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  • Is anyone else sick of people thinking that the names you like are from Twilight?

    or any other book or movie that is popular right now for that matter...

    Twilight will be a thing of the past by the time any child born from now on is old enough to know what it is. I personally could care less if someone who wrote a book picked that name for one of their characters.

    What do you think?

    P.S. I'm glad the girl that was asking about Edward earlier decided to go ahead and use it despite the Twilight reference. You go girl!

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  • Brody or Brock? Which nickname would you choose?

    I'm not pregnant, just curious...

    I REALLY like the name Broderick for a little boy. I think it's different enough, but easy enough to pronounce, and it sorta honors my boyfriend's father in a unique way (His name is Frederick, so it's quite similar). Anyhow, I really like both Brody and Brock as a nickname, which do you prefer?

    I'm well aware that a child can have more than one nickname, but which do you like better?

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  • Why is everyone so quick to dislike a name...?

    Why is everyone so quick to dislike a name because it is the name of a color, gemstone, etc? It seems like people are instantly critical of a name that is already the name of something.

    First of all, I'm sure the person knows that if they like the name Violet, Ruby, Dakota, Dallas, or Hunter, it is technically the name of something already, so pointing it out is kind of pointless.

    Second, why does it matter? If you like the sound of a name, does it really matter that it might also be a color, gemstone, or state?

    Obviously there are certain words such as Puke or Scab, that bring a negative image/thought to mind for most people, and therefore should be avoided, but names like Ruby, Violet, Dakota, and Autumn are perfectly fine words in their own right so is it really that bad if someone chooses that as a name for their child?

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  • What do you think....?

    I met a lady at the eye doctor the other day, and her baby girl was named Mercy. I can't decide what I think about that name. My initial reaction was negative....What's your opinion?

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  • What do you think of these names?


    Liliana (Lily-ah-nuh)

    Abrielle (my baby sister that's due in November)

    Kaleigh (Cal-ee)

    Alliana (Ally-ah-nuh)



    Reagan (Ree-gan)










    Tanner (my nephew)

    Kighton (Kite-in)


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  • I really like the name Finnegan (nn Finn) but...?

    It reminds me of the "there was a man named Micheal Finnegan" song so I was thinking if I have a boy I kinda like Finneran (rhymes with Finnegan)

    Which do you like better?

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  • What are your thoughts on Liberty?

    I've been seeing the name Liberty for a girl a lot on other sites. I kinda like it and I like the nn Libby. What do you think?

    P.S. I don't plan on naming my daughter this, I'm just curious on your opinions :)

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  • What do you think about Liliana (Lily-ah-na)?

    I love the names Lily and Ana but I would not want my child to have a name that doesn't have any nicknames. (my name is Heather, and I love it, but growing up I always hated that I couldn't shorten it.)

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