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i will try and answer all questions the best i can.. i do want to help anyone i can if i have the experience and knowledge to help them,, i have learned a lot from past experiences.. i do not claim to know it all.. no one does i know but i am sincere in wanting to help those i can...

  • how can i keep people from sending me questions from yahoo.....i would not mind but some of them are so stupid

    i keep getting emails from people on yahoo wanting me to answer the question.....most of them are so off the wall and questions i do not even understand.......i know there is a way but i am forgetful and do not know what to do and without hurting anyones if you can please.

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  • why switch me from surgeon to so many doctors?

    i started out with the colon surgeon and they found something wrong ......they kept giving me test and now have found abnormal lungs plus other things they will not do anything about until they know more about what is going on.......does doctors tell you the truth when you are really ill......i have another ct scan and chest ex ray and contrast monday to see more of the lungs........why do they keep changing me to doctors i do not a will they know if it is cancer on my lungs was benign in the colon but they wanted to remove ulcerative parts but that has been put on hold now.....will doctors usually tell a manic depression person who lives alone the truth.............

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  • i have stop sign threat scanner and it says i have a trojan?

    but after i run the program then it says it put it in quarantined....ok the windows defender said there is nothing harmful on my computer..but everytime i run the stop sign threat scanner this one trojan keeps coming back and then they quarantine it can i get rid of this and know my computer is really safe...

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  • relationships?

    why would a woman that has lived in abusive relationship almost all of her adult life still miss a man that left her because she went to be with her mom last thanksgiving instead of staying with which her mom died the next month..he showed signs of easily angered, controlling. but she gave her heart...he was not like this until they began making love..and he said he loved her but when she came home 2 thanksgiving day he moved his old girlfriend in before the next sunday..why after all this time would she still hurt over this and she knows she is better it the fact she is getting older and does not want to be alone or that she really believed they had something special..why does a man says he loves someone and does this................

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  • is there a free site to go to clean up your registry and remove junk?

    i need something to clean up the computer after i have uninstalled programs...i have a cleaner and defragmenter but i know there should be more free space..i heard there was a free cleaner that was safe to use on windows xp...any ideas........

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  • a contolling man broke up with me because i went to spend the last thankgving with my mom...but it still hurts

    this guy i have been seeing for about 8 months even though he is a controlling kind of guy and i know i did now want or need a guy like this in my life...and the way he talked to me and treated me sometimes was really bad..i have grandchildren and i want them in my life and he wanted me more to his self all the time..i went down to be with my mom who is dying in a nursing home for thanksgiving and i would of liked to been with hurts to see my mom in her condition...but i come back and i call there and he has another women there who says she is his girlfriend, and has been for the last 2 weeks..well i was with him just a few days ago and i guess he was just lying to me..i think he got mad because i was going to be with my mom...he already informed me he was not going to raise any more kids, why am i hurting over this...i guess it is the way she answered the phone and what she said and he did not have guts enough to tell me anything..any help will be appreciated

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  • i would like to know why i cannot find myself on the leaderboard?

    i have looked on the leaderboard the last few weeks and i have not been on it anywhere...can you explain this to me...

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  • my mother is to protective of me and how should i handle this.?

    i know im my moms only ddaughter but i dont want any more body-guards and when i try to explian my fellings to her she never understands and she gets all hiped up abouy it.

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