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I'm just an old hippy artist from the old school, I do things the hard way, by hand or nearly so anyway........ I am many times divorced, apparently " I'm bored" or so I've been told. I've just been diagnosed with epilepsy and so I'm kinda an inside person now. I'm loaded with all kinds of useless information un-needed by todays world, with the scent of a dogs nose and the eyes of a mole, guidance is much like that of a stingray and my skull? much like a steel plate (yeah right) Oh well. Anyway,.. I'm going blind.... but I blindly go there with a smile!!!!!!!! "Gungadin, Gungadin", a place for me God,..... my soul is yours Lord!!!!!!! there bar b que in heaven?.cuz there ain't none in Oregon!!!!!

  • Here's a crossover question, perceiving the edge of the universe expanding ?

    So, if we live in a universe that is either real or virtual, if you lived at the edge of the universe and it is constantly expanding, (hypothetically) You could go out into your front yard and look up at the sky and see what?.......Remember, this is a hypothetical question for both "real and virtual universes".....because it seems that nobody can agree on what kind of universe we live in.

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  • 2-D Holographic Universe Theory, Conjecture or a load of BS?...?

    I just listened to a program about this theory and it seems to have come up short of filling up the major matter of perception in that it doesn't consider more than one person's idea at a time, it can only perpetuate the conclusion that one person at a time is alive at any given time.....what say you?

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  • So, the universe is supposedly expanding....?

    Hypothetically, You live at a place right next to the edge of the expanding universe and you can just look up and see the edge of the universe, what does it look like?....Give me your best guess cuz I'm kinda interested in your theories on the matter.

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  • Did anyone else see this object in the sky? july 26th or27th 2014?...Don't think it was a UFO but...not a falling star either.?

    I live in Roseburg Oregon, about 11:00pm to 12:00pm on thre 26th or 27th of July I was out on my balconey looking up at the sky, about 12 to 15 degrees due north of directly overhead and I saw what I thought was a normal star but it began to get brighter and then even brighter and brighter over about 6 seconds and then it got very bright (staying in the same spot) then all of a sudden it just went out and wasn't there anymore. I tried to calculate the size of the light it was at it's brightest point by comparing it to something at arm's length and i would have to say it was about the size of a pea. Now, when I say it got very bright, I mean it was like a light bulb being viewed at a distance, not a flashbulb or something like that. It was like a lightbulb on a rheostat that was being turned up and then just switched off. Now I've seen alot of wierd things in my life, even trash that drops into the atmosphere and burns up, this was nothing like that. The entire reason I'm posting this at all is that two other people within a few block of here saw the same thing I did and said something about it yesterday and I overheard their conversation and took part in it with them, I was wondering if anybody in ANSWERS might have seen this saw well?...or have any idea what it could have been?

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  • trying to find out about a collection company trying to collect a debt from me for a cell phone I never had.?

    A company called "convergent" & also "palisades" has contacted me several times about a cell phone account I never had from back in the early 2000s in Texas ( I now live in Oregon ) and are claiming I owe them over $700.00. I never had a cell phone when I lived there. They have just sent me a form to file a claim of "theft of identifty" & thereby service" but no way to return the form. I looked the company up online and all I found were complaints about the company and how they were nothing but a scam but nothing in detail......does anybody know anything more about this company or how to find out about the situation I'm in?... because I'm certainly at a loss for answers.

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  • will Yahoo answers ever let me back on Yahoo answers?

    I accidentally offended an atheist person "and for that I am sorry" and Yahoo has apparently taken away my account or is not allowing me to use my account but has not informed me that I am permanently banned but I asked for an appeal on this matter. How long before they let me know something? I never intended on offending whoever it was who reported me.

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  • why can't I get onto yahoo answers?

    just yesterday I tried to answer a question in yahoo answers but after typing in my answer, it would not let me log the answer in, I tried this again and it did the same thing. cannot figure this out. what gives?

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  • the higgs boson particle, possible a photon in disguise?

    Some time ago, in a magazine in a deep pile in a stack in my studio, maybe it was sci-am or discover or omni or some such thing, I saw an illustration that has haunted me for 20 some odd years, it was a practical illustration of a ball breaking out of a computer monitor, perhaps some of you recall this. Well Since the "Higgs Boson" particle has become such an issue I have had a theory os a particle that can travel faster than time but only for the tiniest portion of a nano second, meaning it would have to expand to an enormous size and then either explode or evaporate, in so doing (especially in a facility like cern) it would certainly explain and explosion in the magnetic ring before the particle got to one of the two staions for collecting, you have to recall the the two beams that run in opposite directions are only kept in line by a magnetic field but if two particles somehow fell out of the field by accident for whatever the cause might be and hit each other, the colision force would be enourmous and the lone particle would be does anyone think the Higgs Boson could be a ordinary particle like a photon that has gathered more mass than normal or in a different state of flux or happenstance?....cuz if this is the case,...the Higgs Boson would be very rare indeed on earth but possibly very common near a quasar or pulsar.....anybody agree?......or does this just seem crazy? cuz I have other ideas about ordinary particles who then camoflage themselve's as other particles in certain situations.....I'm no supporter of string thoery or the big bang though I'm a supporter on the here and now and curious about what particles might exists on the very smallest of scales, things we cannot detect because our machines are so incredibly big. I think we need to build a bigger accelerator with larger dectotors and incredibly smaller camera types in every spectrum.

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  • question about recurring sequence of numbers?

    I have a wierd question about a recurring sequence of numbers that I'm always noticing around me and it has to do with my birthday but my birthday isn't really my birthday. I keep noticing the numbers 1007, I see it either in prices or on clock faces (whether it's a regular clock or digital) or on odd items in stores, at auctions,in all kinds of places and things. I was an adopted kid (I'm 52 now) and I found my birth mother, she claims I was born on the 10th of october which would be 1010, but I still keep seing 1007 all over the place and it just drives me bonkers.....I'm wondering if theres' any significance to this string of numbers or if I'm indeed "just freakin nuts". I've already spoken to a shrink about it and she just sluffed my observation off and said it was an obsessive subconcious thing and not to think about it (which I'm doing here) hahahahaha!!!!....I'm interested in hearing any ideas anybody has about observation theories.....I've heard about this kinda thing before but I didn't give it much wieght......So go ahead folks.

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  • question about numbeness and swelling, look at details?

    I'm an epileptic but it's under control, two weeks ago I had some numbness in my right hand that came and went and came back and then crawled up to my elbow and then up to my shoulder a few days later,..I figured it would go away but the next day (new years night) it went into my neck up to my chin and so Jan 1st I went to the ER because it was kinda painful in my right upper chest as well....So they did chest x-ray but I told the doctor I had a gut feeling that it was from an old head wound from an old siezure injury well, "nothin doin" they x-rayed my chest" and found nothing (of course) but found my white cell count elevated to 15,000. sent me home with pennicilin. So I went home and rested and woke up a few hours later and my freakin face was swollen up on the left side like a mellon and it's kinda painful. Again I returned to the ER with my ugly face and asked to be seen and they got me in about 5 minutes later (amazing for that hospital) and gave me a shot of Tordol, called my personal doctor and got me an appointment for the same day. So I went in and saw a stand in doctor who gave me Augmentin and tordol pills. well, I've taken four doses so far and the swelling has just gotten worse. I have not been bitten by anything that I know of. This old injury to my face happened 6 years ago to my left upper cheekbone where I fell and pushed my glasses through my cheekbone during a severe siezure.....Now, I have thre scripts, pennicilin,Augmentin and tordol,....I also take Xanax, topomax, trileptal, benedryl,thiamine,terazosin,folic acid& aspirin....oh yeah, melatonin too......I asked my pharmacist( he's a genious) about these symptoms and he couldn't explain them to any I'm asking here.....anybody got any ideas?.....Bell's palsy?,.....MS?, anything wild?, I'm all but one eye now cuz my left eye is swelling shut now.......but ready to read any answers that come up here with my right please answer away.


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  • I think my cat is strange, I might be renting my house just for him.?

    Several things here, #1. We live in Oregon and it's cold here and we move into one room for the winter. Our cat "Angel"(his highness) an 18 pound 41inch long gray/silver MUTT. has some odd behaviors, talents maybe?...he can meow and it sounds like human words, some classic "Mama, hungry(two syables) stopppppppp, pleaseeeee, Donttttt, & daddddd, and a few others,. one is two sylables "Nathan"...and some others that almost sound like he's possessed...(but he aint) he can also reach and trun a doorknob....he has this habit though, he lays down near his food bowl and reaches in and pulls out a few pieces of dry food, pulls them out and eats a few pieces and then does it a few more times,...this has developed into his placing his head into the bowl, laying down infront of it and then turning on his side and tipping the bowl onto it's side so the food runs into his mouth as if he were a human being......Now, he tried to wake me up without walking across my face like he used to do,.....his litter box is near my bed,....about 8:00am he goes and takes a huge stinking dump and it' so bad that my eyes water and my nose burns!!!!!!!! seriously. That dosen't happen the rest of the times during the day when he uses the litter I have to get up and clean his litter and go back to bed, the moment i get up, he wants me to give him fresh food and water, if i do it, he lays back down and the world is well for, on the bright side, he won't eat just any food, he won't eat expensive food, not canned food or food from a pouch, he only eats the cheapest food you can buy, he hates science diet and Iams and purina so we get the store brand dry food....he's 10 years old and still spry and youthful, he likes hide and seek and plays with string and all that. Now if we leave for a few days and we creep feed him, we come back and he's crapped on my bed or peed on it or on some other thing that we use as furniture and that TICKS ME OFF........I love this old cat, he's part of me but he makes as good a dog as he does a cat....I'm not so sure about him's as if we rent this place for him and him alone.....thoughts anyone?


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  • an idea for a new kind of reflecting telescope, anybody interested?

    about 30 years ago back when i was a sign painter in Waco, texas, I had the opportunit to work with 8 ft. x 8 ft. plexi-mirror/lexan...we had to cut this in a circle for a decoration to be placed in a bar/lounge interior and at one point we sat this lexan mirror on a cattle water trough (TROF) which was metal and noticed that it sunk in the middle in a rather symetrical fashion which created a concave mirror by about 3 the time it didn't cathc my attention but later on down the line I made a drum and the head was Mylar with a silver coating, this drum was big and was more decorative than anything else. When it was place in it's back, the drum top sagged and again made a slightly concave surface and I saw a particluar cloud much closer.(cuz we were outside).....since then I've had this idea of creating a large drumlike structure that could be controlled for surface tension due to temperatures via a vaccuum and a recieving lens attached to the outside of the drum (which has a sealed back)......and the recieving lens could be adjusted by a computer. now, the diameter of this kind of telescope is simply ultrdeterminable in that it could be any size, from 4 feet to 400 feet (in space) depending on the materials used as opposed to the hubble telescope we use now and it would be a heck of alot cheaper and easier to build in space......I've tried this on the ground of course and it works except that I'm not a really great amateur astronomer and could use some help tweaking this thing.....the specs work but my machine has some weak spots, I need some really good machined parts which I can't afford to have made but I think the basic design is sound.....the large mirror is completely adjustable as far as it's concavity is concerned and the final lens is adjustable as are the final lenses in any tube type reflector scope......I worked only with a 4" scope to get the idea from and the 4 foot scope mirror with lexan mirror, I also tried it with a mylar emergency blanket, it surprised me how well the emergency blanket worked too but it had micro cracks in the coating and it showed up in the focusing (or so I though) but the idea works (on earth) but I think there are other materials that could work in soace and others that could work on earth too but I'm not sure what they are......just wondering if there are any Einstein guys out there among you who could add to this......offer away guys and gals. I'm all eyes and the way, this works off of a sealed round base tanks 2 feet high 4 feet dia- with the top being lexan mirror and a vaccuum pump to cause the defromation in the mirror to become concave, the gathering lense or secondary lense is a common one at the end of a square tube steel structure and works best with a ccd camera, it does vibrate alot in the wind so i have only used it in a still setting when the weather is please......offer away.


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  • Can I really see better if this happens?...oh yeah there's details.?

    about 6 years ago I moved to Oregon and began having severe siezures, the first of which was violent and I fell and jammed my glasses through my left lower orbit on the upper cheekbone. since then my left eye's sight just sucks. I'm 52 and an illustrator/artist. On top of that I have diabetes type 2 (just since then) and summarily I've kinda had to retire with jobs on my easel which has kinda pissed some people off. Anyway, through all of this, I've gone through 7 severe siezures and about 200 other smaller siezures until about October 1st 2010 when I was hospitalized for another severe siezure, I went to a huge hospital in Portland oregon where they found some new stuff goin on and treated me for it. Since then only two small siezures. So in January I get all new glasses and maybe a thing called "a cornea re-shaping"...I have no idea if this will work but I'd like to know if anyone else knows what the hell it is. Now, it sounds suspicious to me and my insurance is a kinda county thing and I'm on disability. I know alot of stuff about medicine but not a thing about optical stuff except that my present glasses just plain suck. I'd like to be able to paint again and be able to get off disability one day but if my prospects of having decent vision are based on "being an American in the depression"....then what's the point?....I painted for a living the better part of 33 years and so now due to this epilepsy crap, I'm forcefully retired (unwillingly) and kinda housebound and afraid to go around anywhere that I'm too far from a hospital....So if I get new glasses in january, are my prospects of seeing better just a shoirt term fix or better than that,...anybody got a clue?.prefferably someone that actually knows about this kinda thing?...Id appreciate an honest opinion.


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  • I need to know if anyone knows about any kind of lung infection that shows spiral formations on x-rays?

    spiral looking formations in the lungs in many places,? could it possibly be thread worms? I have a freind of mine who has several large dogs that he lives with in the forrest away from the city, he also has a problem with mold in his home and he almost sounds like he has pneumonia and has a really hard time speaking, he has gone to the hospital and had the x-rays done but the doctors there don't know what it is and they don't know how to treat him, this is Oregon,Basically the world's largest trailer park and a very backward state and more like a "territory"...does anyone know anything about this type of thing?...or heard of anything like this (please...please don't anyone refer me to episodes of HOUSE M.D.)...I've seen them all and I already have referred to alot of the theories of them, my friend needs real help from real medicine, not just aspirin and hot tea and burnign sage and indian dances.....these x-rays are really odd cuz they all appear to be spiral formations and they are in multiple places and are many and not just one or two....I don't think this is simple pneumonia....or TB...and I don't think it's mold....but I could be wrong....please respond cuz this could be life or death in a short period of time,....he's not a Vet and he's like 54 years old, a really nice guy and worth the very least, say some prayers.


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  • I have an idea that will create jobs in douglas cty Oregon building a monument?

    larger than Rushmore and would create alot of tourism, I need to find the right folks to pitch this to especially after this 2nd year election, or right the grant myself, I could employ 125 people if I get the land grant from the state and the indian council.....gimme some advice yall, I'm just a retired artist but I have enough in me left over to do this thing maybe.

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  • I have a 21 pound lounge cat who now owns my house?

    My cat is wierd, He wont eat anything but the cheapest cat food, He's already 8 years old and a great cat but now he has developed this thing about eating, he wont eat unless I brush him with his own brush (of which he nows has 3) He has recently taken to mousing and he has 10 kills of which he brings me to prove his value?... or to gross me out, I love this cat but I don't love cats in general,....what's the deal with the cheap cat food and brushing him while he eats?......He is also capable of meows that sounds like human speach, it's just kinda creepy...Oh yeah,....he also has some kind of knot on his middle body beside his ribs, I'm wondering if this is normal for a cat his age. I don't want to just take him to the vet if it's something normal, I don't want to come off like some kind of hypochondriac about my cat,....but I do want to keep his health I do love him.

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  • I have epilepsy but nobody I've seen can help me?

    I'm 50 and 5 years ago I began having grand mal siezures which resulted on many occasions in serious damage to my face and head and back, all of a sudden now I am beginning to have problems with speech and I'm so humiliated by this that I'm now thinking about suicide, I've just gone through 4 days of not being able to form words right or begin eo say a word, I live in Oregon"the worlds largest trailer park!'s all I can do just go outside anymore because I don't want people seeing me or talking to me........anybody have any ideas?......Please?...please don't tell me to pray, I do that all the time.

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  • I'm writing a book called "Pass the sugar please" what am I writing the story about?

    I posted this question yesterday and got a few really great replies but two of them got deleted by the answerer: Please think about the answer to this for 15 seconds before you answer. What is this story about?....what is the subject matter, in what manner is it written?......even if it's only a suggestion, please pass the sugar might be literal or not........ ideas anybody?

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  • I wish to write a book called "please pass the sugar" what am I writing about?

    please be as descriptive as possible, think about it for at least 15 seconds before answering, this is actually a serious question in the realm of philosophy.

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  • I have a severe siezure disorder...need some advice

    I have this siezure disorder that my own doctor wont diagnose as Epilepsy but she sez off the record that indeed I do have it. I am currently being treated for it with Dilantin and Xanax but I also have Diabetes and am being treated for that as well,..I have this wierd sleep disorder that allows me to stay awake for up to 4 days in a row and I'm a 49 year old male......I'm about to go see a neurologist on the 11th of August, Beside a family history and photos of my wounds from the siezures, what else should I be inquiring about to this new doctor ? (neurologist)...I'm going blind now, I used to be a professional illustrator and now I'm a worthless hunk of nothingness. The oregon health system just simply sucks, help is hard to find, good help anyway.

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