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  • Racism??? I was just wondering how many people have actually dealt with racism here...?

    The other night my fiance (black male) and I (white female) tried to go see a movie at Universal Citywalk, Orlando, FL when we were yelled at and kicked out. It started when we were on the people mover and reached the "The Knuckle", where valet is and walked over to the next people mover we were shoved by some and decided to just walk the rest of the way (along with others who did the same). The security guard only went after my fiance, not me or any one else (who all happened to be white or hispanic). My fiance turned around and went back on the people mover and of course was upset, that's when the guard went to far and decided to kick us out. Even afterwards people still went down the same way that we tried to but none were stopped, and none were black.

    This isn't the first time that Universal has discriminated against us, but it definitely is the last. Just was wondering if anyone else has a similar story. Also wanted to inform people of how Universal feels about blacks.

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  • Please Help!!!?

    I was about 10 weeks pregnant and recenlty had a miscarriage. When they did the ultrasound they said that the heartbeat stopped when I was about 6weeks along. I actually went to the hospital when I was 6weeks and they said everything was fine with the baby. When the hospital pulled up the records they told me that the day I went the baby's heartbeat was actually about 50 beats shorter then average. Anyway my question is, is there anything that the hospital could have done to help save my baby?

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