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  • Trying to find a specific tour in New Orleans?

    A few years ago (a week before Katrina) my husband and I took a tour in New Orleans where we actually got to participate in a paranormal investigation. I'm headed back there with a girlfriend next month and really want to take her on that tour, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know who ofers that tour or a similiar one? Thank you!

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  • Dissapointed?

    You would think that I were a child

    dissapointed as I am.

    That my forehead had not long ago

    begun to show it's frustration

    with the masses

    nor time tainted my hair.

    My 12th of May blush

    has turned

    early September Amber.

    and still

    here we are.

    Some days I can watch

    as the world spins by

    in it's self absorbed supersized

    double latte to go haze.


    and only slightly sickened.


    that it is indeed it's brother's keeper

    and it's brother is unkempt.

    But today was different.

    today I am ashamed

    that I am one of you.....

    And that you are part of me.

    But then

    perhaps it is just the rain

    It has such small hands.

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  • ADULTS ONLY I am looking for erotic words and phrases.?

    My hubby wants me to talk dirty to him, and for a girl who rarely curses, it has proved to be tough. I am looking for erotic terms, and phrases...erotic...not filthy. Specific how to describe how turned on I am. Have fun.

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  • HELP!! Where Can I get HTML Code for a photo?

    Where on the www can I upload a photo and get the html code back for it without having to host the pic somewhere? Help!!!! Thanks!!!!

    4 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • Can it possibly get any worse?

    We were stationed in South Korea, my apartment was robbed, they stole all my software, a week later my laptop crashes and i don't have the keycodes to reinstall my Office 2003 Student and Teacher. does anyone know wher I can get one? I called microsoft and explained what happened..... they asked me to please bend over and grab my creditcard if I ever wanted to open my files again. Help please.....I work from home and I'm stranded!!!

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  • Something else to make you go Hmmmmmm........?

    If you are a Siamese Twin, and you go to an all you can eat buffet do you think they charge you twice?

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  • What to do when your inlaws are hateful?

    My Husband and I have married for 6 years and are REALLY happy. He has been supporting them financially since he was 17. When we got married they they became very resentful and mean to me. They think I ruined their little boy (He's 35) and stole their cash cow. After all this time it's just getting worse.

    When my husband decided to Join the Army after 9/11 they decided it was my fault and quit talking to me. While he was in basic they completly abanded me and left me in a house in december with no heat even though his dad knew how to fix it.

    Yesterday we got an email from his dad basically saying that he does'nt like me but If I make my husband happy "whatever" and that I broke their family up.

    I have gone WAAAAYYYYY out of my way to be kind, forgiving, and try and win them over because this is hurting my husband. Does anybody else have this issue? What can I do?

    7 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago