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  • Droid 3 question - Help!!?

    Just bought a Droid 3 with service from Verizon and I'm having some issues. I can turn the phone off and it will power back on by itself. I''ve read several sites online that state this can be an indication that "spyware" has been added to the cellphone. I'm going thru a bad break-up & several things that "John" has said leads me to believe he has loaded a tracking program either on my phone or thru his home computer. Can software or spyware be added to a phone without your knowledge or is there a program you can use on your home computer to track someones whereabouts and/or phone activity? I feel like I'm being stalked - help?

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  • Alternator or Wiring problems?

    Posted a question regarding this yesterday. I'm pretty sure I have a wiring problem in my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Runs & drives fine, but just a few minutes after starting the Jeep, the gages all shut off & all the dash lights light up like you've turned the key but not started the engine yet. Now interior lights are acting crazy also. Any ideas where to start looking for the problem?

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  • Alternator or Wiring problems?

    Having a major issue with my Jeep. Starts just fine and runs fine too, but when I start driving all the gages go to the far left & all the dash warning lights stay light up ( just like when you turn the key but haven't yet started the vehicle) - still running just fine though. I've been told it could be the voltage regulator inside the alternator or a wiring problem in general. How can I find out if it is in fact the voltage regulator without spending $200 on an alternator I may not even need

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  • Looking for a good potato salad recipe that does not have to be refrigerated?

    Some friends are having an end of the summer pool party/cookout & everyone needs to bring some side items. I would love to make some potato salad, but I always make mine with mayo & that's not good in this hot weather. Does anyone have a good homemade potato salad recipe that can stand up to the heat?

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  • Looking for a new Asparagus recipe.....?

    I love asparagus in the spring & summertime but am stuck in a rut when it comes to fixing it. I normally fix it on the grill - brushed with a little olive oil & some garlic or saute it in a skillet with some fresh garlic, a little olive oil and a splash of lemon juice. Would love a new way to prepare it so please advise what your favorite way is to cook asparagus - no links please.

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  • Georgia state taxes - free efiling available?

    Last year I used TurboTax & was able to efile both my federal & state taxes. This year I was able to efile for free my federal, but TurboTax was going to charge $30 to efile the state taxes. I do the EZ short form, have no deductions & just could not bring myself to pay $30 for a $100 refund. Is there anywhere that I can efile my state only for free? Please help!!

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  • Need a new dip idea for Superbowl - any suggestions?

    I always make a 7-layer dip or my famous Rotel dip when having a get-together, but for the Superbowl I'd like to try something new. Any suggestions on a good dip or other appetizer for Superbowl Sunday?

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  • How to fix salmon in the oven?

    I love to fix salmon - but have only cooked it on the grill with the skin side down on a piece of foil, never baked or broiled. How is the best way to cook this in the oven - for how long & at what temp? Also would love to try some new seasonings - I always grill with garlic & lemon but that is getting a little boring. Any recipe ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Need some side dish/snack food ideas for non-traditional Christmas - Help!!?

    This year we are having family & friends over and no turkey!! My mom decided to do deli sandwiches with some snack foods & sides instead. We already have baked beans, ramin noodle slaw, potato salad, bbq meatballs. What is a good side dish or snack food that I can make? Please include recipes. Thank you!

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  • Wanting to jazz up my deviled eggs this year - Any suggestions?

    I use my mamaw's recipe which calls for mayo, mustard, pickle relish, salt & pepper. Sometimes I use a little honey mustard for a twist & I garnish with paprika and/or green olive slices. What could I use for a new twist this year? Do you have a special ingredient that makes yours taste extra yummy?

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  • Asparagus Casserole recipe?

    We had a covered dish lunch at my old office a few years back & someone brought the most yummy asparagus casserole I've ever had. I know it had boiled eggs & cream of ? soup in it but not sure what else. Does anyone have a tried & true recipe for an asparagus casserole for the holidays?

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  • What are the top 5 non-food "must haves" in your kitchen?

    I have tons of stuff that I use all the time in the kitchen, but my top 5 I could not live without would be:

    1. My cast-iron skillet - the one I have is over 50 years old!

    2. A good paring knife

    3. A cookie sheet

    4. My big crockpot

    5. A jumbo casserole dish

    What 5 items could you not do without?

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  • What's the one side dish you MUST have at Thanksgiving?

    Now I'm a southern gal thru & thru so Thanksgiving has a few "must have" dishes at our house. My mamaw's deviled eggs, my grannie's mac & cheese, brother's squash casserole and Mama's homemade cornbread dressing just to name a few. What is the one dish you always serve at Thanksgiving? Please include recipes - Thanks!

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  • Camping Side dish help quick!?

    Going camping this weekend & need some good ideas for sides & snack foods. We have a full kitchen, a wood burning oven and a fire pit - Now just need some good ideas.

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Camping Recipes - need some good ones please!?

    I'm going with a few friends to a cabin in the mountains this weekend & am looking for some good ideas foodwise. We will have a grill and a campfire as well as the kitchen in the cabin, but would prefer to cook outdoors. Thinking about a pork tenderloin for Saturday but would like some other ideas besides the usual bbq sides.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Who has a good recipe for Lady Baltimore cake?

    I keep hearing people talk about how good a Lady Baltimore cake tastes. What exactly is a Lady Baltimore cake & does anyone have a tried & true recipe for making one.

    No links or websites please - would like a recipe that has been tried by the person who answers - Thanks!

    1 AnswerCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Wanting to be more of a "girlie" girl...?

    I consider myself a semi-decent looking woman in her mid 40's, but have never been much on wearing make-up and such. I normally wear foundation, blush & mascara to work ( I'm in a doctor's office all day) but would like to experiement with a little more for evenings & such. Also, I have some mild scarring on my face from an auto accident in the 80's & really need a better foundation to wear than just the cheapo stuff from the drug store. Any suggestions?? I have green eyes & normally wear peachy tones & browns. Thanks!

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  • Need to update my resume, but I don't have word on my home computer......?

    We have Windows Vista at home, but not Microsoft Word or Office. Is there anyway I can download a free template for resumes and will it work on my home computer without having word? Where would I go to start looking on the net or should I just break down & buy Microsoft Office for the home computer? Please help!!

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  • What are some good marinades for grilling salmon?

    I love to cook salmon on the grill, but am tired of my same old marinades. I usually use italian dressing or some good bbq sauce. What are some other flavors or marinades I can use that will taste yummy on the grill. Also, I always serve with rice so please include side dishes that would go along with the fish.


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  • Sides for grilled pork tenderloin???

    I usually get stuck in the same rut of bakers & salad so tonight I want something different, yet still comfort food for sides to go with grilled pork tenderloin chops about 1 1/2 thick.....

    I've got the makings for scalloped potatos, garlic mashed potatos or a pkg of premade stuffing from the meat case. I also have a mushroom pasta dish, carrots, peas, corn, broccoli, baked beans and home fries ( frozen)...

    What will be something different, still yummy?

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