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Twenty something college grad specializing in matters of love, life, and graphic design. I'm a Deist and I do believe in God, just probably not yours.

  • T-Mobile Dash?

    Does anyone have one of these phones? I'm thinking about picking one up but I'm curious to see the opinion of someone who already has one!

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Girlfriend vs Girl Friend?

    My longterm girlfriend (Amy) and I have been together over five years. I don't usually have friendships with other girls, but I did start carpooling with another girl (Carolyn) who is sort of "in our group". Carolyn and I rarely hung out after work, and usually Amy was there. Amy decided, after seeing us watching telelvision one night without her, that my relationship with Carolyn was "innapropriate". Let me stress that I am not having an affair with Carolyn nor am I "meeting her secretly" or something. Since then Amy will have nothing to do with Carolyn, and she complains if Carolyn calls to hang out. I no longer carpool, but Carolyn is upset that she no longer can feel comfortable in group settings. Sometimes I find myself unable to hang out with friends because carolyn will be there and I am loathe to be yelled at by Amy. Carolyn wants to patch things up but Amy is unwilling "I just don't like her" and is now upset at me for trying to play mediator. Any advice?

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