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  • What experiences have other parents had with their children and Vyvanse?

    My 11 year old daughter has been prescribed Vyvanse for some ADD symptoms. I haven't started her on it yet (I want to start her on the weekend so I can monitor her). She has trouble with focus and impulse control sometimes. I am just curious as to how this medication has worked for other children and what if any side effects others have had.

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  • Has anyone had success with Sylvan Learning Centers and elementary age children?

    My daughter does very well in school, but seems to struggle with Math. She's in third grade and I need to do something now before she ends up getting behind in Math completely. I want to get her a tutor, but by using high school or college students, you just don't know what you'll get, although I am sure some are good. I'm curious to know other's experience with Sylvan Learning Centers. And also, does anyone know how much it costs, just for tutoring in Math. She doesn't need help in any other areas.

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  • Has anyone ever had Demerol given to their child?

    My daughter is terrified of dentists and she really fights them and makes it impossible for them to work in her mouth. She has to have some dental work done, and the dentist wants to give her some Demerol to "relax" her and then will also have her breathing in the laughing gas. I'm very nervous about this. Has anyone had a child who was given Demerol for a dental procedure? What are the side effects? My daughter is nine, but is small for her age, about the size of most six-year-olds.

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  • Is it true that tonight I will lose 19 of my channels on Time-Warner cable?

    We keep getting a message saying that tonight we will lose certain channels and it gives an 800 number to call to stop it. Is this real?

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  • How do I get my my yahoo mail to open in Mozilla Firefox?

    I have set Mozilla Firefox as my default browser, yet when I click on my little envelope icon or click on mail or other applications from yahoo messenger, it still opens up in Internet Explorer. I have set Firefox as my default on the top toolbar, and using the start menu. I don't know what else to do to get my mail to open up in firefox.

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  • Why is my daughter developing an over-bite?

    My daughter has always had a really nice smile and not much of an over-bite. But recently she has started to develop a bad over-bite, to the point that her lips don't always close over her front teeth. Has anyone else had this happen to their child or to themselves? She does have a dental appointment tomorrow, I was just wondering if this is something common for kids or if this is unusual. By the way, my daughter is almost 9 years old.

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  • Does anyone know the name of this collection of stories?

    When I was a kid my Grandparents had a book of stories, they all had a moral to them. I can't remember the name of the book, or all of the stories. But one story was about a dog that got bit by a snake to protect a little boy. Another story was about a selfish little girl that always expected presents from her Mom, even when her Mom came home from the hospital after being sick, then the little girls trinkets and beads broke or tarnished and she realized that the love of and for her Mom was more important. Does anyone remember a book like this? I would love to get a copy for my daughter if I could only remember the name.

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  • How do you "let go" of things instead of getting mad?

    How do some people let things not bother them, but others get so mad? For example, today I was walking with my daughter, it was raining, and this older man in a pick-up truck decides to drive close to the curb and splash us, I mean he completely soaked me, my daughter, and several other people on the sidewalk. I was so mad (and still am!) I was just wishing I had my car to go follow him and confront him, or dump a bucket of water on him. I know there are people out there like me who would be really angry, and then there are people who can just shrug things like this off. I'm talking about other situations as well, like when a car cuts you off, or a rude person bumps into you hard and then doesn't say "excuse me." or any similar situation.

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  • Does anyone else have a problem getting their kid going in the morning?

    I'm not talking about waking up, she's usually wide awake. She's 8 years old and in the morning, or any time we have to be somewhere, I have to ask her several times to do every little thing, like eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, get dressed. She plays around and sings and wastes so much time that we run late almost every day. I give her the simplest breakfasts that should be able to be eaten within 15 minutes, but she can draw it out to 30 minutes or longer. After she does her bathroom business, she takes forever at washing her hands. I have to tell her every little thing to do, but I feel like at the age of 8 she should already know what to do with very little prompting. She doesn't have ADHD or anything, she focuses and does very well at school and activities, but when she has to get ready to go anywhere, it's a nightmare, not matter how much extra time I alot, we end up running late. Anyone else have similar problem? Any solutions that worked for you?

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  • Does the UK have a Better Business Bureau or similar service?

    I placed an order from an Internet dance store in the UK. One of my items was not the right thing, and I have tried contacting them several times and they are refusing to answer my questions. I've e-mailed them numerous times and have received no response. Prior to ordering from them, they seemed helpful and very quickly answered my questions. Now that I am not exactly pleased with my order, they seem like they don't want to deal with me. Is there an agency to report poor business practices to like there is in the US?

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  • How can I get the school to see that this isn't a problem?

    My daughter is 7 and going into the second grade. She has friends and enjoys playing and interacting with friends. But at times she will prefer to sit alone to read, work and sometimes to eat. She's not teased and she is able to form close friendships, but the school keeps making a big deal out of the fact that at times she likes to be alone, even going so far as to say she needs intervention and counseling, so they send her to the school counselor once a week. I would see this a problem if it was all the time, but it's not, when she wants be alone she chooses to be alone and when she wants company she chooses to go hang out with other kids. She also has a very defined sense of personal space and only lets one or two very close friends hug her or sit/stand close to her. I don't see it as being a problem, but the school and her teachers keep acting like it is. Has anyone else had a situation where the school sees a problem but you don't, and how did you deal with it?

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  • Pigeon eggs?

    Does anyone know how long it takes pigeon eggs to hatch, and once they do hatch how long before the babies leave the nest? Some genius who lives in my building opened the windows at the top of our stairwell and a pair of pigeons has come in and right on top of a window have built a nest and they are sitting on eggs. If I had known soon enough I would have torn the nest down before they laid eggs, but now since they have eggs I don't want to be cruel, they been sitting for awhile now and I'm hoping they hatch soon. As soon as the babies are gone I want to get rid of the nest and close up those windows.

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  • Where are the other kids?

    They said that Chris Benoit also had another son and a daughter? Did they not live with him? Do they have a different mother? I know everyone is tired of Chris Benoit questions but I was wondering if anyone might now this info.

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  • Which other wrestler died?

    The news said that two other wrestlers, besides Benoit, had died in recent weeks. I know Sensational Sherri was one of them, but does anyone know who the other one was? And no, I'm not talking about McMahon or whoever else was supposedly in the car with him. It's someone who really died.

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  • How can I help my daughter when her heart is broken?

    My daughter is 7 1/2 and for the first time has a best friend. They are really close and have long talks. The thing is, we have to move away in a few months. How can I help my daughter to cope, she's very sensitive. She has a difficult time when people move away, which is common for us since we are a military family. We've been in the same place for almost 7 years so it's not like moving has been common-place for us like it is for most military families. I've been playing up the good points of where we will be moving, but I know she's going to be heart-broken to leave her friends, especially her best friend. Any ideas?

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  • Why do people say, "my adopted son/daughter?"?

    It drives me crazy when people refer to a child they have adopted and say "And this is my adopted daughter." Why not just say "This is my daughter."? I know it's not all adoptive parents who do this, just some of them. If there is anyone out there that does this, why? Everyone says that your adopted child is your child as much as if you'd give birth to him/her, but some just have to throw in the word "adopted." I'm adopted and my Mom never said that, she'd say, "These are my 3 daughters." She didn't say, "These are my two natural daughters and my adopted daughter." I think some people have to throw that word in so they get a pat on the back for adopting a kid.

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  • Which celebrity dissed Elizabeth on The View?

    I don't watch The View, but I heard on the news that a celebrity guest on the show refused to acknowledge Elizabeth after her spat with Rosie. They said she came out and Elizabeth reached for her to greet her with a hug and she moved away and hugged the other hosts and ignored Elizabeth. Does anyone know who this guest was? I heard who she was but I can't remember. Just curious to know.

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  • Did anyone here ever NOT have Braxton-Hicks?

    I'm not pregnant but when I was pregnant with my daughter I never, ever had Braxton-Hicks contractions. Not even a twinge, the very first contractions I had was when I started labor. Is there anyone else who never had a Braxton-Hicks contraction?

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  • Why are little girls so mean?

    My daughter is in Brownies and takes dance classes. The little girls are so mean, and it's like they take pride in how mean they are. The put each other down, say nasty things, make fun of other girls. I'm shocked by how these girls talk in the dressing room sometimes. They aren't teenagers or anything, they are 6 and 7 year old girls. Most of them don't have older siblings so it can't be coming from there. Do little girls just naturally learn how to be mean or is this coming from the parents? My little girl and one or two others don't act this way and don't participate in their mean little discussions. I know girls are mean, I just didn't realize it started this early. I was expecting this from 11 and 12 year old's not Kindergartners and 1st graders. The Mom of the girl who has the worst mouth is so conservative and nice, she has no idea how her daughter talks and when someone does tell her she's really shocked. Has anyone else experienced girls being so mean so young?

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  • I thought the US didn't have flights to and from Cuba?

    I just read an article about an attempted high-jacking of a plane bound from Cuba to the US. The article also mentioned other people milling around the airport waitng for relatives to fly into Cuba from the US. Has our policy on US citizens visiting Cuba changed? I thought we weren't supposed to, although I do know US citizens who fly into Cuba from other countries to get around the policy of not flying into Cuba from the US, or at least that's how it used to be. Can someone please clarify? Thanks in advance.

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