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  • Why do Asian women attracted to White men?

    I have noticed that quite a few Asian women are either married or dating a white man. I've always wondered why. I have a few theories about this:

    1. White men are physically more attractive than Asian men.

    2. White men are a better prize because they are a superior race.

    3. White men are more confident and outgoing than Asian men.

    4. White men are more aggressive and assertive when it comes to being asked on a date.

    5. Children of White fathers will be more attractive.

    6. White men usually come from wealthy families.

    7. White men are better trophies to show when in public.

    8. Asian men are simply not either attractive or sexy.

    If you're married to a white husband or dating a white man, share why you chose a white man. Just don't say all of the above.

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  • Lazy Jerk Downloader Question?

    I just played with the trial version of Lazy Jerk Downloader. While I can see the pictures as it's downloading but don't know where the downloaded pictures are placed. I cannot find them. LJD folder for downloaded videos and pictures are empty.

    Is there a unsecure procedure to make the files visible? I'm running Vista.

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  • How do I let the music song span across many slides in the Power Point?

    I have no animations so under Custom Animations the Multimedia Settings are all grayed out and cannot set the number of slides for the same song. As of now, when the slide changes to the next one the song starts over again. I'm running windows XP.

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  • Can a web site prevent you from connecting to their server?

    How do they do it? I know the web site is active and thriving but I think they did something to prevent me from connecting to their servers. I violated one of their policies and they cut me off, but I want to reconnect with them to appeal the violation. Are they using my IP address? But I have a cable ISP and disconnected my cable for couple of hours so that when I reconnect, their DHCP server should assign me a new IP address but no change. I also changed my computer name but still cannot connect. Anyone can explain how they are doing this and how to get around it. I'm running Windows XP.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • How do you delete the picture data from jpg photo file?

    I want to strip out all data (particularly the date and time the picture was taken) and the camera settings data imbedded in the jpg picture file. Can it done. If so, how?

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  • Can I make liquid carbon dioxide at home.?

    I would like to make liquid CO2 in small batches. Are there any relative inexpensive non-commercial size liquid CO2 generator. I imagine it will consist of high pressure compressor coupled with a chiller. Also making it out of surplus used parts/subsystems will be great.

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  • Which hybrid car would you buy?Toyota Camry or Nissan Altima?

    I am looking to buy a midsize hybrid 4 door sedan. I have narrowed it down to two cars. Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima, both 2007 models. I've been told that both cars are very comparable since Nissan licensed some of the hybrid components from Toyota so therefore the drive train and the hybrid system are almost identical for both cars. However, Toyota dealer told me that Toyota licensed older technology hybrid components than the latest installed in the Camry. Is this true? Which would you buy?

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  • How do you mill steel milling bits? Do you need to go custom diamond milling bits?

    As a metal working hobbyist, I would like to modify existing milling bits without emptying my wallet.

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  • Are there any studies that indicate adult females that grew up with all male sibblings acquire certain traits?

    For single female child growing up with 2 or more male sibblings fairly close in age acquire common adult psychological traits? If you're one of them, how do you think you are different or unique compared to other mix or singleton child? Please state both positive and negative impacts. Source of scientific papers will also be appreciated.

    1 AnswerSociology1 decade ago
  • What is the best way to determine the sell price for 1966 Chevy Chevelle Malibu?

    My dad wants to sell his 1966 Chevy Chevelle Malibu. I looked in Edmunds, Autotrader, Kelley Bluebook and Googled but I can't seem to get a solid price range for his type of car. For most sites, it's too old to be listed. Other sites are specialty sites that deal in souped up Chevys (completedly modified for muscle and speed). So the price varies from $3000 for parts/major restore to $40,000 to super tricked SS models. My dad's car is pure stock with all original parts and has been basically garaged for the last 30 years. He only drove it occasionally basically to keep it running. What do you think is the best way to find the reasonable selling price that will sell within reasonable time, like week or two?

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  • How does this suspicious Ebay scam (I think) work?

    I just saw an Ebay item was too good to be true. It was for a new electric generator worth at least $2,000. It had about 10 hours to close. The starting bid was about 25 GBP ($42 US dollars). No bids yet. Item location was in Illinois but seller was in Germany. Almost all of the seller's feedbacks were in German and 100% positive. Free shipping but must contact seller via email prior to bidding. How does this work and still the seller make money?

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  • What adhesive is best/strongest for polycarbonate sheets.?

    I need to make boxes constructed of polycarbonate (lexan) sheets to make boxes. What adhesive will be strongest to rival metal screws?

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  • What software is best for cropping objects especially person's face so the outside of the face is transparent?

    Not too expensive, around $50. It's fun to take someon's face in a group picture and put it in a totally different background.

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