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I love to go to the relationships questions. I love to dance, eat, and hangout with my friends <3

  • im so confused over him please help..?

    ok so i went out with this guy for 4 months and he broke up with me because he thot i was cheating on him which i didnt and i still have feelings for him and i just recently saw him at a party and we didnt talk at all to eachother but he has called me before and we were talking like we were cool..what should i do i want him back

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  • relationship problems?

    ive been going out with this guy for 2 months now weve known eachother since march and we were so perfect with eachother calling eachother everyday and hanging out saying we love eachother and he sounded so serious he was the first one to say i love you but now he never calls me we havnt talked for a week and all he does is get drunk he's 21 yrs. old its like he doesnt care about me and im afraid to call him because i know i will burst into tears what should i do? please leave an answer.

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  • Why are boys addicts in sex!?

    I like this one boy at my job he's 20 and im 17 he use to go to my school like 2 years ago i live in a small town and he lives in the same town but he dropped out of highschool and i told my friends about him and everyone is saying how he's such a manwhore! I hate that he has sex with alot of girls but i cant get over liking him for some reason should i stop liking him for that?

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  • Social Workers Anyone?

    okay well im looking for a career that involves with people and situations that i could help and im thinking about being a social worker for domestic violence or teens i would just like some answers like how many years of school do you need and how much is it for school to be a social worker? If anyone can help me with these questions it be great. Thanx :)

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  • New School!? :(?

    ughh im going to a new school because my parents found a new house in a small town and i live in the city so im going to go in a small town school. im nervous because small town and the city is different i dont know but if your in a small town highschool what do you guys do for fun? how do you fit in?

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  • Please read this i think i need help...?

    im 16 next month im turning 17 and school just started and i just think im stressing too much for my age. Like i stress over homework my grades im already struggling in geometry and i just got detention on my second day! im stressing over my job i work at mcdonalds, my looks, money for my car gas and insurance, and trying to get a boyfriend all at the same time. My stomach is always hurting me i dont know what to do my mom would just get mad at me if i told her. Again i stress too much i need help!

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  • Marines 411!?

    I have alot of questions about the marines im 16 years old. i go to their websites and stuff but its too complicated like i dont know what to do in it like security police or something or maybe even join airforce, navy, or i dont know just give me some good websites or from experience please.

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  • Am i that mean?

    ive never really had a real boyfriend you know when you really love that person and i think its because im not mean like a bully but i like to mess around like how boys mess around with other boys. I just think they like me as a friend but not like a girlfriend cause im not sweet like the other girls when there too nice and all the time i like to mess around is that bad boys like sweet girls?

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  • what to do when dogs get sick?

    we just came back from vacation and my dog was at a kennel in a vet place she came home sick and my dog keeps sneezing really hard and alot and she acts lazy could we use nyquail or tylenol for dogs or no? im worried :(

    11 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Stone cold movie 1991?

    Where can i buy that movie like at target, wal-mart, any stores like that. That sell old movies im trying to buy it for my step dad on his birthday because thats his favorite movie but we cant find it anywhere so if you know something can u please answer dis!

    3 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • color relationships!?

    ok im getting to really like beachy sporty white boys but they usually seem to like blonde haird girls and im brunette and mexican and ive never seen a beachy sporty white boy with a mexican..usually i date a mexican or an african boy but i dont get it are mexican girls attractive to white boys?

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  • runaway help?

    My teacher daughter keeps running away and they finally caught her and their only going to put her in detox for 1 day and there guna let her go and she's going to runaway again..The cops wont do anything cause she dont have a ticket and no one has pressed charges its so complicationg..wat should she do? any telephone numbers would help or watever just please answer this..!

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  • I gotta question?

    how do u download free songs on the computer and wat websites u go to?

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  • Da DRAMA club!?

    ok my best friend is acting like a hoe now sorry to be rude but she is now she's getting a lot of attention with boys i mean last year i did and she didnt now she is and im not i know it sounds like im jealous which im probably am but what should i do? talk to her, ignore it..?

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  • Any geniuses out there?

    ok here is a tricky math problem the numbers u use are 5,6,7,and 1. and u have to get 21 by using multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction by using them numbers 5,6,7,and 1 ok.

    7 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • Shoplifting!!?? At sixteen what happens..?

    I got caught shoplifting im sixteen years old what are my consequences? I live in nebraska do i go into juvenile courts or am i considered as an adult? If u can leave a website..

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police1 decade ago
  • help boy girl crisis...!?

    ok i had a fling wit this one boy if u know what i mean and i got feelings for him and now were like homebois and homegurls ok and he really likes one of my close friends and he keeps telling me his feelings about her and how much he likes her u kno? and i try to act like i dont care like i have no feelings for him but i really do!! But i know i would never ever fight over a boy with one of my friends never..what should i do should i try not to like him or what?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • im so CONFUSED..!?

    theirs this boy we've been talking for 3 weeks and already we've had sex twice but were not going out ok and i have feelings for him but i dont know if he does with me and we hangout with eachother but we still aint going out and we flirt with other people and stuff and i think we both get jealous i know he did cause he kept questioning me on a boy i was talking with and i dont know what to do. does he like me or is he using me?

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  • i hate havin feelings..!?

    ok i met this boy in myspace and we live in the same city and i hung out with him like all weekend and he's cool and very sweet and cute but now i have feelings for him and he hasnt called me why do u think he hasnt called me?

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • After sex problems...!?

    ok on halloween night i did it with this one boy name marco and i knew him for a long time and before we did it we were drinking and stuff and after we did it i started to have feelings for him this wasnt my first time and i never got feelings for the other people i did it with but with marco i did and i cant stop thinking about him. Do i really like him or what?

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