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describe myself as friendly, honest, willing to assist as long as im needed. hobbies? love to travel, watch movies, read books, karaoke and not to forget-yahoo answers..... pet peeves-dishonest folks... favorites? driving my husband crazy..being spoiled rotten, pampered all the way..

  • Where can I find an old movie from A&E about an experimental movie with a Gorilla having a human baby?

    We have watched this special movie way back '80 and it is about an experimental movie in Europe that a scientist inseminated a Gorilla named Mary that bore a son that grew up strong and among human. It was not a depicted story, I think it is a true to life story but it is a hush hush project that involved some European secret government. The boy grew up as a man, however, it was a tragic ending as the Gorilla killed the son since he does not resemble her features, he resemble the father in this case is the scientist himself. Where should I get this copy from?

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  • any suggestions how to remove stains from clothing?

    multiple stains including black ink, blood, grease, barbeque sauce, deodorant, mildew, wine among other stuff. i pile all the sweater, blouses, apron, silk, table cloth that required heavy duty stain removers. i need all idea and suggestion you may have....thanks in advance..

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  • if the car is park with no registration and not driveable get more attention?

    than the car recklessly hit the street without tag or insurance, what is wrong with that picture? car got towed since it was park on the street without bothering anyone and expect to be re-imburse for the towing? car ended up being auction, sold and still being harass by the agency. is that right? someone other than the owner got the payment from the auction, how come they are still harassing the owner? does this person need a lawyer to talk for him?

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  • why we consider one year to have a birth day?

    where in fact, we were conceived and gave birth to between 7 or approximately 9 months?

    im just wondering, could it be that 12 months in a year were mistakenly designed or created?

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  • who determine that it should be 365/366 days in a year?

    im just curious, is it the revolution of earth around the sun? plus who determine that it should be 24 hours in a day? is it the rotation of earth on its own axis?

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  • how to locate someone from the philippines?

    i just wanted to apologize for my behavior years ago..i hope he is happy and have his own family. i wish i can meet them and personally ask his forgiveness, i know i broke his heart and i never got a chance to explain my decision. i did try to locate him from others but no luck to get a chance. im going back home this year and wish i can close that chapter in my book....

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  • what you think of ladies who wear shoes or sandals that shows their heels uncared for?

    that is one of my my bad habit, checking out ladies who wear sandals no matter where i am at. i guess, since im a lady, i always wonder what people think if they see my heels. not that im "picky" or something but im very particular about my being, it's rare that i expose my heels. i imagine people is saying behind womens back that have "crusty" or "unclean" heels.

    my husband added a remark-"if it's dirty down there, it's "nasty" up there".. just curious if other feel the same way.

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  • how's your black friday so far?

    i have to go to work, so i rejected the thought of getting my shopping done. but from what i have heard from my friends, it's a commotion out there. line is long, traffic is bad, parking is terrible, people is trampling from each other. other than that, the prices were slashed, is that a bargain? and/or is it worth all the effort?

    i suggests to her that next time, tag along with friend, have one (at a time) be on line while the other is shopping so when paying time for the "stuffs", it will be quick for her turn...then, i told her, pick the store she wanted to shop and have her friend pick her store so the one who is on line won't be "agitated" while waiting, or if she wanted something, let the one who is shopping look for the "stuff"...

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  • which do you prefer on thanksgiving, go out to family or friend or be the one to invite them over?

    i prefer to have the dinner cause i love to entertain, my husband is a great cook and i enjoy family get together. that is my cup of tea, whenever we have gatherings, i always do the presentation cause i love that feelings, either back home or here in the states. i know it's always great to be with family and im happy to see their faces plus i love sharing. what more can i ask for, appreciating everything and everyone is a treasure moments i cherished..

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  • how do you feel coming to work on friday after thanksgiving holiday?

    for me, it's great so i can share my left over dinner with my friends. we usually bring something what we have prepared so even we didn't visit each other places, we can still taste what each other have had...

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  • where and how can you locate your own ip address?

    what possible harm can other do to the account? is there any prevention to keep the address safe? is this legal for other to acquire and get familiarize with other addresses?

    7 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • pacquiao and morales, which style that will prove who is the best?

    i have heard that pacquiao have a tons of support from the filipino community as well as the mexican community.

    i have heard that oscar dela hoya will be his promoter soon, is that true?

    i have never watch any of their fights and this will be the 3rd time.

    what makes this different from the previous two fights?

    i used to be a boxing fanatic, but when i see muhammad ali, it makes me sad. i have watched previous matches before, roy jones, oscar de la hoya, cesar chavez, mike tyson, evander hollyfield, george foreman. for me, boxing is real but it damage physically. i'm not against this sport but im sad for the boxer's future if they are not careful..

    anyway, im just curious about the commotion this time. everyone in my job is aware of the fights, i just want to know if other is as curious as i am, since im not familiar with the players...

    2 AnswersBoxing1 decade ago
  • what is the best way to tame a cockatiel?

    our babe loves to peck, she is not a newborn, we have her for quite sometime now. she is not family oriented. she rock herself to sleep, she chirp when she drink wwater, she's loud when bothered. she hated the light, but she loved to watched the disney movie in our pc. does anyone have suggestion so we can be able to enjoy and play with her outside her cage..thanks..

    4 AnswersBirds1 decade ago
  • what law did madonna break regarding the adoption of david banda, the malawi boy?

    what do you think about the dad's public appearance? do you think he still have the rights for his son even david stays in the orphanage? just curious...

    9 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • what significance does praying do to your life? to whom and why do you pray?

    to all religious people no matter what your denomination is, either you are christian, catholic, buddhist, hindu, mormon, baptist, protestant, jewish, muslim, im curious how do you honor your religion...

    serious answer, please....

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • does anyone knows of any herbal remedy that was proven already?

    from what i believe, one is the chamomile to soothe the nerve, cranberries to cleanse bladder problem, garlic to lower pressure, lemon with honey to alleviate the cold, ginger tea for gargle to relieve sore throats ..

    8 AnswersAlternative Medicine1 decade ago
  • how many countries does queen elizabeth II appear to their currency?

    im guessing 10 countries, excluding united kingdom, isle of man, guernsey, falkland island, gibraltar, st. helene.....can you identify it?

    3 AnswersTrivia1 decade ago
  • do you think, the north korea's tests have something to do with the earthquake just happened in oahu?

    is it possible? if they test under ground, maybe it cause some tremors under the sea? just curious and hope that is not the case..

    9 AnswersCurrent Events1 decade ago
  • why my hip hurts during cold weather? is it due to my hair line fractured?

    i fell backwards on a chair when i was young, it takes 2 decades to start feeling the pain, what should i do?

    10 AnswersPain & Pain Management1 decade ago