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  • residual speech errors?

    When I was a kid I had a very bad speech impediment. I spent 7 years in speech therapy learning how to talk correctly. After 7 years I wasn't 100% better - but I was a lot better. There are still a few words/sounds I cannot say. But most words are words that do not get used a lot. Anyhow... I've noticed lately when I am stressed, occasionally I will say something incorrectly (that I usually say correctly). I even may slammer a little, trying to get the word out. It doesn't happen very often - but I tend to worry.

    Could this be something normal given my history? Or the stress? I'm 25 years old.

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  • Sudden Diarrhea and itchy hives?

    I have no idea what causes this in me.

    It first happened when I was 19. I ate something I had never had before, and shortly after wards I got horrible stomach pains, then diarrhea and then itchy hives from my head to my toes. This all lasts about one hour, then it goes away.

    Then it happened again like a year later and it seems to happen a couple times a year for me now.

    But it happens even after I've not eaten anything new.

    Sometimes the hives come first, sometimes the stomach pains. It seems to start to get better after the diarrhea is over.

    I have no known allergies. I do have IBS, and I'm not sure if this plays a role in it. I'm 25 now and had another "attack" tonight. Oddly enough I think they always happen at night. It happened like hours after I had eaten.

    Anyone know what this could be or have any advice??? Please!!!

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  • Post op Check up after D&C?

    So I went to my check up today and the doctor told me I needed to have blood tests done to make sure my hormones are back to normal I guess and also wants me to have a pelvic ultrasound completed. I thought it was really weird she didn't do a pelvic exam.. she only pushed down on my stomach. I don't have the money for the Hcg tests (blood work) or the ultrasound, so I refused the service. It seems odd to me.. is this what most doctors do after a D&C??

    She said they needed to make sure everything was out and nothing was left over...

    I have no bleeding, no cramps, & no pain. She told me I needed to be on pelvic rest and not to lift anything heavy because I am at risk of bleeding.. which again seems odd to me.

    The doctor who performed the D&C is a different doctor. He is on vacation. He told me at the hospital I could have sex two weeks after the operation. This seems to be the norm from what I have read online too...

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  • Rub my eyes & see streaks?

    I noticed after an outpatient surgery I just had (not eye related), that when I rub my eyes I see horizontal lightening streaks.

    I recall my eye doctor telling me a year ago if I ever saw lightening streaks to come in and see him. Did he mean when I rub my eyes too? Or is it only something to be worried about when you see them with your eyes open? I don't have have insurance right now, so I can't really go see him.

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  • My kitchen smells like paint & I didn't paint.?

    So yesterday I noticed my kitchen smells like paint (or something similar).

    I have a gas stove, but everything I have read & been told tells me leaking gas smells like old eggs.

    So does that rule out the chance of a gas leak?

    I haven't painted & I do not have paint in the room or nearby rooms.

    Could it be my fridge??

    Any help appreciated! And if you say it's Gas please explain why!!

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  • Where can I buy the program Brother PE-Design 5.0??

    Hi. My mother is actually looking for this program. If anyone knows where it can be purchased online or at a certain shop please let me know.

    And yes - I have already checked EBAY. All they have are the upgrades for the newer versions.

    If anyone can find V. 6.0 that would be fine as well.


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  • Pregnant & Retaining Water?

    Hi. I am 8 weeks pregnant and retaining water horribly. My legs are so swollen that the weight of the water is actually putting to much pressure on my blood vessels, causing red areas in many places.

    My biggest probem - it hurts! It hurts soooo much to move.

    After about 4 days of it I went in and saw my doctor. All he said was to elevate my legs for 20 minutes a day and he gave me an antihistamine to take at night.

    I'm worried though. It's so painful. My feet and legs up to my knees are swollen. My hands and elbows do not appear swollen, yet they hurt too and have a red spot on my left hand like on my legs.

    When you are pregnant can you take water pills? If not.. how do you help to reduce the water retaining???

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    Pregnancy1 decade ago
  • Credit Card Debt - Need help.?

    I am 22 years old and I can see my self quickly going into debt with two credit cards I have.

    1st. I owe $1450, and make payments on time.

    2nd. I owe $3559, I am over and the interests rate and late fees have already bulked up an extra $300. I just became over and stopped making payments two months ago. My min payment for next month is $240!

    I don't know what to do. I think I want to transfer them both onto one credit card, but how do people do this? I would need a credit card with at least $5500 credit. When you already have bad credit how do you get a credit card with such a large credit on it?

    How would I go about getting a loan? Where would I go. I have been searching and I'm just so lost. I just want to take care of this before it all gets out of hand.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Pirate wedding cake topper?

    Hi. I'm looking for a pirate wedding cake topper around $50 or less.

    I found this:

    And I like the figureine only - does anyone know where I could get this figurine? I've searched yahoo and google for hours.

    If not that - at least where I can get a pirate wedding cake topper (a couple, like the picture).

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  • Long Hair - nothing to do with it!?

    Hi. I have long hair and I would like to start styling it in different ways, but I know nothing about styling it or how to. All I can do is put it in a ponytail. Does anyone know any easy ways of fixing up long hair? Or any book or website reccomendations?

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  • I need to rent a cheap area in So. Cali for a wedding of 250 guests.?

    I am getting married this July. I have everything except the place! Everywhere is so expensive here. I'm looking for some space to rent for under $1000. I don't want to do it on the beach (unless I can rent a private beach). A large outside yard, a hall - ANYWHERE with some space. I just need the space, I can do the deco and everything else. If anyone knows anywhere in Southern CA (I live in orange county CA, willing to travel an hour or so away.) I'd prefer July 15, or a Saturday in July.

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