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  • Gray hair in beard?

    Okay, I'm 35-years-old and have had a full beard now for 9 months. I just recently began to notice that every time I trim it up there are more AND more gray hairs growing back. I trimmed it last Tuesday and today I notice that I'm beginning to look like like Brett Favre in the facial hair area. It wasn't like this the past 8 months so what gives? Should I be expecting more and more until my bears is fully gray/white?

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  • Type-1 Diabetes Friend?

    Have a friend whos 33 and who has been a Type-1 Diabetic since we were kids. His girlfriend told me last night that in the last month he's increased his Insulin shots to four times a day rather than two times. He's a pretty heavy beer drinker and ears a lot of the ''wrong foods" as well. Is this bad that his insulin intake has increased 2x in a month and is he really hurting himself?

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  • Is Vodka the Worst Alcohol for the Liver?

    Okay, I'm 33-years-old. Went for my yearly physical for my job last Tuesday. Had it ALL done...blood tests, X-Rays, ect. Saw my Dr. this morning & he tells me that my Liver is the size of a football, liver enzyme count is very high & that my kidney function isn't looking good! Oh well, I really don't care to be honest. He then asked me how much and what I drink and I told him mainly Vodka and I go through at least four fifths a week plus maybe a 12 pack of beer, He then told me that ANY Clear Alcohol Spirit is extremely toxic to the Liver, especially Vodka because it's distilled much differently than darker alcohols. Has anyone else heard of this? I tried looking it up on Google and cant find anything on Vodka being extemely bad for your liver? Oh yeah, he did say Vodka, made in this country is Ethanol based and that's like injecting a syringe of pure alcohol into the Liver after a while of drinking Vodka.

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  • Harder Drinker.....Oliver Reed or Richard Burton?

    Both Reed and Burton were known for their Hellraising while drinking heavily but my question who in your people's opinion was the Hardest drinker? Not Hellraiser? It's hard to choose since Burton would sink up to three bottles of vodka a day for several years but Reed downed 106 pints of beer in a 36-hour period! My choice has to be Oliver Reed just for the fact that he actually died boozing it up and the quantity he drank that day was amazing! Three bottles of Capt. Morgan's Rum, eight pints of German Beer and half bottle of Scotch whiskey!!! WOW!!! So, whom would you people pick?

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  • What was Brian Kelly THINKING on Saturday?!!?

    Holy CHRIST!! The Irish are down on the ONE yard line getting ready to score and Dayne Crist fumbles the snap!! WOW! My question is why in GOD'S name did Kelly even put Crist in the game for a few plays? The guy is the all time worst QB ND has ever had and he takes that chance? Now, Brian Kelly is a great coach but was that not the dumbest move he's made at ND so far? I really hope some other Irish fans feels the same way.

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  • Why are the Baltimore Ravens STILL Relevant?!?

    Seriously.....the Ravens have won, ONE Super Bowl, that was in 2000 and not a day goes by that I don't hear somebody on radio or ESPN talk about Baltimore like they're one of the greatest teams in the NFL! Is this just because of Ray Lewis being on the team and if so why? Lewis isn't that great anymore. Please, somebody explain this to me cause I'm lost. Oh, and I'm not a Steelers or Browns fan...Green Bay is my team.

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  • Standing Water near foundation of the House?

    The past three days, I've noticed standing water right outside my house near the bushes. I finally call the City water Dept and they tell us to look and see if our meter is running without water being on. I did this and the meter isn't running which means no leaks. What could be causing this? It's leaking from somewhere because the water isn't freezing and it's only 10 degrees here where I live. Thanks

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  • Will Brian Kelly be able to get Notre Dame back to being a contender?

    He's had a great record everywhere he's coached but I still have a few doubts about his ability to make ND a great team once again! I wont take away that the entire team looks like they in a lot better shape than they were under Weis. Kelly is going to have one HELL of a time recruiting the players he needs at ND. The admissions at ND are so strick and tough that I really think Kelly's hands are tied in that department. He's probably the best man for the job but maybe he made a mistake taking the coaching job too. What do all you IRISH fans think? Thanks!

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  • Is Collin Cowherd starting to get REAL annoying or is it just me?

    I've listened to his show for two-years now and in the last few months it just seems like he's become very bitter and negative on almost every aspect of the sports world. The worst being College Football By college football I mean it seems like it all began with the NCAA's investigation of USC and Reggie Bush. In the Herd's opinion you can't say ANYTHING bad about the PAC 10, or USC. I hate USC for many reason's but there's no denying that they're a great team but for God sake, all he's done in the past few months is defend everthing having to do with them! USC is # 1 no matter what and Ohio State(the Big 10) sucks, they're schedule's are too easy and so forth. I'm a Notre Dame fan and at least most of us ND fans have the guts to admit that we suck and at times play some easy schools but Herd won't even admit it when USC plays an easy team....once again it's okay if they do it. Does ANYONE else get this from Cowherd? I sure hope so!

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  • Does Notre Dame look better on Defense or was it just me?

    Being a HUGE Notre Dame fan, I was very skeptical yesterday as to how they were going to look on the field. However, watching the game I actually noticed that we actually had a pass rushing defense that didn't let up for the first time since the Lou Holtz era began! And yes, I know that defense is Coach Kelly's thing but did the defensive team look a hell of a lot better or was I just seeing things? If so, then all we need is a little more work on Offense and hopefully the Fightin' Irish can be contenders again.

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  • Shin-Soo Choo & Indians?

    Well, looks like the Indians re-building season is off to a great start just like Mark Shapiro predicted so here's my question: When will the Indians trade away Shin-Soo Choo for another no name bumb from Triple A? Think about it, he's one of the best players on the team so it stands within reason that they'll let him go doesn't it? Yeah I know there will be a few of you to call me out as if I'm an idiot but just remember TWO names: C.C. Sabbathia and Cliff Lee and look what we got in return for both....******* Nobody! I'll give the trade sometime in mid to late August.

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  • LOST Finale......Confused Here!?

    Okay, I watched the final episode of LOST. I know the entire show was open to interpretation but the final scene had me confused! Yeah I know they were all dead and they all joined one another before "moving on" but did they all die in the original plane crash and was the Island just a Limbo for everyone? And what the hell was with the plane flying over head before Jack dies?

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  • Crosby or Ovechkin to Pass Gretzky?

    I'm not a big fan of either player but I'd just like to know whom YOU feel is on the best track to surpass Gretzky? Seems that all the NHL analysts want Crosby cause he's the poster boy for the NHL but I'm just curious as to other fan's opinion on this one? If I had to pick right now it would be a toss up! Down the road I hate to say it but it'll probably be Crosby.

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  • Matt Cooke a Pussy? and should he be suspended?

    Watching Don Cheery and the replays last nite, I'm convinced that Matt Cooke is a pussy and gutless for the hit he put on Matt Savard a few nights ago! Cheery is right when he said he should be suspended but that won't work even if he was! I would LOVE to see Cooke take a cheap shot at Alex Ovechkin....but he doesn't have the balls to do so! A few of my Penguins friends are now worried that Crosby will be the one to get his clock cleaned cause of the dirty cheap shots by Cooke. I have a feeling that someone is going to really hurt Cooke and Crosby here before the season's out....any thoughts?

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  • Cheating girlfriend? Help me out!?

    For the past yr, I've suspected my girlfriend had been seeing a guy she works with behind my back. It seemed liked a lot added up. She would only call when she needed something, never wanted to be around me and so on. Whenever I would bring it up she got very defensive about it which tipped me off that something was going on! Move ahead to the end of August, 2009. Her 15 yr. old son commited suicide. I was NEVER told about him being in the hospital until the day he died and even then she never told me, her mother did! But that's not the best part, I was bannised from attending her son's funeral, a boy I'd taken under my wing and had treated like a son for five-years. Reason given: She didn't wanna tell me cause she was afraid I would start drinking again. Yeah, what a bunch of bullshit huh? Needless to say I will never forgive for that move! Well, just recently, I find out from a story her older daughter posted on Facebook, that this other guy Dwayne was @ the hospital with my g/f and her family and was even at the funeral. Once again when I brought it up to her she denied it and became very defensive. But why would her daughter make this up? To end this, I finally told her that it's finally over and she can go to Dwayne and not have to worry about me anymore! And yes, she began to cry like the baby she is and tells me to believe what I want. So....did I make the right move? Does everything add up to her seeing this guy behind my back? Tell me what you think. Thanks

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  • Colts or Saints and Why?

    It would be nice to see a first time team in the Super Bowl win it but I have to say the Colts will win this one, just for the plain fact that Peyton is too good a QB and always seems to find a way to win. Especially in a big game.

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  • Favre coming back or do you really care?

    Honestly I gave up caring a long time ago about Favre once he became a little baby cause the Packers didn't wanna play his little cat and mouse game. I do think that he will return with the Vikings after getting this far. But not before he plays another game of cat and mouse and cries his alligator tears. He loves the spotlight too much to stay out of it. A lot more than football,that's been proven!!

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  • Will Heads Roll in Vikings Organization?

    Ok, seriously.... Favre was brought to the Vikings to WIN the Super Bowl this season and to get back at the Packers for letting him go. From what I get out of this is that Brad Childress never wanted Favre to begin with and was forced into working with him and second, now that the Vikings won't be going to the Super Bowl who in the Vikings organization will take the blame for it? I really think Brad Childress will. Not right away but somethings coming down. We all knew that Brad and Favre didn't like each other and that Favre ran that team so do u think it would be fair to punish Childress for this choke of a QB which Favre proved to be once again?

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  • Does anybody think that Mayweather can take a hard punch?

    I'll give Mayweather the speed in the ring and his combo punching is good but in the last few fights I saw of him, he never really had any hard shots on him. That makes me believe more than ever that Manny will take him out. Manny is a sledgehammer puncher and along with his speed, he can take a hard hit and keep coming at ya'! I honestly don't see Mayweather, Jr. winning this fight at all!!

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