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  • Baby showed no heart beat after 8 weeks through ultrasound, is it a miscarriage?

    I had a stomach ultrasound at 6 weeks, and the doctor and I were both able to heart the baby's heartbeat. This week (8th week) I was asked to go back for a check up, but this time, the heartbeat is gone. The doctor's attitude is not a hopeful one. He asks me the go back again in a few days for a vaginal ultrasound.

    Does this mean I am likely going to loose this baby??

    Thank you...

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  • 英翻中~~婚姻誓約~~不要利用翻譯軟體~~~


    十分重要性所以請不要利用翻譯軟體~~~ 感恩﹗

    (名字), today I take you to be my husband/wife.

    I thank God everyday for sending you into my life.

    Your goodness, patience, and happy smiles inspire me to be the best person I can be.

    I promise to love you with every bit of my heart. I will laugh with you in time of joy, comfort you in times of distress, encourage you to achieve all of your goals, be honest and truthful with you, but most of all I promise to be your best friend, and grow old (til we’re prunes)by your side for as long as we shall live.

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  • Name of a song please~~?

    I remember I heard this song played over and over again on the radio when I was in Hawaii back in 2004. It has a hawaiian pop (acoustic guitar) feel to the entire song. It had a female voice, and meduim tempo, very relaxing to listen to. I vaguely remember words such as "'cause I'm falling, I am falling for you" or could have been "'cause I'm falling, I am falling in love with you" in the chorus.

    I have never heard this song play anywhere when I returned to LA, and have been wondering if anyone know which song I am talking about.

    Like I said, it sounded like a hawaiian pop hit at that time.

    Thank you!

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  • 台北市哪裡可以買到蜘蛛人或超人的兒童書包﹖ 急~~~ 感謝~

    請問台北市哪裡可以買到蜘蛛人或超人的兒童書包﹖ 急~~~ 感謝~

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  • 日文達人~~要怎樣寫信和日本人網路交易~ 請幫我翻譯



    1. 我是台灣的*****(我的名字)。我在Yahoo!オークション事用的ID是******.

    以下是我落札的項目. 因為我人在海外﹐所以要麻煩*****(賣主)幫我



    2. 感謝您的答覆。我會在最快的時間寄出款訂。謝謝。

    3. 請問收到了嗎﹖請近快讓我知到。謝謝。

    4. 收到商品後我會和您聯繫。謝謝。

    5. 我今天收到商品了。這一次的交易十分順利。希望我們可以彼此


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  • Psychic ability can cause physical pain etc. swelling of foot??

    My boyfriend has a special ability of reading people's mind, and seeing into people's past/future. He is also a devoted Christian. He really tries to keep his mouth shut most of the time, but on occasions where his friends beg him for a favor, he would try to give them helpful and positive advice.

    The thing is, everytime he speaks his mind, one of his foot (espcially around the toe area) will swell up and cause him a lot of pain the next day. He can't walk most of the time. He says it feels like someone stomps on his foot real hard. We tried to visit the doctors on several occasions, they all say he has gout. But both us know he only gets it when he use his mind.

    I guess that's why he keeps his mouth shout. But, can anyone give me a good explaination, or does anyone have the same experience??

    Please no little b.s answers....thank you

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