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  • Looking for a rock song-making me crazy!?

    I heard one of my neighbors playing it (& I don't know them or which house it was coming from) but I'll describe it the best I can. SOUNDED like Myles Kennedy-type voice but it may be an older song, I think I've heard it sometime before, these are the lyrics I could make out they may be botched:

    Whaddya say, whaddya say to me, whaddya do, whaddya do to me, I've got nothing to say ohhhh this is my liiiiiiife ... (repetitive on those lyrics)

    It was fastbeat, like a song you'd hear in a heavy rock bar. It's NOT 'Nothing to say' by Myles and Slash but the pace was the same, fastbeat moving along quickly and the singer was higher/louder pitched like Myles, powerful & motivating! I've searched the net and cannot find it ... frustrating me because I want to listen to it! Thanks a bunch, I appreciate your help, my fellow music lovers!

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  • Don't 'eviction' notices have to be signed for or delivered as summons?

    I'll try to be brief in a nutshell. My little brother is going thru a divorce. He can't afford an attorney, she left him 10 months ago for someone else. She filed for divorce Oct. 23rd, he hand-wrote out contesting the allegations & took the to Court Clerk on Nov 22nd (30th day). He lives in the house they bought, the loan is in her name, they are both on the deed. He hasn't gotten any mail from anything about this since the papers that a deputy served about the divorce being filed for by her.

    Okay, HER attorney called him today saying they had a court hearing (of course he wasn't there because he had no clue) and that the judge ordered him out of the premises within 48 hours. This sounds horribly unfair (not that court always is fair). Seems to me that since it's got him on the deed, as well, that something 'official' needing to be served, or at least signed for should have to have happened. He hasn't received notices, he thinks (she lives right around the corner from him) she's been stealing the mail out of his mailbox (no proof). That might be why he hasn't received mail. Called the post office, they have his address correct. Does this sound right? All of the sudden, HER attorney says "judge said you have 48 hours to get out." Brother works, has 4 dogs, it is going to be extremely hard for him to just up and pack an entire houseful of things and find a place that quick, especially with 4 dogs that he will not part from. This is in TN. I came up from FL to help him out when finding this out. He can't stay with us because we live on base (military). I would think there has to be a confirmation of him receiving the papers before he has to just 'get out?' I think her attorney is taking advantage of the fact that he can't afford a lawyer. For whatever it's worth, she's a bum, lives off the system and her grandparents are paying everything. He doesn't have that luxury. OH! When he called her attorney today back again asking for an extension to prepare, he said "well, how about til Thanksgiving, will that give you enough time to get out?" Sounds to me like it's up to HER attorney to negotiate an evication date and that doesn't sound legal if it is supposedly a judge's order! There is something wrong here. Would appreciate your expertise and information to help him with. This just isn't right! Thanks ahead of time!

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  • Where has Chris Aultman been lately? (helo pilot on tv show Whale Wars & Marine Corps veteran)?

    Chris Aultman, the Marine Corps veteran & helicopter pilot on the controversial tv show Whale Wars has been absent in the recent episodes and they've used another pilot while Chris is gone. My question is where is he? The show hasn't divulged any information about why he is gone, if he is coming back, how long till he returns? I think he is wonderful and I,personally, look forward to watching him on the show each week so I am curious about how long the leave will be and if he is okay.I've looked on the net and on the channel's/show's site but no info at all that I can find.

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  • Why won't my lawnmower start?

    It's a push mower, you have to pull the cord to start it. It has gas, the spark plug is clean and plugged in, the bottom (underside) is clean and it isn't flooded (pushed the primer button 3 times as directed but that's all). It ALMOST turns over but doesn't hang on ... and it's only 2 years old. What can I do to make it start? Thanks so much!

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  • Eating match tips - vitamin deficiency?

    My cousin used to eat match tips. Of course, they are sulphurous. I am curious as to what vitamin deficiency causes this because it is certainly abnormal. I know I crave crushed ice because of anemia. What causes one to want gross match tips? Thanks!

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  • My sternocleidomastoid muscle hurts so bad & I don't know why!?

    Yesterday I was reading a magazine with my head tilted, that is the only thing I can think of that I did. A little while later, it started hurting BAD. So I tried massaging the muscle at the base of my skull (behind my ear to the left of my spine). That made it worse! I didn't do anything memorable to hurt myself and it gets worse as time goes on. I cannot turn my head. What do I do? I've read ice and heat. Anything else?

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  • Nick Swardson of Reno 911-is he the guy in the laundry commercial?

    I say YES and my son says NO ... the hilarious gay guy in roller skates on Reno 911 is Nick Swardson, we know this. There is a laundry commerical where the husband says 'Ninja Star!' and shoots the laundry item in the washer and I think that is him, as well. Who is right? Do you have a link that can prove it, also? Thanks!!!

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  • What is this song? End of 'Rookie Blue' on July 15th episode ...?

    It was a song at the end of the show, I think it was episode 4? The one where Andy poses as a prosititute in her police work .... it was a sweet melodic tune at the end that sounded like a Jewell song. Maybe Nikkie Lang but I cannot find the name of the song for anything! Help! I love it!

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  • What horror movie is this from the 1970's? Help!?

    I was a kid at the drive in then so I don't remember a lot of it. Several people are stuck in this house and it won't let them out. One guy trying to use a circular saw on a door to get out ends up sawing through his hand. Another girl is attacked by an invisible 'evil' that knocks her around the room. There is a guy who plays Satan and has really blue eyes and white/gray hair and beard. Basically, the house/satan won't let any of them leave. It was really scary and I can't think of it for the life of me and want my husband to see it. An accurate answer to this would be greart! (It's not Hell House with Roddy McDowell)

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  • In the movie 'The Dark Half' with Timothy Hutton, written by Stephen King, I have some questions, please:?

    If the killer, Starks, is really the alter ego of the writer, then how is it that the wife (Amy Madigan) can see the two of them argue with each other? And how can Starks have all these injuries to his face but the good guy doesn't? and how does he call him on the telephone if it's the same guy? And at the end, they are fighting (right before the birds come in and kill Starks) and Starks even carries around one of the babies ??? How is this? I know Stephen King stories don't always make sense, but I am trying to understand how Starks came to life - was he the twin who lived or ???

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  • People who TRY to speak TOO properly ... drives me nuts!?

    Happy New Year from Bob and I ... it's wrong. It has to be able to work without the 'Bob and' ... so it would be Bob and me. People overuse pronouns and mix them up to try to sound so grammatically correct and I think sound ignorant in the process. People trying to hard and making obvious errors. English 101.

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