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  • What should i do, stay with her or move on?

    ok for about 4 years ive been with this girl who weve been getting back together and breaking on and off for almost 2 years now. At the first part of our relationship it was difficult because i was in the military. To move on recently weve split up alot in the past year. Ive been having alot of trust issues with her because some of the shady things she did to me when i was deployed, i know relationships are based on trust...but let me explain. So far in the past 3 weeks i have broken up with her, and gotten back with her. We were supposed to move into an apt together, but i backed out because she was giving me crap about some girl i talked to over a year ago during one of our split ups, because she had seen her somewhere that day. So the stress level was there and i backed out. Well everytime i move on, i cant stop thinking about her! It eats me up to know maybe she has really changed, and then i hate thinking well someone else will get my spoils. I just really love this girl. It sucks so i end up textin her and telling her how i feel and we get back together but right before we go any further i get spooked and run away again. At this point she's pissed because i keep doing that, not because i want to, but everytime i get close to her again i think that she might be up to something. So right now i have a place at the beach with a roomate of mine, and im basically stuck on what to do. We kinda are talking again and plan to meet up after she gets out of work, and who knows?! But i dont want to hurt her again for backing out because i think things in my head. So should i stay with her and move in, orrrr stay at the beach and party because spring break is all in march. Im open for suggestions but partying isnt everything when you care for someone.

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  • This is just for girls! I need a girls opinion!?

    OK as clear as i can put it this is what i need to know...I was this girl for over 3 years and at the beginning she wasnt what you would call faithful, and considerate. I was in the army and she was a back at home girl. Yea, it's one of those things. Well during my deployment she did some shady things and basically broke my heart because i did love her and she was engaged to me. To list the one that bothered the worse she was with my friends, and sleeping in one of my friends beds while i was gone. There's much more but that one took the cake. Well it's been 2 yrs since then and i cant seem to forget that. Its just really hard because i treated her right. Recently we ended up breaking up and this went on for a month till about a week ago she ran into me at the local bar and came up to me and hugged me and started crying. She said she still loved me and that she always has. But me and my unforgiving ways i cant seem to get over that. Dont get me wrong i do love the girl and have gone through a great deal of pain, but i just cant seem to forgive her. At the same time there is another girl, but it's nothing like that that i have been talking to and dating off and on kinda taking it slow. She's a really good person, and she's a good girl also. At the same time my ex is trying to work things out with me so im caught with my ex and this new girl. I dont know what to do. Im just confused because i do love my ex, but at the same time she has been with a couple of my friends in the past before me, but it buggs the s**t out of me because they have been with her. I just need ex is now the girl ive always wanted her to be, but its hard to let go of the past, and yea i know i have to if i want to make it work, but why cant i!!! So any advice wut should i i give her a chance, or what's done is done and move on. I just hate to see my ex cry and be miserable because i know she cares and i dont want for her to go through that kind of pain. So if anything any advice will help. Thanks

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  • Should i back off, or should i leave her alone.?

    Ok ive been dating this girl for almost a week now from my class. We went out on a first date and we clicked great. Weve gone to lunch another day, and everything seemed fine. She said she was interested, and so am i. BUT...for some reason on some nights, she says she's going to call back and doesnt. The next day she says she was out chilling with her friends, and yes she's honest ofcourse there are girls and guys. Now i dont mind, but it bothers me where she dissappears. She wants to take things slow and so do i, butttt i just want to know what's up with that disappearing stuff. No text, no call, just nothing. I just want to know what's up so if not i can just let her do her thing and i can go do mine. I would do it now, but ive done the homework on this girl and all ive heard is goodthings. And i do like her to where i want to keep it respectful to not talk to anyone else. But yet she does this. She does call me everyday inbetween her classes, and on her lunch, but sometimes during the night she disappears and next day just says she was out at a kickback. To cut it short, what do i do? Should i back off? She wants to have lunch tomorrow but im not sure if i even want to show up to class so that way we wont go. Any advice?

    P.S. she has been hurt in the past, and she's always tellng me to "behave please" i ask her why and she says because she kinda feels like im doin something, but im honestly not!

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  • What degree should i aim for? INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS.?

    OK, well here it is right now im going on my 2nd year for my MBA in international business. I want to go for a minor in mandarin chinese as well. My biggest concern is after for a while doing my homework on international business, is that i dont know if it will pay off with that much school. At the same time im looking at a software engineer. Im just confused. It all comes down to basically dont want to go to school for a long time just to be making 50k a year, do you get me? Well anything will help or any advice or knowledge that anyone might have. Thanks for your time.

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  • which color for a ducati 1098 red or yellow?

    Ok well ive been thinking about it for a month now and going to purchase a 1098 ducati soon. The only thing that is bugging me is the color preference. RED is so sexy but yet YELLOW is so exotic. I just cant make up my mind on what i want. So im basically taking a week poll on red or yellow. Dont get me wrong ive been looking at the agusta and damn they areeee beatiful!!! But the new 1098 has me stoked on such a superb frame. So just let me know and thanks.

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  • I need help with itunes? Anyone help....?

    Ok check it out, i have an abundance of music. But ive noticed there's a repeat of the same song about 2-3x and there just dead copies. I need help to get rid of those dead copies.


    Incubus-i wish you were here

    Incubus-i wish you were here

    Incubus-i wish you were here<~~~~but that one only works and the others you get me?

    is there a way to get rid of this and leave the original copy? Thanks

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  • How can i unsend mail from myspace that ive sent?

    I sent off mail to a person and they havent read it, i need to unsend it if it's possible? Is it....?

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  • Who thinks transformers was good?

    Saw it July 2nd, and it was a superb movie!!! Highly recommend you to go see it!!! I give it HIGH FIVE, GREAT SUCCESS!!

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  • Your worst pickup lines told to you ever! All welcome M&F.?

    Ok well i was eating at this restaurant last night "Old Chicagos" and this hostess comes up to me and says, you must be the matrix, cuz im the one. I couldnt help but laugh, and the funny thing is that this was a girl. She was really pretty, so i did invite her after her shift to sit down and chat...but id have to say that was creative, funny, but a lil lame.

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  • Where are the national guard units located in Texas?

    Im thinking about joining the national guard, but where would they be located in Texas, as far as cities? Also if possible when they have been deployed as well. Thanks

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  • Music lovers......which is your favorite alternative, emo,

    For me top 2-------Incubus, The Fray

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  • Question for me and only me!!! Only girls kkkkk?

    Allright ladies, should i work for my 8 pack or just leave my abs the way it is. And yesss that is me in the pic. Just wonderin cuz ive been thinking about it alot. That pic was taken on land between the lakes. If you need more just let me know. Just need advice. Not sure....and if your a guy posting you like me dont

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  • Heineken or Corona? Which is your fav.......??????

    Gotta love that bout you?

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  • Getting out of the Military (army). Still got 5 yrs left on my contract. Should i join national guard, or....?

    Well basically i leave the army in about 30 days. I do know i have 5 years left on my contract. I was thinking about joining the national guard, and play my options that way. Basically i really dont feel like deploying again, cuz it sucks. Yea yea i know what i joined for and people say suck it up, unless they've been there...and actually have been through sh it and seen it. I just want to know is it better to leave and not join anything and be on what im guessing inactive reserves, or go national guard. Anyone's advice is welcome...but just advice...not sarcasim. Just trying to do the college thing and trying to get my life together without having the worrying of being called up. My last question is if i do get called up and i dont show up...what is the penalty for not showing? Thanks, just as a note im from texas and that's where ill be, and my mos 13d "artillery tactical data systems specialist."

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  • Sick of being a nice guy!!!?

    When i dated alot of girls and just had my fun, i nvr got hurt. Then i go for this one girl and it turns to sh it. I didnt do anything behind her back and she went straight to the friends. Then i try and talk to another chick and then i feel like she's playing games. I know shes still in love with her ex since it was a week ago they broke up and that was her first, and 3yr relationship. She says dont talk to any other girls as the same i expect from her. She doesnt seem like a girl to do that, and you can usually wtf? I call and show interest give it to her good, but phuck atleast tell me what's up. Im thinking about being the same guy i was b4. Just sleep with them and leave girls say you want a nice hottlooking guy, great bod, great in bed, nice, sweet..all that cra p and then when you get it you sh it it away. Whats the deal with this chick? I like her i know she's hurting, im giving her time but what is she hiding, i cant fig it out. When i do she gets mad!

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  • Shes interested but then no call?

    ok here it is, she says she's' interested and says im great and really hott. We have slept together and she has told me that i was the only dude who made her *** on her back, which was something she didnt have to work for. She just got out of a serious relationship, and says she's not interested in that guy anymore and wants to talk to me. I try to see her that night and when i think i do, 30 min before something comes up. It never fails. I ask her why didnt she call the whole night and she said she had no way that her friends bf had the phone. Well then i guess she claims i dont trust her or something, when that's not the issue. She wants something serious, but then does the exact same thing the next day. I do like her and she claims she does also...but 4 some reason doesnt call. Her phone isnt working but her sisters is..and is capable of calling but she doesnt. What do i do? Do i just give it sometime and dont call or do i call again after she didnt call again lastnight? Grls advice

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  • Should i give her a chance??? Here it is...ive been with this girl for 2 1/2 years. I got engaged 2 her before

    i left i iraq in nov of 2005. The night b4 i went to iraq i wanted to talk to her for one last time and she chose to go out with her friends instead of talking to me. While i was deployed she went out 3x a week and would dance with many guys. Also during this deployement she slept in my friends bed twice and lied to me repeatedly. I never cheated on this girl, or mistreated her, and always was there. Since then when i got back in nov of 2006, she has been perfect...but i cant forget about all the stuff she's done. Everytime i would roll out the gates for a patrol i would always think about her and pray i would make it back that day so i could talk to her. She would promise she'd be waiting and then wouldnt be there. I would spend hundreds of dollars to talk with her and she would never be there. Now it bugs me to hell, i cant trust her i cant stop thinking about it and so i broke up with her. Now she wants a chance and i dont know if i can give her one...what do you think...anything???

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  • She hasnt called?

    Ok to sum it up, i met this girl. She did have a b/f she was with for 3yrs and broke up with him. She met me while she was having problems with the guy and we started talking. Yes we have slept together, but right before we did she called and broke up with him...i guess a guilty concious thing. Well things are great when we spend time together. I know what she's going thru is tough with 1st love and 3yr relationship. She tells me she wants more and i told her let's take it slow. The sex is great, and she says its really awesome. Well yesterday things couldnt have been better and her ex was calling nonstop. I knew she was thinking about it, but when she left she said she was gonna call when she got home and she never called. It's allready the next day and yet no text no nothing. Should i just leave this chick alone...i would like friends with privelages :) deal...but she wont answer or respond....i dont want to blow her off cuz i mean that's a piece of a s s. What do u think i should do

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  • Need advice for a girl?

    Im talking to a girl who says she likes me alot and says she really wants to have a relationship. Well she recently broke up with her ex who she has been with for 3 yrs, and he still calls and harasses her. Ofcourse she still cares for him, obviously but im getting the hint she's trying to still work things out with this guy. The other night i was supposed to see her and she said she couldnt because this guy was making her cry to much. So ofcourse i was bothered, and said what's there to think about....she said she doesnt want to be with anymore but wants to be with me. y does she keep letting him harass her? Another thing that same night she said she was just gonna sleep, and that she didnt want to do anything. I called her later on that night and i guess she accidentally answered, and i overheard her with her guessing what sounded like an argument. by her calling his name as if he was walking away. Were still talking but im gettin the feelin there is more to this can ne1help?

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  • Dui in Tennesee, but have a Texas Drivers license, and im in the military?

    ok here's my story. I got pulled over in april for a dui. I hired an attorney and went to my first gen session court on may 2. The DA there said he couldnt lower my charge so my attorney rescheduled for a different date which would be the 19th of june. Basically were hoping that this DA can do something. Well im currently in the military in kentucky, and this happened in nashville. I get out august 1 of this year, and plan to reg for school and go to college later in august. My question is that if nothing goes on this next time i go to court and the DA cant lower hit, and i reschedule will that affect me if im leaving? I really would like to go to court and i know what i did was wrong, i feel really bad for it and have no excuse. I just want to go home and start my career since, ive been deployed and served my country. I dont want to leave on a bad note and just leave without appearing...but what i do know is that i dont have time for the probation, or jail time. What2do?

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