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  • What fantasy baseballl website is the best for information on rankings for Dynasty/keeper league information?

    I am not asking the best site to HOST, but instead the best site to get information. I don't even mind paying some if it is significantly better than free sites. Thanks in advance.

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  • excel delete non colored cells?

    Excel 2007. I have a report I export into excel. The data is somewhat mismatched. It does, however come with the data I want to keep, filled in two different colors depending upon the column. If I am able to delete the cells that are NOT filled with any color, I would have the information how I need it. It is four columns (a-d). Each month the length will vary. Ideas for the best way to delete cells ( not the whole row) that are not filled with color? Thanks.

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  • Please help me identify this bird?

    Can you please help me identify this bird? My wife took a picture of it and we are curious, and unable to figure it out. This picture was taken in northern Minnesota.

    Thanks in advance!


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  • Does anyone know what type of bird this is?

    My wife took a picture of this bird and we would like to know what kind it is. We live in northern mn. Any help would be much appreciated!


    [url= by [url=]enjaya[... on Flickr

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  • access 2007 help needed?

    I have two tables, one employee and one Training. On the Training form I think I want to use the "not on list" event, but I am not sure how to get that to work...I have employee as a combo box on the training form. If an employee is not on the list I want to be able to double-click or something so the employee form will open up and that employee and other employee info can be added. I have messed around with on double click and I have a macro that will open the employee form and will update to the employee table, but that new employee isn't available on the Training form. I have to close the form and reopen it.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • help with excel formula?

    I have cells with the following data

    First name Last name Test score (numeric)

    I have 45 names all with varying amount of test scores. Some have 1, some have 5. What I want to accomplish is finding the difference between the first score and their most recent score. I don't want the scores in between counted. Is there a way easier than typing in a formula under each name? There is a line break when the name changes so it looks like this

    John doe 23

    Jonn doe 44

    John doe 33

    Jane doe 44

    Jane doe 12

    Madeup name 44

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  • help conditional formatting access 2007 using dates?

    I want to highlight dates that are before today on my form. If I use conditional formatting with todays actual date 03/24/2010 it does what I want. I don't want to have to change the date tomorrow however or any other day. What can I use so that it will always use the current date?


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  • manipulate dates in my query by adding three months Access 2007?

    I have an access database. 2007. I have a date (due date)I am using from a table that I need to show. I also need a new field that will add exactly three months to. So if the record has june 2 2008 I need this new field to show september 2 2008 and make sure if it is Dec 2 2008, the new field changes the year as well as the month so it would show March 2 2009.

    Thanks for your help

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  • IE does not display webpage built from publisher?

    I have put a website together using microsoft publisher 2007. Firefox works with the website, but IE has it show up briefly, then the whole page turns white. I have tried it on multiple computers with same result. Any ideas of why Firefox would show it, but IE would not?

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  • I need help with my sons pronunciation of words ending in -ing?

    Any speech people out there that can help me with some ways to help my son who is in 2nd grade. Words like Ring, playING, wing etc... anything ending in ING comes out sounding like EEN. Any ideas? Other than that we notice no problems with his speech.


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  • Too stressed watching football game?

    I am a vikings fan. Today they are playing the Bears. They are not doing well. They have multiple turnovers and now, down by 2 scores they are playing conservative. I have just kicked my small dog hard enough to make her fly into the upper branches of a tree. Now I have problems. First, the game is still on so I don't want to get the dog down. The darn thing is barking like crazy and driving neighbors nuts. I have nothing to kick shall I get upset again. I don't know how to get it down when the game is over.. .If I can last that long.

    Any advice?


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  • Shore fishing on madeline island.?

    I don't want to bring my boat and do not want to pay for a charter. Are there any good spots to fish on Madeline island (part of the apostle islands.) from shore or any piers?


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  • Change one word document, have info auto change in other documents.?

    I have a set of 12 word documents that have much of the same information on each document. Each one has a place for a name, ss number etc... Is there an easy way or word add on to help change it across all documents when the "master" form is changed.

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  • Desktop will still not power on.?

    I have a gateway desktop computer. It just stopped powering on one day. I have since tried replacing the Motherboard, the Power supply and the switch that turns in on. I have tried the RAM in a different computer (it works) and have double, triple checked all connections. I have tried it with just the power supply to the motherboard and hard drive. The hard drive connected to just the power supply and the motherboard. I have made sure the fan for the CPU is plugged in. The motherboard does get a green light, but when clicking the switch, nothing happens at all. No whirring of the Hard drive (which does boot up in another computer) and the fans do not turn on. I have double checked I have the pwr switch connected to the right pins.....

    What else, besides a hammer can I try?

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  • power to gateway 505gr is not working?

    I have a Gateway desktop that stopped working one day. The power light on the motherboard itself lights up when plugging it in. I switched out the power supply with the same result. Taking off the front panel is a "switch". This is the switch that is pushed when the power buttong (with front panel on) is pushed. Is it possible that this switch is bad? It is a blue button that clicks when pushed. It connects to a black and a white cord that then connect to pins on the motherboard. It is surrounded but two led lights, one showing power, one showing hard disk activity. I took them off the pins, reseated them, and am afraid now I have them connected to the wrong pins. so... now to the questions.

    How do I find out what pins the wires should go to for starting, power light etc.... I looked at gateway website with no luck.

    Can the switch be bad, or any other ideas besides new motherboard needed? I did disconnect all peripherials except hard drive

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  • wireless works, but does not show wireless network?

    Windows xp home edition. Sony. When looking under wireless connections there are times, even when connected, it does not show up. It is in the task bar showing excellent strength. This is a problem only some of the time. When trying to find a network, it can come up empty and then not connect. If it is already connected and then "loses" the network.... it is still really connected, just hidden or... not sure what is going on... thanks for help.

    2 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • import problem between family tree maker and

    I have a family tree on When I import back to Family Tree Maker 2005 I lose the gender in some, but not all names. It has a ? instead of either M(ale) or F(emale). I could not find any help online for this and am not sure why this is happening. It looks okay on the website. I am exporting from there in GEDCOM format.

    2 AnswersGenealogy1 decade ago
  • Star Wars II battlefront game ps2?

    Can you play 2 players for this game on PS2, not including being on the internet? It says 1-2 players, but do not see the option to have 2nd player get into any of the games unless you are online at time... If so can you help me with how to do this.

    Thanks in advance for any answers.

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