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  • Divorce my drug addicted wife or give her another chance? You decide our fate. I will give you a follow up.?

    Briefly, my wife of 3yrs. & mother of my 2.5 yr.old, used crack cocaine. several x's. now she says she has 60+ days clean. she just regained more visiting time for her 8 yr.old son which she lost 5yrs. ago, from prior heroin addiction. She'd been clean about 6yrs. prior. she's now not allowed to see him by court order. she's had both kids around drug users & dealers. when i was at work. she's stole, lied, & cheated. she would'nt even keep a pt. time job, keep house clean & would'nt take very good care of our son. she's bi-polar,depressed, on med's for it. slept,smoked cig's,talked on phone most of the day. i had to put him in daycare. she really did nothing. she's now in her own apt. w/a female ex-felon (crack)w/a 15yr.drug use habit. I pd. for the first month rent just to get her out of the house. now she's unable to pay rent. says she attends 2-3 N/A mtg's. a day. Our son is w/me. she says she made a mistake.& wants to return home. how many chances does she have to get it right? w/me

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  • G.BUSH SOFT ON DRUG CRIMINALS? Maybe Even Liberal? - With His Pardons!?

    Is the leader of the republican party gone soft on criminals that have broken the laws and found guilty by a jury of their peers. We all would expect Bush to look the other way when it comes to -bank fraud, mail fraud, cheating on your taxes, and its a given that "making false statements" is no big deal to him. But why has he also pardoned all the drug crime law breakers? Just how do you "moral law abiding, God fearing republicans" square this with your "liberals are soft on crime" rant???

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  • Now will Mr.President & Republicans finally realize they were REJECTED! or continue thier assult on DEMOCRATS?

    Mr.President/Republican GoP. You were REJECTED!!!! Because of your Misguided FAILED!!! War.

    The first and foremost way to make this country safe is to

    1. Seal our borders, land and by sea.

    2. Thoroughly round up those who are most likely to be terrorist, where ever they may be from, and not an American citizen. And expel them immediately. let them back in when we are relativley sure of their pupose of bieng here.

    3. Then and only Then, do you commence to stop those who may try to harm us or or allies by air attack.

    So please call of your sniveling whining lap dogs at FoX and conservative radio talk shows all over america.

    Get behind the DEMOCRATS and enact the bi-partisan 9-11report and truly protect AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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