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  • should i tell her?

    My ex has not been in the picture for about 3 years, my daughter lives with me and has not seen her mom in that long. I still talk to her family sometimes but i have no contact with her (her choice). Today i found out that my ex had a baby a while ago and so my daughter has a sister. The thing is that i don't know what to do about this situation, if my ex wanted our daughter to know then she would have said something but she didn't. The whole thing is, should i say something to my daughter about it or not say a word to her and not let her know, take into acount that there is no contact and my daughter will not see her half sister. Should i say something or just keep quiet about it and not mention it. My daughter is only 6, she may not understand things as a a grownup

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  • Why women don't like dating single fathers.?

    I'm a single dad of a 6 year old girl and trying out the dating scene. I've had little success since when I mention that I am a single dad women start shying away very quickly. I have even been shot down (courteously) by single mothers, making me think that there is some type of phobia or prejudice against single dads. I have tried to reasure potential relationship prospects that there is no baby mama drama since mom has not been around for about 3 years. A woman will be interested in me but then when they find out i have a kid the interest dissapears. What is going on?

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