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I work in retirement services and have worked in banking for several years. I keep busy with online classes to complete my bachelor's degree and crocheting various items for fun and for sale. I have two cats: Samson (a Maine Coon who got his name because when I found him someone had clipped his whiskers to stubs!) and Delilah (named to go with Samson). Want to know more? Email or message me!

  • Do you know the title of this young adult book?

    About 15 years ago (give or take, ha!) I read this novel about World War 3. A teen girl and a boy were trapped in a basement for a long time, There was supposed to be a party or something right before the war started, so they had lots of food. They were almost eaten/attacked by wild dogs/wolves at some point. I think it was a series or books? Or at least had a couple books to the story. For the life of me I can't remember the title of the book(s) or the author's name. If you know it, please let me know.

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  • Locked Statue in Sims: Life Stories?

    I have played through Sims Life Stories, and all items are unlocked except the Statue in Vincent's Story. If you have unlocked it, do you know at what point in the story it unlocked? Or what you have to do to unlock it?

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  • '89 Honda Accord won't turn over?

    I have an '89 Honda Accord, manual transmission. Today I could not get it to turn over. It would chug, but not actually kick over. The radio was on, and I tried to pump the gas, also tried it on more level ground (have had to do that before in the past) I got it to turn over once for about half a second, but then it died again. About 8 hours later I tried again and it started right up! Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

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  • Errors on Windows and Internet Explorer?

    I tried to download Yahoo Messenger. But an error occured toward the end of the download, while it was dling the extras... When i rebooted I now get an error in Windows Explorer when I used the start menu and I can't maximize or use the tab key in IE or it will give me an error there. I have already done an adaware scan. what else can I do? Besides reinstall windows because I don't have a reboot disc?

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