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  • Questions for girlfriends/wives of athletes?

    Especially those in physical contact sports...

    Do you ever stop getting a sick feeling to your stomach when you see the person you love playing his sport?

    Do you ever get over the fear and the sensation of it all?

    Do you ever want to scream at the opponant causing them pain? And if you do does that ever stop?

    How do you fight the urge to walk over and slap the commentators after they have said something stupid about the person you love?

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  • Can you help me pick an easy to learn song?

    I need to find an easy to learn country song. That is age appropriate for a nine year old. Preferably female singer.

    It has to be fairly easy she learns songs very quickly but she only has three days to get it down!!!

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  • Can you share your favorite healing or powerful bible verse?

    I have an uncle who was recently in a terrible accident. I am working on putting together a little something for my aunt and would like to include several verses of courage, strength and healing in it.

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  • Please help us clean an ultra suede couch?

    My daughter got the flu this morning while we were visiting grandma. She vommitted all over her ultra-suede couch. Please let us know some safe ways to clean it without ruining the material

    3 AnswersCleaning & Laundry1 decade ago
  • Can you help me find this painting?

    My boss is looking for a painting and I do not know much about it. But she is desperately searching for it. She doesnt know what it is called. But it is a Christian painting. It is a family standing on the roof of a house during a flood. And it has an angel in the picture like its holding the flood back or something along those lines.

    I know this is very vague but I am hoping someone knows something about this painting. She has searched everywhere for it and cant find it

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  • Do you know of any angel crafts?

    I want to make something special for my secret sister for her final gift. She collects angels. I would like to find a unique and beautiful angel I can make myself.

    It cant be childish or cheap looking. Like I said something beautiful and unique...

    Yet as inexpensive and simple as possible...

    Any ideas?

    I only have two weeks!

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  • Thinking of doing something wondering if people would be interested in something like this?

    We have several small animals in our house. And after this week will have more. A few of them are exotic type pets. My seven year old who wants to do some type of work with animals when she gets older (considering zoo work) has done a lot of research and has become very knowledgable on these animals. We dont know if there would be any real interest in this but are considering doing birthday parties where she brings her animals and information on them and other animals and makes a party out of educating the children and letting them handle them.

    Is this something you and your children would be interested in? They are small friendly animals that have been handled a lot and are well taken care of. And I thought it would be fun with her leading the party not some adult.

    17 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • Can you help me find out my credit?

    Is there any free online credit checks that do not require you to enter in a credit card number?

    I would really like to find out what my credit is...however all the online sites that I am finding require you to enter in a credit card number.

    I do not have any credit cards and was wondering if there is a way to check my credit online without having one

    2 AnswersCredit1 decade ago
  • How to stop acting like you owe your boss something?

    Ok I have worked for my boss for several years and am very close to her. I consider her family and get the good and bad sides of that. But the problem is its almost like I feel like I owe her something. I mean she has done a lot for me and I love her for it. But I have also done a lot for her. In the past year I have called into work sick one day. I always ask for time off over a month in advance (she requires two weeks). I get to work early, leave late, do my job plus some. Yes she has been good to me. But I have been to her too. So why do I feel like I owe her something? And how do I stop. It is cutting into my personal life-and extra work that I do that I make A LOT more money at. I have a loyalty to her that I can not give up even for that extra money. Last week I went into work early and gave up a $100 job for the other work that I do. What is up with this? And like I said how do I stop? Yes its a guaranteed check but it would still be there if I stopped doing the extras

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  • Easy inexpensive shrimp recipes for pot luck?

    I am looking for some easy to make (and inexpensive to make) shrimp recipes to bring to pot luck tomorrow. Something GREAT but simple. We are in the middle of moving and most of our pans, bowls etc are packed already so anything that takes multiple dishes to make wouldnt work. Also something that is time consuming and complicated I just dont have time for right now! Since it is feeding a large amount and I am not made out of money something that the ingrediants arent super expensive is best(I have the shrimp already)

    Would prefer hot dishes but will consider cold ones and salads as well. So please send on all those great shrimp recipes!!!

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  • Help this song has suddenly slipped my mind...?

    I have been trying to find this song today but for some reason it has slipped my head even though its usually stuck in there LOL!!!

    It is a man singing it...and is something about a lady in a red dress (I believe) and dancing cheek to cheek (thats where were meant to be???)

    I dont know its driving me crazy I can barely remember any of the lyrics even though I should know them all!!! HELP!!!

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  • Doing my own taxes online question?

    Ok so someone suggested that I do my own taxes online this year. They said it is pretty easy and my taxes are pretty simple and basic anyway. So I do not have an issue with doing them that way. But where is the best (fastest, most reliable, trustworthy, easy, etc)place to do them online yourself. Also whenever you do them online do you have to have a bank account or can they send you a check?

    5 AnswersUnited States1 decade ago
  • Have you ever used online auction???

    I just recently found and thought it sounded great and briefly looking through it I saw that had several things listed. I was looking for more online auctions because for me I felt like ebay was just charging too much and I wasnt making anything from the sales after seller fees etc. From that aspect onlineauction is great. But after listing some things there and not really even getting too many views I went back through and looked again and it seems like none of the auctions really even have bids on them. What is up? Do not that many people know about it??? Do auctions get more bids the last day and I am just not seeing that? Have you had any experiences with and should I have stuck with ebay or should I keep trying here???

    4 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • Can you help me??

    There is a little fat man wearing red standing outside my house. He keeps calling me a Ho...he keeps saying it over and over again Ho Ho Ho...

    Ho Ho Ho...

    What should I do????

    Ok just kidding actually I am just trying to wait for my children to fall asleep. They have been in bed almost an hour but are too excited to sleep!!! And I have nothing better to do!


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  • Looking for simple dessert recipes?

    Fun stuff that the kids can help me make. So easy...but cute and kind of fancy too. Nothing too elegant or expensive...just not the normal cookies,fudge etc. Wanting to try different things.

    9 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Can you help me decide on a New Years gift?

    Long story short I have worked my job several years. My "bosses" are three sisters. We have been through a lot together through the years and they have been there for me through many tough times. I consider them family and I know they feel the same about me. I have decided I am not going to get them a Christmas gift but instead a New Years gift in honor of another year. But I am having a really hard time deciding what. I want it to be special, personal, and GREAT but inexpensive. I am a single parent and doing it for three of them. I would like some store bought stuff so please help me with that. But also some GREAT dessert recipes would be great too. Somethings not expensive and not too ordinary...kind of fancy but easy and fun! All help and suggestions would be so appreciated. I really do not know what to get them...PS-The desserts would be made from the children and me and I would like small things that I can put together as a variety basket for the treats!

    4 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago
  • Help my internet keeps freezing!?!?

    Since yesterday afternoon my internet freezes whenever I click on a link that opens into a new browser (this including my email so I can not read my email and that is a problem!). If I go directly to a page I have no issues but if I click a link it freezes right up. I have tried rebooting, etc nothing is helping. I ran a Norton scan it found two low risk items I resolved those but it is not helping. What am I missing??? This is really becoming a problem as I need to get into my email for work! Please help!

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  • What if you do not know what you want for Christmas?

    I see a lot of people with questions for what to get people who are hard to shop for. Well I think I am one of those people. Its not that I have everything and couldnt possibly use something else. Its more like its been a long hard year and somewhere throughout the year I have lost myself. I have forgotten what once interested me. Spent so much time thinking of others in my life I have no idea who I am anymore. My mom asked me the other day what I wanted and I honestly froze. I have no idea what to tell her. Friday when I was Christmas shopping for others I tried to look for myself. The only thing I could even come close to thinking was a digital camera. Thing is I got one last year. This one is better quality...but it seems a bit ridiculous to get another one a year later. I want to be able to at least point people in the right direction but I do not know what to even ask for. Everything comes back down to something for the kids or other people in my life. What should I want?

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  • Where to find unusual Little Pet Shop toys?

    My seven year old is obsessed with the Little Pet Shop toys. She has many of them and is getting more for Christmas. I already have several of them bought for her. However most of the ones she has are the ones you see all over. She is starting to show more interest in the more unique ones now but I can not seem to find them anywhere. Even like the monkey.We bought her friend one for her birthday about a month ago.She asked me to buy her it then but they were all over the place and I didnt get it that day. Now I feel really bad because she really wants the monkey and I cant seem to find it in any of our local stores. She also wants the butterfly, the chinchilla and many more. Can you help give me ideas on where to find them?

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  • Families of athletes can you help?

    I have asked questions related to this before. But I really need help remaining patient and supportive.My boyfriend of several years is an athlete. I love him with all my heart. But sometimes it is so hard I just do not know how much I can take. I mean really there is no time for us and I think every relationship needs that. But he has recently taken on more responsibilities with his sport. I have always dealt with his own practices,traveling etc. Now the past couple years I have had to deal with him coaching in his "spare" time. Now this year he has taken on another coaching job and is coaching two teams. Meaning that every night he is not away for his own things he is coaching. Between this, my job and my kids,his kids and our kids we have NO time together. Literally. In fact I have not even seen him in a week. I trust him. That is not the issue. And I love him fully. I do not want to lose him. But at the same time how do you hold on? Continued...

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