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I'm 22 years old from Athens Ohio. I'm a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biological Sciences at Ohio University. I've been told by many I'm ahead of my years so take heed of my words.

  • Places to go in Mexico?

    I'm going to be in Sierra Vista, Arizona for three months and I want to take a couple of day trips to Mexico. I've never been to Mexico but I speak Spanish somewhat well. Where are some close places (somewhere I can go in a few hours drive) that I can get some food and just walk around to see the place. It doesn't have to be very touristy but I don't want to go somewhere that is just a small town with almost nothing there.

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  • Nanograms to grams/mole?

    You have 10 ng of a 1kb DNA fragment. On this gel you have two 1kb DNA fragments. What is the molecular mass of the fragments if a 1kb DNA fragment is 6x10^5 g/mol.

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  • No kids until you're 26?

    If everyone in the world would just not have kids until they were 26 we would immediately drop to zero population growth (ZPG). What's more is that after 26 you could have as many kids as you want and we would still be at ZPG. So, in the current status we're in with the world population at 6.7 billion and not slowing down much would you be willing to wait until 26? Also, would you like to see some sort of government incentive to for people to wait until 26?

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  • Grocery list for college student?

    I'm a college student and I have very little time to cook and/or eat. However, I want to eat healthy and I hate fast food. I'm looking for a high calorie, high protein diet that is quick to make meals for and won't break the bank (usually spend $120-$150/month). I already stock up on quite a bit of tuna fish, oven ready pizzas, and red meat but it's getting old after a year. I also tried to look different recipes up online and buy groceries to fit a recipe. Unfortunately it was too much of a hassle because I don't have a car and can't get to the grocery store more than once a month usually. So, bottom line could you make me a good list of food to buy? Nothing is off limits (i.e., meal from a box, foreign cuisine, microwavable/oven dinners) Although I don't own a microwave. FIVE STAR BONUS TO THE PERSON THAT MAKES A LIST AND GIVES ME A FEW RECIPE IDEAS. You don't have to put all the ingredients or measurements down, just a name will do. Thank you.

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  • Solving nonlinear inequalities?

    Having trouble with a part of a math problem. It's been a couple of years since I've taken a math course and now I'm in a precal class that is conducted online so I just have a book to go from. Probably not the best choice on my part since math isn't a strong suit but I don't really have a choice. The problems are as follows:

    (x-2)(x+4)(x-5)^2 is greater than or equal to zero

    I know critical points at 2 and 4 but I'm not sure what to do about the (x-5)^2. Do I make it x^2+25 or does it just mean (x+5) and (x-5) are both critical points

    Also the problem

    x(x-2) / (x-4)(x+7) is less than or equal to zero

    Again I know critical points are at 4 and -7 but I'm caught up on the x(x-2) do I make it x^2-2x.

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  • If I get X on my final exam is this really my final grade?

    So let's get right to it. I have 6 homework assignments that account for a total of 18% of my grade. Each is worth 100pts. I got an 81,87.5,95.5,96,95,and 99. Avg is 92.3. Now I had 3 exams worth 100pts each which account for a total of 24% of my grade. I got a 53,64, and a 67. Avg. is 61.3. Oral exams all worth 100pts each and account for 15% of grade. Got 88.2, 89.6, and 89. Avg. is 89. Essays each worth 100pts and account for 12% of grade. Got 85 and 90. Avg. 87.5. Also I have a quiz Avg. of 72 and the quizzes account for 10%. I should get 100% for participation which is worth 5% of our grade. Now The weighted points I came up with are as follow: HW-16.61, Exams-14.71, Oral-13.35, Essay-10.5, Quizzes- 7.2, Participation- 5. Now if I get a 70% on my final that accounts for 16% of my grade do I really get an 88% or something around there or am I as bad at math as I am at spanish?

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  • Winter weather travel?

    I live in SE ohio and I'm going to be traveling by car to Tampa, FL for the Super Bowl. I'll be leaving early on Saturday. What I want to know is looking the radar and the big stretch of winter weather the midwest is getting; How bad its it going to be going through mountainous states such as WVA and VA? Will it be safe to travel? I've been trough these states before when there was already snow on the ground but it wasn't this bad. Another big question I have is how long is this weather going to last through mainly WVA and VA?

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  • True HD DVD recorder?

    Are there any DVD recorders that will record in true HD? I have a Toshiba D-R410 and it's ok but the recording quality is pretty much SD. I would like to be able to watch a recorded HD program in HD is it possible?

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  • MNF tension in the booth ?

    Does anyone else sense some tension between Jaws and Kornheiser? I feel like Jaws knows A LOT about football and Kornheiser doesn't so Kornheiser rips on Jaws whenever he says something that isn't up to Kornheiser's level of eloquence and Jaws realizes what he's doing and doesn't appreciate it. Anyway, anything is better than Madden. I'd take Kornheiser over Madden any day. I don't care what anyone says.

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  • NFL Vs. College?

    Why is it that NFL stadiums on average don't seat as many people as college stadiums? Or soccer stadiums, or even cricket for crying out loud. According to wikipedia the largest NFL stadium is FedEx field of the Redskins and that's 91,704 making it 18th largest in the world. Now consider there are 8 colleges with stadiums that seat more than that. The largest being Michigan with a whopping 107,282. That's a 15,578 person difference. Imagine how much more noise 15,000 people could make. Also consider the next one down from FedEx is Giants Stadium at 80,242. A 11,462 drop off. I really don't understand. It can't be cost effective. Add 15,000 seats make the tickets less and expand the entire facility and bing there you go. I mean North Korea has a stadium that seats 150,000. North Korea for crying out loud.

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  • Can I find out how much the electric bill is for a certain business?

    I want to know how much electricity a tanning business in my town uses. I live in Ohio. Is it possible for me to find this out legally? Where would I go? I just want to make it known how much energy is being wasted on people's vanity.

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  • Would you like to help prevent premature birth and infant death?

    If so go to this website and donate anything from $.01 to any amount you desire. This is not a scam I am am an employee of FedEx Kinko's in Athens Ohio we are located on 5 N. Court St and you can find me here 5 nights a week usually 3pm-11pm. Don't forget to leave me a message. As a company we raised $650,000 last year and our goal is one-million dollars. Thank you very much for your time and your charity it will go a long way.

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  • Money spent on the internet.?

    How much money do you spend in a one month period on the internet, on average? This does not include any type of bills just goods.

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  • Bag for daily commute.?

    I bike a couple miles a day to work and school. I carry about 30-35lbs a day and a few times a week I have to carry some extra clothes to work out in. What I'm looking for is a comfortable bag to carry some textbooks a laptop and some workout clothes in all in one and possible waterproof. Right now I'm just using a Eddie Bauer bag with a plastic bag in it. It needs plenty of of room and padding so the weight of the books aren't on the laptop screen. Also if there are any bags that allow for airflow to my back that would be great. I hate getting that swamp of sweat on my shirt back. Thanks.

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  • How much money do I need (USD) to spend a week or two in Europe?

    If I wanted to fly into Europe (say London) and I want to travel to a several countries while there. Say Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, and maybe even Sweden. How much money in USD would I need for travel, lodgings, food, admission fees to events i.e. art exhibits, and last but not least a plane ticket home. I'm not looking for extravagant restaurants or hotels for the most part. Although I would like to stay in one nice hotel and eat at one nice restaurant. If you have any suggestions on a few nice places in the countries I mentioned or a bordering one let me know as well.

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  • Can I play video games that are PC-DVD ROM?

    I have a new MacBook and I am wondering if I bought a game that has the PC-DVD ROM label on it and it doesn't have the Mac symbol on it can I still play it? My guess would be no and I figure that would have all the Mac compatible games. However part of me thinks that there has to be more than 100 games or so that you can play on a Mac. So can I play these games and if not is there another place online that isn't that I can find computer games to play on my Mac?

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  • Is the bond between Si and H?

    I think so because the equations would have to be SiH4 and the lewis dot structure would give you a s H on each side pulling equally in each direction and I think the electrons are equally shared. What do you think?

    5 AnswersChemistry1 decade ago
  • How many grams of oxygen are in 43.2 grams of calcium phosphate?

    I got 17.79g. Because there are .139mol of the Ca3 (PO4)2 compound and then multiply that by the molar mass of O8 because of (PO4)2 makes eight oxygens. Anything wrong?

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  • A compliment for a girl?

    What is a positive characteristic or a compliment for a girl that ends in 'y' but not 'ly'. I've got beauty and modesty. Any ideas?

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  • Writing a poem for a first date.?

    I've been talking to this girl for about a week and we're going to go out on our first date on the 23rd. I'm in the middle of a poem and I was just wondering if you girls think it is appropriate to read a poem to a girl on a first date. I'm 20 and she's 19. We've never met but it seems like we are really compatible. I'd put the poem on here but I'm not finished and I don't want some ****** stealing it either. So ladies what do you think. Is it creepy or romantic?

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