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  • If you are or have been involved in car accident & your car is needs towed where would, or did you have?

    where would you tow it to? This is kind of a survey type question! Please take a second and answer! Thank you!

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  • I agreed to sell my saddle to my sister two years ago. I could have sold for 850 but offered it to her for 600?

    It has been a little over two years and I have only received 240.00 from her. I recently got one of my horses back, unexspectedly so I asked her if I could use my saddle. She told me to just come get it and that she had paid me 240 all together, which I knew. But come to find out its at her daughters house and being used by them! I have to go pick it up! My saddle is a Billy Cook, great saddle .To buy new back when I got it it was over 1200.00! When I turned it over to her it was still in excellent condition. Not sure of condition now. What are some opinions out here on how much of her 240 should I pay her back?

    Thanks for any input

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  • Are there any males who have ever attended the Metropolis Night Club in Cincinnati, Ohio? please share your e?

    I am gathering info on this club due to an incident that happened to my son. After this incident I started looking into blogs and comments and I am starting to see a pattern with this club. I just wanted to have some other feed back from others. PLEASE help! thank you very much!

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  • my partner whom im a 50/50 business partner with, changed our business name without my knowledge?

    I will not give my business name but I will use an example. Lets say the business name is : My Big Red Shoe and that is how we are listed in advertising and everything business related.

    Well, my partner added his name in front of the business name and added el al ptrn to the

    heading .example(without using partners real name ) John H Smith DBA My Big Red Shoe el at ptnr

    So I would like some feed back as to why he would do such a thing. Some opinions please? Thanks very much!

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  • what would you think if at your place of work,someone kept taking things off of your desk,personal belongings?

    just personal items, like my bottle of lotion keeps coming up missing off of my desk! I even put a little not on the bottle saying that it belongs to me,please leave on desk! It walks away! I put it back! I even had a draw of mine emptied out and my personal papers have disapeared! What would you do? Whats the problem!?

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  • I am declaring my own art business. How do I legalize my business name? I live in Ky?

    I have no idea where to start! Please advise as much as you ! Thank you VERY MUCH!

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  • I left my purse in my office ,under my desk and went to lunch for about a half an hour. Someone got into it?

    We have four employees in the office. Myself,my fiance,which is the owner and he was out of town and then there is the other boss which is the business partner and the other secratary,which is the daughter of the other boss! yeah! Family business! Anyway, someone got in my purse! What are my rights here? I feel I have been violated and I am NOT very happy! They snooped and they admitted taking pictures of a little hand held recorder! that was IN my purse because they assumed I was recording them!! The recorder was my fiances and he plays and records music on it and I was thinking about using it for my second job which is driving a horse carriage and we give historical tours. I wanted to go on tour with my boss and record her tour becasue she does an awesome tour that way I could listen and study it..bal,bla,bla!!! But seriously! They had NO RIGHT touching my purse!! What should I do?

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  • Could someone give me some honest,good advice on second marriages when you have kids?

    I am 43,have 3 sons; 23,21 & 18 My oldest son has a drug problem and he is trying to quit .He isn't working and stays between our house and his dad's. My middle son is staying with us right now but is working,stable and really close to buying his first home and will be moving out with in a few months. My youngest son has a part time job and hoping to go full time. He stays at his dad's and comes over to our place 2 or 3 times a month and visits.

    My fiance has 2 kids and his oldest moved out and she is married and his youngest,18, just went to college,locally but stays on college campus. Both his kids do well and really have no major issues going on in their lives,which is a wonderful thing!

    My fiance is furious that my kids come around me so much. He thinks they should be off doing their own thing. He told me last night to not do anything at all to help my kids for three weeks and see if they come around me! He thinks that if I do not give them any money or offer them to come over for dinner and things like that ,that they will have nothing to do with me.

    I think that is ridiculous! Although I do agree with my fiance 100% that I give my kids to much money. I really don't know how to help my oldest son. I do not give him hundreds of dollars by any means but I will hand him 20-40 bucks here and there and my 18 yr old I do the same. I really don't have all that much money myself so I know I shouldn't be handing them money. When they stay at their dads half the time there is nothing there to eat. their dad is a bit dis functional. he doesn't work all the time ,he doesn't have electric or running water at his house. They literally go to the local park and take showers and stuff. they have a gas cooking stove so they can cook there. The living conditions are ridiculous. I don't mean like filthy or anything but just ridiculous.

    My 18 yr old doesn't have a car so when he works my 21 yr old picks him up on the way and takes him to work,he works with him at the weld shop.

    I want my kids to all do well and get on their own feet and do their own thing. I want that for more reasons and for different reasons than my fiance. He said that he is 53 and he doesn't want to be raising another family since both his kids are basically out of the house. When my kids do come over or when they are there we don't have to babysit them. Obviously they are adults. The one son that works and is about to buy his house rarely even eats at our house because he is off working all the time or off doing something with his Gfriend or his friends. My youngest,like I said will come over a couple times a month and then there is my oldest,which seems to be in the toughest situation. My fiance doesn't seem to get where i am coming from. He has been fortunate that both his kids have not caused him too many problems at all. I cant turn my back on my kids. I told him that. It is pretty much to the point that I am seriously considering calling the whole thing off.

    I want nothing more in my life than my kids, ALL THREE , to be happy,healthy and successful! I want them to be stable and self reliant.

    I have always been extremely close to all three of my sons and when they were growing up we didn't always have the best of living conditions but I did everything in my power to see to it that they had no idea how rough we had it sometimes. Their dad would be good sometimes and be working and things were fine. But other times I depended on family and friends to help us out. As the kids got older and my ex just kept doing really stupid crap,getting into drugs,not working,not supporting the family,I went to work outside the home but my income alone wasn't cutting it! Their dad just became more and more dis functional and I tried to keep our family together but I told him for 3 yrs i was going to leave if he didn't change. That didn't happen and when my youngest was 13 I left the house and got a divorce.

    My kids came with me at first and through the couple of years ahead my ex did a fine job on manipulating our kids and really had them feeling sorry for him. To this day when I ask my youngest why he stays down there at his dads,his answer is,that he feels sorry for him.

    I don't know, I guess I am doing the same thing,feeling sorry for my kids. Wanting to help them. I want them to help themselves too.

    There are issues with my fiance that aren't perfect either but I think if you are planning on spending the rest of your life with someone you love and except them for who and how they are. If you don't or can't ..well perhaps I am answering my own questions here! Who you are, in my opinion also includes the people in your life that make you who you are. my kids are always going to be a part of who I am , in good times and bad!

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  • Are there any flight attendants out there? Could you please tell me the pros and cons?

    I posted a similar question but have gotten no answers! i have applied for a flight attendant job and would love to know what some other flight attendants could share with me about this type of job!

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  • Can an orthodontist charge you for a monthly bill when they refuse to do treatment?

    Mu son has been on the care source health program. When he turned 18 and was out of school he no longer qualified for the program. when I got the notivication of his termination I contacted out orthodontist office. I asked them about a payment plan. They told me they would get back with me at the end of the week. Mean time my son is not allowed to make an appointment becasue there is no pay plan in place. We wait, a week I hear nothing back. I call them back, i was told They are still waiting for approval and they will call me by hte end of the week. Still no call, it takes them almost 3 months to come up with a pay plan and finally I was allowed to schedule an appointment. my kids ortho work is now set back 3 months at this time. When he goes to office they tell him that he owes 301.62 past due?! I was furious and asked how he would owe anything back? They said it was for the two months after he was dropped from the care source. Those two months the orth office would NOT allow me to even make an appointment because they, for some reason could not give me a pay plan!

    I have a letter typed up because now today my son is four months behind in treatment. they were supposed to mail me an itemized bill explaining how I ended up with a past due bill and also I requested his dental records so I could take him out of their office and start some place new. To this day another week and a half later, I do not have any of the documents. I am reporting them to the BBB and the OHIO Board of Dentistry and anyone else that I can think of! I think they are a boot leg oporation or something!

    Does anyone have any other suggestions of what I can do because now, like I said my son is four months behind in treatments!

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  • I found out my fiance has been chatting quiet a bit with an old girlfriend, normally doesnt bother me?

    This seems different because he didn't tell me,I found out. She is married herself but she apparently has been sending him some photos. She wants to meet up with him when he goes back to their home town,she told him she thought of him often and cant wait to see him..I don't just isn't sitting well with me that he hasn't even brought it up to me. I talk on FB with old class mates but I ha vent given any of them my phone number. I have found out that they have swapped phone numbers as well. Any thoughts?

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  • Considering a business, art classes in small community which offers small bus. grant.?

    What do I need to do to propose my idea so I could be a strong candidate for the grant?

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  • Horse question: What are the health risks of a bunch of dead fish laying around in the horse pasture until we?

    can get them picked up!? I know, it sounds crazy but our creek flooded BIG time and now there are about 100 dead fish laying in the lower pasture! Im hoping over night last night that all the possums,foxes and raccoons had a fish eating party!!! But my sister is freaking out thinking our horses are going to die if they eat grass next to where the fish are!

    I know they can get deathly ill if they get botulism or if they eat moldy hay..I just dont think with about 120plus acres they are going to chose to stand around dead fish and eat grass!

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  • Are you aware that if you have bad credit you will pay more for your personal insurance?

    Even if you are claim free and you pay your bill on time the reason insurance companies ask you for your ss# is because they do an insurance credit check and if you have a bad score you will pay more on your rates. The reasoning behind this is they assume that you will be a higher risk, you won't pay your bill or you will be late often.

    I think it is a crock of crap myself. my credit isn't the worst but not the best by far but I pay my auto insurance every month and you better believe I pay MORE than some because my credit is bad.

    I have written my insurance commissioner once about this but I didn't even get a response to the issue.

    I am going to write and complain about this to all of my state reps and a suggest everyone else do the same. Some states are looking into outlawing this practice and i though Cali may have already but im not sure.

    When I ask for auto insurance I believe I should be rated on my driving record #1 to determine what risk factor i am.

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  • Does anyone know or have some ideas of just what obama has to use my money for that is any more important than?

    my kids lunch at school ???

    My paycheck just got swiped 5.00 bucks a week which equals 20.00 bucks a month which equals my sons lunch money bill a month!! I actually DO live pay check to pay check!

    7 AnswersElections1 decade ago
  • In the headline news we have 'two strikes' on homeland security, what happens the third time ?

    I really do not understand in this point of the 'game' how in the h-e-double hockey sticks! our president is allowing such gross negligence in our system ! And I REALLY have a problem with him being in denial about the Fort Knox shooter being a 'terrorist' because that IS exactly what that shooter is and that WAS a terrorist attack on our Country. It is embarrassing at the sheer stupidity that obama is displaying in these situations. obama willing to act so naive about the terrorist war we have going on right now is opening doors right and left. I think it is time for him to get some dirt under his fingernails,stop acting like a candy and call it what it is. his political correctness has no place in this day and age.

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