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  • I continually get a script error when trying to print out a web page.?

    Line: 2126

    Char: 1

    Error: Unspecified error

    Code: 0

    URL: res://ieframe.dll/preview.js

    For the question, so you want to continue running scripts on this page, it does not matter if I answer Yes or No, it makes no difference and I till can not print.

    Also, I have checked in Microsoft's Help, and gone into my settings and did what they told me to do, but that made no difference either.

    I give up! If anyone else has had this issue and figured out how to fix it, please let me's really annoying not to be able to print out coupons, a news story, a recipe, etc.

    I am use Internet Explorer9, Windows7 Home Premium.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Continually getting script errors and unable to print internet pages?

    I can't print web pages from my PC, such as pages from job-hunting websites, or I am running Explorer 9 64 bit. I followed the Help suggestions and did the following -

    Turn off script debugging and notifications in Internet Explorer

    Script error debugging and notifications are turned off by default. If they have been turned on, follow these steps to turn them off again.

    Click to open Internet Explorer.

    Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

    Click the Advanced tab, select the Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer) and Disable script debugging (Other) check boxes.

    Clear the Display a notification about every script error check box, and then click OK.

    But it still does notwork. I still get the script error window and I have tried clicking both yes or no but either way, I can not print the page..any ideas?

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  • Why can we sometimes see the moon during the day?

    We were all taught as kids that the moon was on THIS side of the Earth at night, and shone on the OTHER side of the Earth during our daytime. Why is it then that we can see the moon during the day once in a while? I must have slept through that particular Science class. Thanks in advance.

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  • Does anyone have a nice picture of square bales of hay?

    I have an odd request..I need a nice picture of some square bales of hay. My boss bought this fancy label-printer, and I am the one who got stuck figuring out how to use it. I enjoy that sort of thing, so it's ok. I have figured out the basics of making labels, and have made some labels with our various logos on them with no problems. But, the boss also has a hay farm. We don't have our own logo for the farm. I searched online and have found lots of nice pictures of hay,,,single bales..hay in the fields, all kids of hay scenery, but most of the ones I have tried to use are just thumbnail size, and when I try to enlarge them, they get blurry and all pixeled out. The picture has to nearly full a 3" x 4" label, so need a REAL picture that I can enlarge or reduce to the size I need. If anyone has a nice picture that they would like to share with me and help me out, I would really appreciate it. Or, if someone knows a better source for real pictures that can be reduced or enlarged, please share that with me? Much appreciated!

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  • Fewer calories or more calories?

    I am confused. Should a person who is trying to lose some weight cut their calories by just enough to begin the weight loss preocess, or should they eat the number of calories that would be required if they were already at their ideal weight?

    Let's say right now I need 3000 calories (if I wanted to maintain my current weight), but at my ideal weight I would only need 2000. How many should I be eating now?

    I see both opinions online. Dr Oz said on TV the other night that the person he was working with was now eating the calories of a 150 pound person, even though he was still really overweight. Yet, I also read online that if you cut down your calories TOO much, your body thinks you are starving it and goes into 'starvation mode'.

    Any opinions welcome. Thanks!

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • can someone help me w/ setting up a home wireless network?

    I am (finally) upgrading to high-speed internet at home, and I am also going to create a wireless network so that the 2 laptops (one is brand-new, one is about 5 years old) will also be able to be online. Comcast will install the high-speed to the main PC, but they told me I am on my own as far as the wireless network is concerned.

    I have done a little looking online, and was beginning to get confused by such things as N, G or B networking, etc. Which one am I ?? and other than the correct wireless router (which is the correct one??), what else will I need?

    I REALLY appreciate anyone who can help. Thanks in advance!


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  • Why won't my new laptop let me download Yahoo Messenger?

    lI got a new laptop for Christmas, but for some reason it will NOT let me download Yahoo Messenger! I have tried several times. It says it is 100% downloaded but then freezes up and says the Yahoo installer has stopped responding. I then have to Ctl+Alt+Del to get out of it.

    I tried lowering all of my security levels and firewalls, etc, just in case my computer did not want to let Yahoo through, but it didn't change anything.

    If anyone, including Yahoo can help me, or suggest something I haven't tried, I would appreciate it.


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  • A question about horse racing with a little cart

    What is the name of the type of horse racing where the horse is attached to a little cart with two big wheels and a seat for a jockey?

    The horse doesn't run fast in this race trots or canters. I am not a horse racing fan, but a friend and I were talking about a funny "I Love Lucy" episode where she took the place of a jockey and tried to ride in this kind of race, and neither us could remember the name of it. (Must be getting old..HAHAHAH)

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  • Transportation in DC?

    I am planning a trip to DC this fall. My hotel is in Fairfax, so I will be renting a car and driving into DC.

    I would like to avoid having to drive around Washington, if possible.

    Where would be the best place to park my car for the day, where I can get easy access to public transportation, like the train or trolley, or the circulator, so I can get to all the monuments and tours I have signed up for?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    3 AnswersWashington, D.C.1 decade ago
  • How do I open a .dat file?

    Florida Medicaid has begun sending me their files For payments, denials, etc) in a .dat file. I have NO idea how to open this, and neither does my PC. I have XP Pro edition.

    I searced a little online, and all I could find were websites hoping to sell me or give me registry cleaners, etc, and I have NO intention of doing anything to my registry.

    There has to be an easier!!

    By the way, leave it to Florida Medicaid to make EVERYTHING harder than it has to be!

    3 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • HP 5600 all-in-one cutting off last few lines of text.?

    We have 2 of these all-in-ones in our office, and a few days ago they BOTH began cutting off the last couple of lines of text on the bottom of the page of EVERY document we print.

    It happens on things we print from many different sources, not just Word, or a particular program/website etc.

    If anybody has ANY helpful suggestions for getting them to work correctly again, I sure would appreciate it! Thanks.

    2 AnswersPrinters1 decade ago
  • What can I do to help my chronic achilles tendonitis caused by being overweight?

    I know, obviously the answer is to lose no need to waste your time telling me to. I am trying and have lost some, belive me.

    Walking REALLY aggrevates it, and then I am in pain for days and days afterwards. I think this is the worst pain I have ever had and it really affects my day-to-day life. I really don't know how to ease it so I get more exercise. Would ice help? Or heat? Or should I just just baby it and NOT go walking till I lose 20 pounds or so and then try again?

    I am hoping a Dr or Therapist might be around to offer some suggestions.

    3 AnswersInjuries1 decade ago
  • Technically Challenged - A question about file size.?

    I love my digital camera. It is nothing fancy, a little 6 megapixel Kodak. It takes GREAT pictures, nice and sharp.

    My question is about the size of the files. Most of my pictures seem be HUGE file size, some as big as 1 MB. Is this normal? Or am I not sizing my pictures correctly, or selecting the right file type, or the right camera settings?

    I really don't know what I need to correct to make the files a practical size to store or to email to people.

    Is the prblem in my camera settings? Or is it something I need to do AFTER I have taken the pictures and sent them to my PC?

    I am really clueless, and would appreciated any/all suggestions.


    1 AnswerCameras1 decade ago
  • Headaches & light headedness with Zoloft?

    My Dr started me on Zoloft about 4 weeks ago since the Celexa was having no effect. So, far I have felt no positive effects with the Zoloft either, but I have been experiencing dizziness or light headedness when I stand up after having been sitting a long time. It is very annoying and I don't like that feeling. Anyone else experience this while on Zoloft?

    6 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • Why has my older cat decided to start peeing on my bath mats?

    My cat Target is 15, and she has always been a very tidy clean cat. but over the last year or so, she has decided my bathmats make a very good second litter box..ugh!

    Why is she doing this? There has been no upset in her life like a new pet or anything. I have even replaced the bath mats in BOTH bathrooms, and within about 24 hours, she had 'christened' BOTH of them!

    Is there anything I can do to stop her?

    10 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • Why do they always want to be added to my friend list?

    Whether I am in a chat room or not, people (mostly non-Americans) strike up a conversation then almost immediately try to add me to their friend list and get me to add them as well. I always refuse, and in most instances the person stops talking to me immediately. I am curious about this and why they want so badly to be added to my list. Is this a way they can maybe hijack my PC? Or send me viruses etc? There has to be something to it since it happens quite often.

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Messenger1 decade ago
  • How long till I feel any effect of Celexa and what will I feel?

    I have been on it about 2 weeks and I don't feel any difference yet.

    If anybody has had good results with Celexa, please let me know how long it took, and what or how you felt when it began to have an effect on you?

    5 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • Not being so good with money, I need some advice on how to pay off a debt faster.?

    I have a terrible double-digit interest line of credit with HFC. I am not bad-mouthing them, since they gave me a loan when no one else would right after I got divorced. But, fast-forward 2 years, I am now happier and doing better finacially as well, so I can make extra payments on this thing. How is the best way to do this so that ALL of the extra payments go directly to the principal and not to paying more interest? Should I just send one big check, should I send 2 seperate checks, should I pay every two weeks... Any advice would be appreciated..thanks!


    3 AnswersCredit1 decade ago
  • Why can I see Yahoo IDs coming and going when they are not on my friends list?

    When I have Messenger on (and I am not in a chat room) I see Yahoo IDs log in/off once in a while that are NOT on my friends list. It's bizarre, and I am sure it's not a good thing either. Does anyone know how I can find them, or delete them, or report them to Yahoo? thanks in advance! :)

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Messenger1 decade ago