parents?

    do you think that if your spouse was to switch places with you for one week that they could handle it? im a stay at home mom and i doubt that my husband could keep house as well as i could. (how old are your children and what does your spouse do for a living? ) thanks all just wanted to know

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  • what is PVI? BEC? as to do with engineering ?

    ten point for whom ever gets this right thank

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  • ok so my husband is trying to restore his motorcycle.?

    anyway he wants to crome it out. you know make all the metal shiny and new looking. its a 1980 something honda motorcycle. its really in great shape and runs perfect but he wants to get rid of the rusty stuff and make the metal shiny. whats the best and easiest way to do this.???? thanks.

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  • ok i have this pain what could it be and how do i treat it?

    ok so it hurts on my side kinda like a cramp but not really. it hurts really bad. what could it be? help.

    2 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • my husband really wants a motorcycle and i really don't want him to have one ?

    i think that a wife should never tell her husband what he can and can not long as he is faithful. However i have a real problem with him getting a motorcyle. His cousin died on one and it scares me to think of him on one. what should i do?

    24 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • how would i find out the fat in something if its not listed?

    ok like i love crab ragoon. its a chinese food but i know it has to be really fatting. all the best things are. so i don't eat it but i would really like to know how much fat is in it. how can i find out? thanks.

    2 AnswersFast Food1 decade ago
  • does this sound right?

    my husband and i have been dieting and working out together. its been about two weeks. i have dropped about twenty three pounds already. he does not say anything. i just want him to notice but all he says is that i don't need to loose wieght. do you think that he means it.? i really want to keep working out.

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  • how do i deal with this?

    my husband was on myspace talking to other local women. asking them what they were doing and where they like to hang out. im so hurt by this right now i can barely breath. now before anyone says it he gets everything he wants from me both sexually and other wise. so i don't see why he would do this. so how do i deal with this?

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  • ok so what would you do?

    what would you do if you woke up in the middle on the night to find your husband drunkingly emailling girls in your area and asking where they like to hang out? b/c i flew off the handle screamed at him threw his drink in his face and baciscally flipped. so what would you have done and what should i do next?

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  • sisters baby blues.?

    my older sister is having her second child( her first is seven) in june. she lives in new jersey and we live in florida. anyway she wants to come down for my youngest brothers graduation in may but the doctor told her it is not a good idea. she also is having problems with the baby. she was on bed rest but is now off bed rest and they think there might be something wrong with the baby. she is due in june but still insist on coming here (driving) in may to see our brother's graduation. am i wrong in thinking that she should not go and how do i tell her she should stay home? (im a mother of three boys youngest is eight months old.) she thinks the world of me and is always asking for advice but when i told her it was not best for her to go she got mad how do i make her see she is wrong. help!!!!

    7 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • woke up with the shivers last night it was about one thirty in the morning why?

    around one thirty last night (early morning) i woke up and was shivering. and my lower back near my kidneys was throbbing. i did not have a fever but could not get warm. i live in south florida so it was about 80 degrees outside and the ac was set for 75 like it always is so it wasn't that. so what could it mean? i was fine after a while and fell back to sleep. also im a mother of a eight month old so i was up nursing on and off last night. thanks for the help.

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago
  • how to cook steaks in the oven?

    temp setting length of time. thanks oh there about an inch thick and i need them medium rare to medium thanks

    9 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • cheating boyfriend now husband five years later and i just found out the truth. what do i do?

    five years ago my boyfriend was 20 and in flight school. i was 19 and a depper for the us navy. we met and in a whirlwind romance got engagged. at one point he stopped coming around and i went to see why. and found him with his ex girlfriend from another state. he said nothing happend and i guess i really wanted to believe him so i did. now five years almost six we are married with three boys and i just found out from his nanny that he did sleep with that girl while they where alone together and he has lied to me. i did not say anything to him about this yet. do i have a right to be upset? i mean this was years ago. we were not married yet but its still cheating right? what do i do. i really am upset. should i say something to him about it how will that make me feel better? help

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  • what to do about my in law.?

    my grandmother in law is in my house and is staying for two weeks. She got here just after christmas and won't be leaving until the 19th. And all she does is keep nagging me about how to keep house. i want to tell her to leave me alone but out of respect it keep my mouth shut. my house is very clean. but she keeps finding things to complain about. why won't she just leave me alone.? how do i get her to stop bothering me?

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