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  • I was engaged and discovered some crazy stuff about my fiancee.?

    I am a 55 year old man and I am engaged to get married. My fiancee moved in with me a few weeks ago and since then I caught her on a dating website contacting men. I also read an email to her old boyfriend telling him how much she missed him. After I caught her on the website literally asking to meet a guy I changed the lock and threw her out. While she was locked out I ready her diaries which were not locked and just in her stuff. I found out she mentioned during a recent 4 year period that she wanted to kill herself several times as well as other sordid details. My friends and family tell me it is not my problem anymore. I am so concerned about her well being and still love her. I am meeting her tomorrow to talk. Also I do not think anyone else knows about her diaries and what was written. She needs help and I can not just let something happen to her. What should I do?

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  • My son has special needs and decided to move in with me two years ago when he was sixteen. I am a single dad.?

    I need to have a job that is not stressful and with no travel. I have been in management before and it would certainly help pay the bils but realistically I need to be there for my son. I have a low overhead compared to many people and I am fortunate for that. My present job still makes it difficult to make ends meet. My ex remarried and has her own life which is fine. He visits her but relys on me since I am willing to devote the time needed. My 13 year old son also lives with me part of the time. How can I find out about programs to help me and my son to just help us make things a bit easier both financially and spiritually.

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  • My 17 year old son moved in with me about a year ago. I have been divorced 7 years.?

    He is free to stay at his mom's up the street anytime as this was not a court order. I have a 12 year old son who lives about 70 percent of the time with his mom and step dad and the rest of the time with me. I have not remarried. I have taken legal action to get my 12 year old to spend more time here with me and his brother. The two boys are very close and I feel very bad that it turned out this way although my older boy is better off here. Any advice in regards to making things better for everyone until I can have my son spend more time here as well.

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  • I have been divorced over 6 years now and my ex wife has reported me to child services 4 times?

    Every time the report came back unsubstantiated. One of our kids decided to live with me and she is upset so this is her way of getting back. I have the letter with the unsubstantiated claims. The other times it was for similar reasons. I have told her to stop. The reason why I know it is her is because she told my daughter. Any suggestions to get her to stop doing this to me?

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  • I am a 53 year old man dating the same woman for 4 years. We have not had sex for about 2 1/2 years.?

    She has many good qualities but she has gained weight which I find unappealing. I am in great shape and exercise often to stay that way. I can not continue this way and I have told her to please take better care of herself but she is happy with the way she is. She tells me it is shallow to be concerned about appearences but it is also healthier to take care of oneself. I have received interest from an old girlfriend and I am attracted to her physically and she feels the same about me. It is time to move on but how do you tell someone who is a good person but with no physical attraction that it is time to end it.

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  • My 16 year old son want to live with me more than his present arrangment,?

    I have joint custody but he does not get along with his mom for many reasons. I tried to reason with her but she is making it difficult, I have hired a very good and expensive attorney after I exhausted all other measures. I can afford the expense since it is so important to both of us. My girlfriend of 4 years is upset about me spending the money. She tells me I complain about spending money on her but not about my son. I gave her one of my cars to use for two years and she expects me to pay for repairs as well. She compares the expense of my son's well being to the expense of fixing a car. I told her a car is a machine but my son is most important to me. I really care about her but her selfishness is causing me doubts about our relationship. I told her my passion for my kids means more than anything else in the world. If she does not like it she can take a hike. I would like some feedback on my view.

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  • I have been with my girlfriend for four years. She used to want to stay over on the weekends.?

    She would stay on Friday and Saturday. Now she will rarely even stay on a Saturday night. My kids live with me part of the time but other than that I am here alone with my dog. Since she does not stay our sex life has gone down the tubes as well. My marriage turned sour when similar things happened then. The biggest reason I stay with her is that she is a good human being and it is hard to find someone with that trait. The nights alone are adding up and I want more. What are my options?

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  • I just got great job after being out of work for two years. We planned a 4 day weekend before getting the job.?

    I do not want to tell my new company that I need a four day weekend after being on the job less than a month. It is a career job and there are not many around especially for a 52 year old man.It is not for anything special just a running race that I will participate in that is located in a great location. She wants me to lie and say we have a wedding to go to. I refuse to lie and I am only willing to take stay that Saturday night. She insists it's ok to do this but I disagree. How can I get her to understand the situation better

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  • I have been getting along better with my ex wife which is good. I still have some issues.?

    First she is getting married and her future husband's son who is 26 got arrested for beating his girlfriend and went to jail for 6 months. I don't want him near my kids(all are minors and I have joint custody). The State's attorney said to call child services and tell them my concerns. Also I pay child support and still she does not use the money on the kids and this is from my kids and not me. I bought my daughter a complete summer wardrobe and shoes for my son because she had no clothes and his shoes were not wearable. I really want to get along but she will not cooperate as I have tried in the past.What else can I do?

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  • My ex wife is getting married in April. She needs me to watch the children but keeps lying as to why.?

    She tells me she has plans and will not be around. The problem is that she is going out of the country for her honeymoon and needs to file paperwork with the court. I know about the wedding and honeymoon because I have joint custody and my kids tell me the truth. She talks to the kids telling them that she will have a sitter watch them if I don't and they get upset. I will take care of the kids for the week and the kids know that. They are upset that she won't tell me the truth and they are caught in the middle. I am not perfect but I tend to tell the truth and it is not right to lie to me even though we are divorced. Is there a good way to tell her to stop lying and you will get more cooperation that way? I have a girlfriend and really don't care about the whole wedding thing so the jealously theory does not work in this situation.

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  • My girlfriend of 2 years asked me if I would go back to my ex wife if she asked me.?

    My ex wife is getting married in April. I do not love my ex wife and I do love my girlfriend. I have joint custody of our 3 kids. Sometimes I think it would be better if I was still married to my ex wife because of the kids. I guess if she told me she was wrong(I divorced her) and apologized for what she did I would marry her again for the kids sake. This will never happen and I would only remarry for the kids.I see my wife a lot at games etc and there is no feelings like during our marriage. Is there any reason to tell my girlfriend this since it will never happen.

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  • My ex wife calls me regardless of my request to only call for emergencies. I answer because of the kids.?

    There was a court hearing for tomorrow but I fulfilled the obligation so it was canceled. She calls me to tell me that she did not agree to it and got argumentative. I called the court again and they confirmed the cancellation. The other day she called about another problem that resulted in her insulting me again. There is a way to leave a voicemail directly without speaking to me. I told her to do that. I have moved on with my life and divorced her specifically for the type of person she is as well as other concerns. I just want her to stop bugging me but would prefer to get the point across in the most effective way possible. Any suggestions?

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  • My 24 year old stepson drove my two boys to the store with a license that is limited for work only.?

    I have joint custody of my kids.His license was suspended for drunk driving, having marijuana, speeding and going through a stop sign. This was in February. He is trying to improve himself and would never hurt the kids on purpose. I still think he should not be driving them under these circumstances. We talk but on a limited basis. I just want to approach this situation the best way possible. His mom could care less if he drives the kids with such a license so there is no use talking to her.

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  • My ex wife continues to make medical decisions about my children. She only informs me regarding appointments?

    The agreement states she is to consult me about health concerns. My daughter is taking a medicine that causes me concern. She also sends co pays beyond the 30 days she is required to send me. I try hard to get along but I also need to protect my rights. My last email I actually sent her the part of the divorce agreement regarding health issues. When I push the issue she portrays me as the bad guy to the kids which is not true. It is quite the opposite as I look into their issues and then form my own opinion. I have joint custody. Going to court makes it worse on all of us. What else can I do to avoid a court hearing?

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  • I have 3 children, 8,13,15. I have joint custody well to me 80/20 is really not joint custody.?

    I consider myself a regular guy with a decent job,a girlfriend and a wonderful dog. During the day I spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about my children. If they are doing good in school, if they are safe etc. I know they don't spend their whole time thinking or worrying about me. Although my thoughts don't effect my every day life except for the fact that I need more distractions to stop my worries. I have a great relationship with them and they love me as well. Is there a way to lessen these thoughts because it really is the only problem in my life right now.

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  • I have joint custody of 3 children 8,13,15 years old.?

    I have specific visitation time but they want to be with me outside of that time as well. Yesterday my daughter had a half day of school and I asked her to come to lunch. My ex wrote she did not want to. When we were at dinner I told her that and she said that was not true. She said her mother will call the police if I come over other times besides visitation. My wonderful daughter said she will tell the police that she wants to be with me. I was told by Family Services that if she denies access to the 13 and 15 year old upon their request I should call the police. I am trying to avoid this scene and I would like to do it the peaceful way. Any suggestions and yes we do email and speak on the phone but she can be difficult at times. I will not just give in to her either.

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  • I have joint custody of my 3 children ages 8,13,15.I just called them and their mom had to go to the hospital.?

    She drove herself but they are not sure if she has to stay overnight. My 13 year old son has the flu. I want to pick them up at home if she stays much longer(tomorrow is school). Whom should I notify that I am coming to get them? She is not a very cooperative ex wife plus she is in the hospital now so there is not sense in calling her.

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  • My ex wife wrote me an email regarding our 13 year old son. It case me in a bad light regarding his upbringing?

    I do not mind the email except she copied the school guidance counselor. She mentioned a pending lawsuit and my recent unemployment. Neither have anything to do with my son's school issues. She has done similiar things in the past. I called the police and they said to come down and file harassment charges. I just have no more answers to prevent her from doing this.

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  • I am a divorced dad of 3. I moved 35 miles away from my kids with my girlfriend. I miss my kids?

    I got laid off today which will force me to move back to their hometown with my dad just a mile down the street from my children. I have joint custody and really became sad after moving away. I will have to get a job and live back near the kids. I care about my girlfriend by my kids always came first which bugged her. Is this a divine intervention that I should take this as an opportunity to be back near my kids. I am sort of not upset getting laid off because I will be closer to my kids.

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  • I have been divorced almost 3 years. I have worked hard to move forward. ?

    I have a wonderful girlfriend, a great dog, exercise almost everyday, go to counseling and take anti depressants. My biggest problem is I take all of the burden of my children onto myself. If they do bad in school I think well if we were still together they would not be doing so bad. If they get in trouble same thing. Whatever bad happens I feel the burden of the divorce hanging over my head. I have vastly improved my life but I need to stop holding myself responsible for everything that happens in my kids life. Any suggestions?

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