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  • missing airliner ?

    I am predicting that the airliner has something to do with just trying to help a baby who could not breathe accidentally due to pressure change in the airplane. I see a woman wearing a red jacket has the baby. I sense that she was walking back and forth asking for help. I do not know if this happened after she suspected something was not right with the pilots or as f someone else was controlling the flight and they were unable to inform passengers about this openly. Mechanical failure could also be a problem. The woman with a red jacket must be the first one to smell that something is not right at that moment. I also see a struggle for a attendant or a copilot to communicate about the situation but some other pressing reasons he was unable to and he hesitated to do so. In other words, he could have communicated with her and things would have been different then. During and after Mercury planet turns retro and returns to normal, communication delays can be seen without our knowledge.Misjudged or miscalculated error,It must be in the sea front buried in the sand and only the tail is sticking out and tail is about to come off due to water currents in that situation.When tails breaks offf then would be an escape way for many.

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  • Who created the notion that if you do not say Hi to someone you pass by, then, you do not like that person?

    If someone say Hi to other person female or a male then they think they are safe to be around that person. If they do not say Hi to that person then, they automatically think the negative of saying Hi is not saying Hi -is not being friendly-is mad, is angry, is a criminal, bad guy, disrespectful, untrustworthy and so on. If all of these is true, then, why don't that person who is expecting other person to say hi say hi the first time if that is expected of other person? is this a pride issue in America? Is this the superiority issue in a culture? What if 2 different cultures who are superior in their society? Who has to say Hi first?

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  • WHY DO AMERICANS especially Whites and Blacks translate when a person tells the truth into their own inner sub?

    I was born in India but grew up partly in USA. I would like to know why Americans never follow the rules of a Company. Company rules are one and what they actually follow together at work is very different. Rule says sick days are for when really sick with a doctor's note but as need arises for other personal reasons they ask the manager to give them time off as a sick leave even though, they are not sick.

    On the other hand, If I am really sick and ask them for a day off to use sick days , they actually think I am lying. If I tell the manager that I would like a day off for personal reason, then they will let me use a sick day even though I am not sick. I would like to follow company rules even though it is tough to live with. IS this the culture that we have in America? Why do companies write rules only for their own benefit and not for employee benefit?

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  • How do we correct a child from misbehaving?

    When ever they scream, should someone who has the authority try to control that by saying the same words with a scream and anger, fear that the kid is not going to behave properly until they stop?

    And, is a child listening to that authority because of fear of authority and the same child will scream again with the same authority again another time? It goes on and on from both sides. I do not see any difference between the two any more?

    My method is to not to act like an authority using control and anger while talking to them. and inflict fear in them and stubbornly control the child's behavior until they both do not get to see each other or like each other and creates fear and hate against the authority like others do? Should I consider the generation GAP and the psychology behind the child's behavior due to parents frustrations, fears, upbringing and controlling behavior. Not having to listen to the child's feelings, and just listening to the words and reacting is not a method to correct them almost totally and make a bog change in their lives until they die.

    I am very intuitive and I place importance to others and do listen to their inner feelings and understands the child's misbehavior, frustrations and fears created and projected by the parents stress, pressure in life and other factors. Parents almost think that it s the way to show authority over kids so kids do not behave like them. Eventually, the which is really different from what they wchild will act like their parents to and very his or her kids with same tone, anger frustrations controlling their emotions and hurt their inner feelings and out of fear they become misbehaving kids and it seems that it is acceptable behavior which to me is a wrong behavior that does not let the kid express his or her creativity, originlity

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  • bereavement policy does it apply in my case?

    My company has a policy where if brother or sister of parents for example pass away I am allowed to take up to 3 days off. But if relatives like uncle dies I can still get up to 3 days off to attend funeral etc.

    In my case, Most of my relatives are not in USA. Therefore, I may not attend my uncle's funeral which is in another country. Since I may not be able to attend funeral in another country Am I not allowed to take 3 days off? I can only make phone calls and talk to my relatives who are far away and stay home.

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  • Dream or ghost or outer body experience?

    While I am sleeping, I get a so called dream or something else in that I first hear a lot of wind blowing and someone is strangling me or harming me and I try to say it to that person not to harm me or shout for help but in so much wind blowing I myself cannot hear saying those words.It is as if I am shouting out loud with no voice and as if I am unable to bring my voice from my mouth. Also, if I try to move my hand or my body away from that someone, I cannot move an inch. When the wind stops then I am able to move my body easily and I wake up .It feels like I was on a roller coaster and finally it came to a stop kind of feeling.

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    Any video I watch online it is buffering every sec trying to download. I am tired if watching a video stop and start every second. I would like to know what needs to be done to fix it so my computer can open a video and let me download and watch it without interruptions.

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  • how to look rich when I have brown to dark skin?

    How can I look rich when I have dark skin? What kind of rich dress is suitable, what color dress looks cool for a brown to dark skin person? What hair style looks good?

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  • property registration?

    Is there a way to register property without paying much registration fee?

    Like Gift deed or some kind.

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    I restarted my computer and clicked on task manager. Removed or ended anti spy guard and was able to click on Mozilla Firefox program and able to use internet. However, If i close the web browser then I have to restart thew computer and again end up with spy guard scan. I am not able to get desktop or start menu.

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  • If I ask the telephone company to block your number from calling me, what message do you get if you call me?

    I am curious about the message you might get when you try to call me even if I blocked your number from calling me.

    1 AnswerLand Phones1 decade ago
  • How can I get training and education as a medical lab tech?

    I have a science background. I am working with gas chromatography analysing refrigerants. I would like to get into medical lab as a technician.

  • What went wrong with my computer?

    When I turn on my computer, there is a red light flashes and stays flashing and do not see anything on the screen.The computer hard drive did not pickup at all and I cannot turn on or off or restart by pressing restart button.Is this something to do with led light wires that are attached to motherboard

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  • Is it okay to ask employer to make changes to benefit an employee?

    If a job requires an employee to bend and work for long hours, is it okay to ask and suggest a better way such that the employee does not have to bend and work all day. Or does an employee supposed to bend and work since that is the way they have been doing the work which requires bending. Would the employer consider employee lazy if an employee suggests something better and convenient for an employee to do the work.

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  • What is the best way to answer?

    When someone asks me a question. Let us say person A would like to know who made a mess? Person A might ask me if i did it. My answer is no, I don't remember doing that. Most people think that may be I did and just do not remember doing it.That assumption is wrong because in fact If i did it I would remember it pretty much and i remember well if i do something like that. What is the best way to answer from my side so other person does not get any wrong assumptions.

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  • Why do some people like to tell others what to do and why do others do what others tell them to do?

    Let's say, A is a person who would always like to tell others what to do and how to do. Person B always like to do what others tell B to do.

    Now A does not like to be told by others and B does not like to tell others what to do.

    A little bit of A and b personality is good.But most people are either A type or B type.

    What really makes A not to listen or do what others tell A to do and what makes B do what others tell B to do and not tell anyone to do.

    If you know why they behave like that then let me know the reasons behind their behavior.

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  • Is there someone who had read a play?

    A play called 'pirates and petticoats'. by Pat Cook.

    If so, then I would like to know what is the part of Ensign Seer in the play

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