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  • Transferring to a Canadian University?

    I am a United States Citizen currently attending an Illinois University. But I do have some plans to transfer to Canadian University either in Toronto, ON, CA or Vancouver, BC, CA. I know that the U.S. has the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA for short) for FInancial Aid assistance. But I was just wondering what is the Canadian equivalent of FAFSA? Thank you so much for any information. Well appreciated.

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  • How to meet NHL Players before a game?

    I will be taking a trip to Toronto, Ontario, CA in about three weeks time. I'm from Illinois.As a gift from my cousin he got me tickets to go see the Leafs play the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Air Canada Centre. This would be my first time at the ACC. I was wondering if there is any way to meet the players before the game like if there is an open practice the morning of the game? And if so, where can one get in to meet the players?

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  • Disney College Program?

    Ok, here's the situation. Seven years ago, I participated in the Walt Disney World College Program in Orlando, FL when i was a college sophomore at a local community college and had a wonderful time doing it and I wish to do it again but this time I want to do the program out in Anaheim, CA. I am now a graduate student at a major university in Illinois. Here's my question. I am attempting to fill out the online application for the program and I came across a question that asks, "Have you ever applied to the Walt Disney Co.before?" Since I have done this program before, would answering "yes" to the aforementioned question be the right answer? Does the aforementioned question also apply to previous participation in the college program. Your opinions and answers would definitely be appreciated.

  • Financial Aid suspension appeal due to exceeding maximum credit hour limit?

    I just received an email stating that my financial aid is suspended due to exceeding the max timeframe to earn my degree. At any rate, has anyone ever successfully appealed this type of suspension? I am looking for tips on how to do so.

    My situation is that I completed one Associates Degree in Computer Science from a community college, then continued to pursue an Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at a bigger University. Some of the classes I took prior to that change were not relevant to my degree, and I have withdrawn from 3 courses due to time management issues.

    I am four credit hours away from my Bachelors Degree with cumulative GPA of a little over 2.10.

    I am looking for any suggestions on how to go about writing a successful appeal. I am a single male with a low-income salary & can not afford the tuition without my aid.

    I am just 1 class away from my degree in addition to working.

    I am over my allowance by exactly 1 credit hour at this time- I am not a "career student" by any means.

    Any insight or examples would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Is this a date or not a date?

    Okay, here's the deal, a couple of weeks ago, a very nice, young 22-yr old Asian lady asked me to hang out with her. (i will not disclose my age but i will say that i am Asian and between 25-40) I agreed since we both had nothing to do. Just went to a movie, took her for a nice walk in the park, and for some ice cream. We had a nice conversation talked a little bit about our past relationships and our lives. Hanging out went well. Being a gentleman, after we got done. I took her to her door, kissed her on the cheek and wished her goodnight. So as I got home. I was checking on my Facebook for my brothers updates, and the lady sent me a message that she had a good time tonight and that I helped her enjoy herself. And in turn I told her that I enjoyed being with her and thanked her for initiating the hangout

    After that I fell asleep, conversation window was still open using my iPod and she must have left her account online because she was still on. Here's where I messed up. I was about 95 percent asleep and for some reason I still had my iPod on my hand. Without looking at what I was typing, I typed in something that may have creeped her out, in the context "I'll be your rock, if you need someone to talk to".....and when I woke up, I saw what I messaged her and apologized for that and she said "it's ok, just kind of creeped me out, I kinda knew that you were asleep." When that was said I kind of felt to myself that I might have blown my chances with her. And we both were probably just realizing its more of a brotherly-sisterly relationship. And i am willing to accept that. However, my family and my friends asked me how the "date" was. I told them everything and I said. "Not a date". Then my cousin asked, "You took her to a movie, to eat, and for a nice walk in the park and had a nice convo....that, my friend is a date". But the lady and I had a few other conversations after that and we haven't spoken in the last five days. What do you think?

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  • Medical Question. This is kind of stumping my brain a bit.?

    Rubbing capsaicin (found in hot peppers) on the skin causes the release of Substance P, a neuropeptide. After about 30 minutes, painful stimuli applied to this area of skin are perceived as less painful than normal. Provide a possible reason using the principles of neurotransmission, and give support for your answer.

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  • Stats question. Please help!?

    The makers of Mini-Oats cereal have an automated packaging machine that is set to fill boxes with 24 ounces of cereal. At various times in the packaging process, we select a random sample of 100 boxes to see whether or not the machine is filling the boxes with an average of 24 ounces of cereal.

    1. Which of the following is a statement of the null hypothesis?

    2. Which of the following is a statement of the alternative hypothesis?

    A) The machine fills the boxes with the proper amount of cereal. The average is 24 ounces

    B) The machine fills the boxes with the proper amount of cereal. The average is less than 24 ounces.

    C) The machine is not filling the boxes with the proper amount of cereal. The average is not 24 ounces.

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  • NHL Shootouts? Fun or not fun to watch?

    I am from Illinois and a 34-year old filipino who loves the Vancouver Canucks. For you NHL fans out there, how many of you think that watching shootouts are a lot of fun? Especially with some of the suspense that comes with shootouts.

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  • What to do? please help, dudes and ladies?

    I have an autographed copy of a WWE Divas autobiography stacked somewhere on my shelf in my apartment as part of my wrestling collections. One night my girlfriend just happened to see this book and started to feel so jealous and insecure. I had told her many times with all my heart that I love her very much and she is the one for me and that she is the one I come home to. She had told me that just because she had never seen any book like that before. She had told me that just because the Divas had talked about their sex lives and underwear before, that constitutes sexuality. And that makes her insecure. She says she loves me very much but she doesn't want to see that book anymore. Her choice words to me was "It's either me or the book". I love her very much but I don't wanna give up any of my personal wrestling collections. I have told that her time and time again. She doesnt seem to respect my personal collection. Nothing bad, mind you. They're just all wrestling. I have asked her so many times, "Don't you think its unfair that I never ask you to get rid of anything because its your personal property, but yet when you come to my place you always ask me to get rid of my personal collections?" (I never get rid of my personal stuff, btw). I am on borrowed time with my "gf". I don't know how to deal with her. After awhile together with her, I am on my last legs. Help?

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  • What to do? Relationship on the rocks?

    Ok here is the story.....I am a 33-yr old guy, and I have friends of the opposite sex.

    Lately my "gf" has been really upset at me because she doesn't trust some of those friends of mine.

    Just today she sent me a message through Facebook stating that "I noticed that you are friends

    now with so and so. If you would only consider my opinion not to be friends with all of them because

    I don't trust them, our relationship will be safe. If you would only trust me and my judgement but it seems you don't value my opinion and looks like you decided to pick your friends without consulting me. You can email or call them if you wanna contact them. Sorry but I don't trust your friend. I am sorry cuz your friends and I don't mix."

    Why do I have to consult her about picking my friends? And I have told my gf that she is NOT my MOTHER, which is what I feel like she is doing. I am a pretty good judge of character. I can

    pretty much read people and see what they are like.

    To make matters worse, my 'gf' has completely cut me off from her Facebook account.

    I have tried to call my gf but she doesnt answer her phone. I have given up on trying to call her.

    We've been together 18 months yesterday and I have been completely faithful to her the entire time. I have NEVER cheated on her, or done anything stupid.

    I feel like I wanna give up on her. Because everytime she doesnt trust any friend of mine that is of

    the opposite sex. she thinks I am cheating. I am really tired of this.

    Maybe I am being childish but that is what I feel.

    How do I deal with this?

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  • FAFSA Process....what's next?

    About a year and a half ago my 32-yr old cousin was accepted to go into 3 major universities. Financially he wasn’t able to go to school because he hasn’t worked in over two years. Before that he was able to get his Associates Degree from our local Community College. No income, whatsoever. All 3 he looked into accepts financial aid so he went to the FAFSA website. Two days ago He signed up for a student PIN and then filled out and sent his FAFSA electronically. This is for the 2009-2010 school year. A day later he got an email from them saying his FAFSA has been processed and the data will be made available to the schools he’s interested in. Then it gave him a link to his student aid report and that is a page of some numbers and dates and it says "you appear to be eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant of up to $5350 for the 2009-2010 school year". That's awesome and everything but ... what is he supposed to do now? It doesn't say and we haven't have a clue about any of this. What is the next step? And depending on the school he goes to, does he need to send a physical copy of either his W-2 or 1040 tax forms and present it to the school’s financial aid office, if necessary?

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  • WCW/TNA Sting's hairline?

    For all you wrestling fans out there. Is it just me or does it look like that WCW/TNA legend Steve "Sting" Borden's hairline is completely receding. Because it looks like since his WCW days he looks like he is losing hair by the month. Your thoughts & comments please?

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  • Tyson Tomko/Vin Diesel?

    For all wrestling fans out there..... is it just me or does former WWE & TNA star Tomko look a little bit like actor Vin Diesel? Your thoughts please

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  • Ladies only, Is this a flirty line?

    I have a friend who is interested in a woman, who is a single mother, and said this to her by text ....."Is there anything that I can do to make your smile even more beautiful than it already is?" I thought this was kinda cheesy. Any suggestions?

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  • From a ladies point of view, only. Back off this lady, or not?

    Hey ladies/gentleman,

    My name is Dominador Martin V. I recently met this woman, a single mom who is from Wisconsin, about a week ago, and is very attractive & outgoing, through a mutual friend of ours, her aunt, that is. Now before we met, I have been speaking to over the phone & texting for two months. But by the time I saw her I lost my courage to ask her to spend some time with her one-on-one because her aunt was always there every single moment. And we went to a gathering. I kinda noticed that she was trying to make a move on me and I pulled away because I thought I wasn't ready to do any physical contact yet. Then the next day, at another gathering. I was trying to sit next to her but, the she turned the tables a bit on me by pulling herself away. Then when we got talking a bit a little later. She let me know that she just wanted to be friends and sees me only like a brother. This tells me that I am stuck in the "friend zone". Is there any POSSIBLE way out of this or have I screwed my chances with her? She has texted me a few times after she went home to Wisconsin. But I did not return any of her texts until about three days later via voicemail, trying to make myself scarce. And I said something in the context of "I appreciate what you did for me, call me back so that I can thank you personally" that made her call me back and she did not know what she did. Am I being rude? I do want her to be the one to call me. I am very much interested in pursuing her, but I am the type that needs to back off, and let nature flow. I don't necessarily like to be the one that calls her. Any suggestions?



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  • Is this a boneheaded move?

    Yesterday, I have a male friend who went to a gathering with 2 female companions, one who is married and the other a single lady. In the morning, he and his single lady companion went and picked up the married woman. The thing is, the married woman called my male friend using her husbands cell phone to make sure he was going to be on time. My friend had his phone on silent, by mistake. So he picked up his cell just in time. So he noticed there was an unusual number. So he called that number and lo and behold it was the married woman. He LITERALLY did not know it was the husbands number. So he and his single companion picked her up they had a good time. But by the time 7:50 PM hit, the husband called his phone and demanded to know where his wife is. My friend took her home and never laid a finger on her and my friend was just being a gentleman. And she thanked my friend for broadening her horizons. Now, mind you, this guy is a former military man, a guy with post-traumatic stress disorder, and he doesnt go out much, always goes out to the bars, drinks quite often,is the insanely jealous type and always she comes home to an empty home. They often fight quite a bit. After my friend told me about everything. I told my friend, "Dude, you are such a friggin bonehead, and that was a boneheaded move you did, taking her home without other people in your car!!!!! Are you frickin out of your mind? This guy was a military man, and he would've kicked you -------!!!!!" Am I right for telling him that. I know he was just giving her a ride home. But knowing about the hubbys background. I am a little scared for my friend. And I love him like a brother. Your opinions?

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  • Jeff Hardy's facepaint?

    Now on last night's WWE Friday Night Smackdown (the first one of 2009), is just me or did Jeff Hardy's facepaint resemble that of Sting when Sting was part of the legendary nWo Wolfpac? Your thoughts please?

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  • Smackdown vs. RAW 2006 PS2 How do you stay on the ring apron during a tag match?

    I have a little problem when playing Smackdown vs. RAW 2006 for Playstation 2. Whenever I play in tag team mode, everytime I make a tag to my partner, I press the square button to exit the ring, however, whenever I exit the ring, I happen to go outside to the arena floor and I cannot get back onto the ring apron, I have pressed the X, O, square and triangle buttons along with the directional buttons to no avail. What buttons do I need to press to get back on the ring apron and only the ring apron?

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  • Why cant my friend let go?

    I have a situation here. Last week a friend of mine and I were at a gathering, we were all having a good time and he was doing his Disc Jockey thing, and I was doing some mingling with other people. All of a sudden I happen to see his ex girlfriend approaching him (she was with the man she

    is going to marry, while he was in his booth), they had a bad breakup over a year and a half ago and have not spoken since, because the man she is going to marry, is the same man she cheated on him with at that time. My friend and his ex

    were together for over two years. I noticed that when she approached him, I think she just wanted to say hello to him, but

    at the same time when she tried to say hello, he gave her the cold shoulder and never said a word to her, but instead gave her

    the bird and remained silent. And he didnt even have his headphones on. Then she comes up to me and asks,

    "Why is your friend being an !@#$%-hole, I just wanted to say hello". I told her "Dont involve me in your problems. You wanna know why he just did that to you, go figure it out". At the same time I told my friend "Dude, dont you think you are being a little immature flipping her the bird like that? Especially in public?" I know he wants to let go of the hurt she caused him, and let her go completely, he has always confided in me and his family that he wants to let go of anything that reminds him of her, but he told me he cannot seem to let go and its been over a year and half, and he wants to let go and move on. What is your opinion on this whole matter?

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  • Disc Jockeys, what are the basic pieces of equipment that are needed to DJ with a laptop?

    I have a question for any Disc Jockeys. My 13-year old nephew wants to start DJing with his laptop. I was wondering what are the basic pieces of equipment that are needed? Is it just a mixer, turntable, laptop, and speaker that he needs? And is it possible that he can just use the laptop to DJ without the turntable? What are some good programs to use to DJ using only a laptop, mixer and speaker (minus the turntable)?

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