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  • help me find the song PLEASE!!?

    the song is called 'you' by a band calld franklyn or franklin im not sure how to spell it. its a rock son from a few years back. if u have it or heard of it let me know pls

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  • some random qs part 2.............?

    have u ever...........

    (39) Killed someone?:

    (40) Made out with a stranger?:

    (41) Had sex with a stranger?:

    (42) Kissed the same sex?:

    (43) Done anything sexual with the same sex?

    (44) Been betrayed?:

    (45) Broken the law?:

    (46) Met a famous person?

    (47) Been on radio/TV.?

    (48) Been in a mosh-pit?:

    (49) Had a nervous breakdown?:

    (50) Been criticized about your sexual performance?:

    (51) Had a dream that kept coming back?

    (52) Shoe type?

    (53) What are you normally wearing to college/work?:

    (54) Wear hats?:

    (55) Judge other people by their clothing?:

    (56) Wear make-up?:

    (57) Favorite place to shop?

    (58) Favorite article of clothing?

    (59) Are you trendy?

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  • some random qs im bored.....?

    (1) Your gender:

    (2) Straight/gay/bi?:

    (3) Single?:

    (4) Want to be?:

    (5) Your birth day:

    (6) Age you wish you were:

    (7) Your height:

    (9) The color of your eyes:

    (10) The color of your hair:

    (11) Piercings?:

    (12) Tattoos?:

    D O Y O U . . .

    (13) Smoke?

    (14) Do drugs?

    (15) Read the newspaper?

    (16) Pray?:

    (17) Talk to strangers?:

    (18) Take walks in the rain?

    (19) Drive:

    (20) Like to drive fast?:

    H A V E Y O U E V E R . .

    (21) Hurt yourself?:

    (22) Been out of the country?:

    (23) Been in love?:

    (24) Done drugs?

    (25) Gone skinny dipping?:

    (26) Had a surgery?:

    (27) Ran away from home?

    (28) Played strip poker?:

    (29) Gotten beaten up?:

    (30) Been picked on?:

    (31) Been on stage?:

    (32) Slept outdoors?

    (33) Had a best friend?

    (34) Pulled an all-nighter?:

    (35) If yes, what is your record?:

    (36) Talked on the phone all night?:

    (37) Slept together with the opposite sex without actually having sex?:

    (38) Slept all day?

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  • im hungry...... any sugestions?

    its 1 am here and im starving, what do u sugest?

    and please no smart *** awnsers about how i shouldnt eat so late its not healthy bla bla bla

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  • isnt avril lavinge sooo rude and fake?

    if u dont belive me read this

    haha ill prob be reported for this now

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  • dear p&s people ..............?

    can u wonder into music for a second to awnser my q please♥

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  • really need help?

    ok im looking for the song its called mr alibi by maria wilson

    i treid limewire and brearshare ect

    if u have it pls send it to me or tell me another FREE site to get it pls

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  • should i tidy up?

    my room is vey messy somethind like this

    (this is not actually my room just an example)

    if i waste all this time tiding up it will stiil be back to looking like that in 3 days or so cuz i find things much easier in a mess..... so should i bother, just wondering

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  • any good sites?

    any good completely FREE sites to go mess around on?im very bored

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  • lots of pointless qs...?

    im bored so.....................

    1. are the hip hop police after u?

    2. will u stay with me to rule the world?

    3. can u .. gimmie more?

    4.whats the sound of freedom?

    5. do teenages scare the living crap out of u?

    6. do big girls really not cry?

    7. where u get that body from?

    8. what do u do after the love has gone?

    9 do u wanna be a rock star?

    10. are u living on a prayer?

    11. is life in plastic really fantastic?

    12. do u want some gasolina?

    13are u on call?

    14. are u so sick of love songs?

    15 . do u have ayo technology

    16. if i strip can i get a tip? it too late to apologise?

    18. who is on ur heart like a tattoo? u keep bleeding (i hate that song so much!!!)

    20 on a scale of 1 to 10 how bored am i at this moment?

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  • i wonder.....?

    did y.a. get rid of the thumbs down for the questions cuz sandstorm was getting so many their system couldnt handle it ...........=)

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  • if you could give me one wish ...........?

    wat would u wish for me, i need luck!!

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  • cheer me up?


    sugested category : volleyball

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  • what are u missing at the mo?

    im missing home (obv) , proper food , proper seasons and working night shift. im strange

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  • why do ppl insist on correcting u for little things?

    that just does my head in!!!

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  • love and sex?

    are they 2 diff concepts or do they relate to eachother or are they one in the same.

    personally i separate them all together as far as i can

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  • what do these songs make u think of?

    1. timberland - the way we are

    2. bonnie tyler -total eclipse of the heart

    3. gareth brooks - unawnsered preayers

    4.bon jovi - always

    5.ozone - dragostei din tei

    6 guns and roses - november rain

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  • are u away from home?

    i mean from the country u were born in.

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